Million Dollar Duplicator Review

This Million Dollar Duplicator review is not going to be that long. Right away this product is just going to scam you. I’d say turn the other direction and run away as fast as you can.

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Million Dollar Duplicator Review

Their website is riddled with red flags and if you’ve been online for quite a while, you’re going to know outright that they’re just a big scam.

I have to commend the website design team for this site as I believe they’ve done a wonderful job at it.

Sadly, the website design is the only element that’s nice here.

It’s always fascinating to watch the sales videos of this type of websites. They will tell you that you will only be one of the 97 people who will ever watch the video.

They even have a countdown timer on the top left of the site. This is really a laughable site because people nowadays are really smart and won’t fall for that trick. Well, I’m optimistic and I’d like to think people are using their common sense when look at this type of offers.

They even have some sort of a country personalization feature so they can connect to you in some other way.

The seals that you see in their site about verified trades, profits and being secure? They don’t actually mean anything, unless they’re all clickable and lead to a real security verifying website.

How about the owner of the system, Michael Bradley? He’s all fake too! You can try dragging his photo over at Google images search and you’ll discover that this photo has been used in a lot of different websites.

The testimonials that you’ll see in the video sales letter are all fake. Yes, it’s all fake as you can easily get some fake testimonials over at The other testimonials that you can find on the site with the earnings amount are all fake too. Try to image search one of the photos and you’ll again see that the photo is being used in a lot of different sites.

The Million Dollar Duplicator uses a lot of fake social proof in their site like the Facebook and Twitter feeds. The thing is that the links to their profiles are not working and will just bring you back to their homepage.

They also have a fake team and you will see this as you scroll down the bottom portion of the site. Again, try to image search one of the photos in their team and it will reveal the fact that they are not the real people behind this so-called website.

Again, I would advice you to not sign up with their website. The product is free but they will want to collect your name and email address.

If you search online for Million Dollar Duplicator reviews, you will find that there are many affiliate promoting this scam product. This is because they’re all motivated by the money. The price for the affiliate with the biggest sale will receive a good amount of money and that’s why you see this money hungry affiliates that will not show their faces.

You can actually build a real business online but it’s going to take a lot of work on your part. If a product promises you instant riches with no work, then they only want your money.

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