OPF Kit Review

Currently, you’re reading the only genuine OPF Kit review that’s available right now.

You’re going to see some sites claiming to have reviewed this product but they’re just some crappy sites pushing you to buy the product.

I strongly advise you save your time and money by staying away from this product called the Online Profiting Formula (OPF).

OPF Kit Review

OPF KitI like it that their website is just plain, simple and white. I like that stuff as you can see from the design of my site.

There’s a logo of the OPF Kit which is actually good in my opinion. In the logo, you will see that the meaning of OPF is online profiting formula.

Their headline starts off by asking you a question, how I came to make a fortune online?

There’s going to be a sales video underneath the headline that’s only 3 minutes long. It’s nice that you can rewind and select portions of the video because in some websites they don’t have this option.

I started to play the video and in less than 5 seconds, I started to shake my head and smile.


Well, it’s because the narrator in the video is a freaking robot! It’s not like a physical robot that you will see in the video but what you’ll hear is a machine generated voice that you’ll hear in an accessibility reading software.

This is probably the laziest pitch I’ve ever seen as the sales video is just some collection of video clips with the machine narration and subtitles.

The video starts off with a burning question. What if you could start making money immediately after watching this video? Then it shows income earnings screenshots from Clicksure, Clickbank and Paypal.

I’m okay with products showing income earnings but take note that over 90% of the screenshots you see are all fake.

The people behind these courses know that there are going to be people who are going to be easily fooled into thinking that they can also easily duplicate the earnings they see when they start using the system.

The pitch goes on to push some of your buttons by asking what desires and wants you want to achieve.

The robot doesn’t have any name but he has a system that will teach you how to make a steady income online. Of course this is the OPF Kit or the online profiting formula kit.

It’s funny because the robot said that the OPF Kit is real and it won’t request any special skills from you. The robot claimed that the kit has a collection of different income streams that are widely trusted and tested.

Here’s the money making process

You login to your OPF Kit account, choose an income stream, activate it then you will start profiting.

Seriously, that’s what the robot said! Haha!

You don’t need to worry about building a website because this system doesn’t require it.

The robot said that it has been through the hard work of creating websites and the cost was $1,500 per month.

The video then goes to say that they can sell the kit to a few select people for $1,000 each. But as usual, they go on to tell you that they want as many people as possible to start profiting from the OPF Kit.

So the payment that they’re asking for is only a one-time fee of $49. The payment is to cover all the hardwork and for the effort in putting all the income streams in one place. The robot even had the audacity to employ some sales pressure as they will bring the price back up to $99 at any time.

In their website, you’ll see an even cheaper price at $25 but don’t get fooled with that cheap price. It’s another sales manipulation tactic because many people will gladly try it out for that price.

What Do I Recommend?

If you want to try out the OPF Kit then be my guest. If you think that you’ll earn money by just activating an income stream on your account then please try it out, currently it’s only $27 and you’ll have 60 days to return it. If you decide to push through with this, tell me how much you’ve earned after using it for a few days or a few months, okay?

If you’re serious and ready to do the work in building a profitable online business, then check out the place where I got my start back in 2009.

2 thoughts on “OPF Kit Review

  1. Hello ,a couple of days i bought OPFKit and i did not like it ! so I reguest for a refund but they still haven’t respont ! it looks like a scam!!!

  2. OPF Kit is total BS. Full of CRAP….The website listed within this Kit for earning money are FAKE or SCAM sites (80% of’em). After looting your money of initial $49 for Basic copy, they are not satisfied and offer an Upsell for $49 again (something called LBB) which they say is the MAJOR part of OPF Kit if some one wants to earns MILLIONS of dollars…..Guys stay away from this.
    Not WORTH even $1…..Where are the MORAL of these people?? They are taking money from people who are already BROKEN or having Financial Difficulty…KARMA will take care of those MORONS.

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