The Wealthy Affiliate Webinar Rocks!

One of the things that I love about the most over at Wealthy Affiliate is the weekly live webinar that they host. I’m going to stress again that this is a live webinar and not some pre-recorded webinar that is made to look like it’s being broadcasted live.

I’ve seen a lot of guru-type products where they include a supposed live webinar into their programs but it’s nothing more than a pre-recorded, out-dated, hyped up, full of one time offer webinars.

For example, a typical 1-hour webinar from a different internet marketing program would consist of a 30-min content then the rest would only be time to persuade or manipulate you into buying their upsells.

In the Wealthy Affiliate webinars, there’s no selling that’s happening and all of it is just pure content.

The average running time for each webinar is over an hour; a full hour of the topic being discussed and then the rest is spent on questions and answers.

So if some IM course promises you a webinar, one thing that you can check if it’s really live is to check if you can ask any of your questions in real time.

For example, when I checked out the Google Sniper 3, there was a pitch of a hyped up product from George Brown and it’s all being revealed in a webinar. But when I did some research, I quickly found out that the product is just a spamming machine and the webinar is not really live. What’s even worse is that they try to trick people into thinking that it’s live.

It may look like I’m bashing other IM products but I’m really not. That’s just the nature of the make money online niche. The truth is that there are other legitimate online training programs available but majority of them are just out to target those who are completely new and create hyped up stuff and deliver only 20% of what they promise.

Don’t know for sure when WA offered live webinars but I believe they’ve been doing it for a few years now.

There are different topics being discussed in those webinars and one of my favorite is the webinar where Jay (magistudios) will look at other affiliate sites from a few members who submitted their application and provide some helpful advice on how to improve it.

I actually got my blog here reviewed by Jay and I asked him to look at my review of Wealthy Affiliate. He offered a lot of tips which embarrassingly I have yet to apply. Haha! Of course there were a lot of sites from other members and I’ve also learned a lot from them.

Most of the time, the schedule of the webinars is every Saturday morning here in the Philippines. Most of the time I try to wake up before 8am so I can attend it but it’s okay if you cannot make it because there is a replay for every webinar.

This is just a short post showing that I love the webinars of Wealthy Affiliate and it’s one of the reasons why I love staying and bringing new people over there.

If you would like to learn how to start an online business, then I would like to invite you to try out the starter membership over at Wealthy Affiliate.

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