Binary Reserve System Review

Binary Reserve System LogoGlad you’re here to read this Binary Reserve System review because currently my article is the only one that’s going to make sense out of this whole hoopla.

I’m not going to beat around the bush and I will tell you that the Binary Reserve System is just full of hype and false promises. Consider yourself lucky because the sad truth is that many people will believe what this program peddles and buy into the hype.

But not you because you’re smart, right?

The only good thing about this website is the length of their sales video. Many websites similar to this will have long-winded hyped video that will run for 30 minutes. But the video pitch for the Binary Reserve System will only waste around 14 minutes of your time.

I started my online business back in 2009 and I’ve been doing it ever since. My business model is totally different but a lot of better that what the Binary Reserve System promotes. If you want a helping hand on how to get started, please let me know or you can simply sign up for my free Internet marketing course.

Shall We Begin?

The video starts off with a warning that their sales pitch video will make some people in the financial world very angry. Right off the bat, he wants to let you know that they’re on your side. But I’ve seen this tactic a lot and this is all just hype to make sure you’re glued to their site.

He even applies some scarcity manipulation by telling you that the video might not be around when you close the browser which is really funny actually because we all know they’re full of it.

Then he will reassure you that the opportunity they’re providing is not like the other get rich quick sites you see frequently. The magic voice inside the computer will again make you feel that he’s on your side. He’ll tell you that he’s also been a victim of other get rich quick sites.

In the next 5 minutes, I’m going to reveal the hidden money-making method used by the top 1%, the magic voice said with enthusiasm.

Nice pitch right? Again, they’re using hype to keep your attention. He will tell you that it this information won’t cost you any money but like I’ve said they’re just feeding you lies and misinformation.

He even flashes you with photos of a luxury sports car, some nice looking villa overlooking the beach and a speedboat? Haha! Here, the magic voice is just insulting your intelligence like he’s been doing since you first landed on the website of the Binary Reserve System.

Who Is Jay Ross?

It was soon revealed that the magic voice inside the computer has an identity all along and his name is Jay Ross.

Jay Ross was having a tough time and getting himself into a huge debt. He was having trouble paying his credit cards and he even used a loan shark.

His wife will be having a second kid and that’s why he needed some income to support his family. He tried out some multi-level marketing, which I don’t like btw, and some other online opportunities like affiliate marketing. Again, this statement is just designed to connect more with you.

Jay Ross then gladly tells you that you can turn everything around because he can show you how to make $1,000 per day right now! He then shows you a screenshot of a check that has some life changing profits.

First of all, if someone tells you that they can show you how to make a thousand per day right now, then run away. Second of all, do not believe everything you see online especially if they’re showing you some screenshots of checks and other income.

These are all clear signs of a product that uses hype and misleading statements so you’d take the offer they’re peddling. I’m not generalizing everything but most of the sites you see are just out to take your hard earned money.

Jay Ross will then introduce that the system that you’re going to be using is the Binary Reserve System. He goes on to tell you that this system is not like the other trading systems you see online because the Binary Reserve System only makes winning trades.

The concept is that you’ll only be trading one-third less than other trading bots so you’ll lose less trades and win more. In 100 trades, you are going to win 98 and that you only risk $25.

This statement is just ridiculous and very misleading because the world of binary trading is not as easy as it sounds. I don’t have any experience with binary trading but I do know that it involves a lot of risks.

Jay then introduces you to Jiro Hakomoto who is supposedly the engineer that’s behind the Binary Reserve System. But this is just a fictional character and you won’t find any legit information about this so-called engineer.

What About the People Who are Successfully Using It?

What successful people are you talking about? The testimonials on the sales video? Ummm… those are just fake testimonials from actors over at I didn’t find all of them but here are the first 2 actors you’ll see in the sales video.

Binary Reserve System Testimonial

Binary Reserve System Testimonial 2

Another thing is when you search for the Binary System review at Google, you’re just going to see a lot of generic websites that will say that this system is legit.

Jay Ross will even show you his account with over a million dollars in it but you’ve guessed it, it’s an account with a fake dollar amount.

How Does the Binary Reserve System Work?

Beside the sales video will be a form that will collect your name and email. You’ll be taken to a page where they will add some B.S. and you have to fill another form again.

I filled out the form but my country was blocked but I’m sure that you’ll just be redirected to an online broker where you’ll be asked to make a minimum deposit of $250 to start trading.

Here’s my Recommendation

Here’s the thing, if you want to get rich quick and earn thousands of dollars per day, then join the Binary Reserve System.

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