Mockingbird Method Review

Mockingbird MethodGive a pat on your back for reaching this Mockingbird review because as of this moment, you’re going to see a lot of affiliate websites that will shove this program into your face.

I’m not going to waste your time, the Mockingbird Method is only full of hype and false promises. Their sales video is around 30 minutes long and designed to not let you rewind or fast forward it.

Sorry if you got your hopes up with this so-called program but do you honestly think that you could make that amount of money in a short amount of time by using a magic trading software?

The only thing that’s good about this program is their presentation because it’s entertaining to watch. Their script is still just your average storyline where there is a trading software that will give you 90% winning trades, how they’re hiring beta testers for free to test out their software and all that crap.

I’ve been making a good living online since 2009 but I’m not doing any types of trading because it involves a huge commitment and a ton of risks.

What I do is much simpler but still involves a lot of work. If you want to learn more about it then check out my no.1 recommendation below this article.

Let’s talk about Daniel Marland

Daniel MarlandIn case you don’t know, Daniel Marland is the guy in the video who is supposedly earning thousands of dollars per week using the magic software called Mockingbird Method.

Daniel worked in a restaurant for 4 years doing a minimum of 60 hours per week and earning 18,000 pounds a year. But before that he actually owned a business that is doing really well until his brother messed it all up. Daniel’s business was ruined and that’s why he ended up working in a restaurant.

While working, Daniel ran into Kevin, his business consultant who revealed the truth about this brother, in the restaurant and they talked for a while about what happened.

Daniel and Kevin had a meeting and he found out that Kevin actually quit his job as a consultant and is now a binary options trader. According to Kevin, it only takes him a few minutes and a few clicks a day to use an easy software to make money.

Of course Daniel Marland took advantage of this wonderful opportunity and claims that he’s earning a ton of money from it.

They Have an Entertaining Script

Like I’ve said earlier, I did enjoy their little script but hopefully you’re smart enough to not believe the hype and their false promises.

I like how Daniel tries to ask people if they would like to try out their money-making software. I believe everyone you saw in the video are all actors and I must say that the 2 beta testers that Daniel convinced were really good.

It’s funny how Daniel says that everything that they’ll be doing are all live. But if you really think about it, there was nothing live about anything they’ve shown in the video.

Even when Daniel said, that he’s going to login into his account to show us his earnings. It’s not live. All they’re showing you are screenshots which can easily be faked.

I hope you can see how Daniel and the Mockingbird Method are trying to fool you into believing this nonsense.

What is the Mockingbird Method?

The Mockingbird Method is just a bogus platform where the ultimate goal is to get you to start and fund an account over at uTrader.

uTrader is a binary options broker that opened its doors in 2011. They are located in Mahe, Victoria, Seychelles and their customer service center is located in Latvia, Riga.

The minimum dollar amount to start trading with uTrader is $200. If you believe the hype and false promises of the Mockingbird Method then why don’t you see for yourself by putting $200 and check out if you’re going to earn a thousand dollars in just 7 minutes of using it.

My Recommendation

Binary options trading is legit but it involves a lot of risks and I don’t like the idea that you have to risk a few hundred dollars whether your speculation about the market is right or wrong.

Instead of trading, why don’t you try out affiliate marketing. You can learn more about it by registering a free account at my no.1 recommended site. Remember that you can reach out to me if you have any questions and I will gladly help you out.

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