Rhino Correct Review

Rhino Correct WebsiteIf you’re reading this Rhino Correct review, then give yourself a pat on the back for exerting some extra effort in doing some research before buying this product.

I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this product. I must have seen this on my wife’s Facebook account but knowing how I found it is not important. What’s important is that I’ve found it and I believe that you are going to benefit from the article that I’ve written here.

From my first impressions about it, I don’t really like this product called Rhino Correct. This product actually works because the science behind it is already proven and there are countless of people who have been seeing visible results with it.

However, I’m not writing this Rhino Correct review to discuss if it’s effective or not. I’m writing this article because I believe that they are charging a very high price for it when there are other cheaper alternatives that are available on Amazon.com.

Nose shapers here

Sometimes there are products that I expose here on my blog simply because they’re taking advantage of the consumers by delivering the hype and charging a very expensive amount that doesn’t match its perceived value.

A few months ago I wrote and exposed a product called Valgomed. This is a product that supposedly helps with correcting bunions but unfortunately the quality is very low. On top of that, they are charging consumers with a very high price tag while there’s a significantly cheaper alternative that already has a good number of positive reviews.

Anyway, I’m afraid that Rhino Correct is just one of those products that are taking advantage of consumers.

What Is Rhino Correct?

Rhino CorrectI won’t give any in-depth definition about it because it’s simply a clip that reshapes your nose. It’s used to help shape and lift your nose so you won’t have to undergo an expensive plastic surgery known as rhinoplasty.

Rhino Correct Review

Their modus is really simple, they will advertise on different websites about the amazing results that their product gives. Then their website is going to be nicely laid out with eye-popping graphics and they will implore manipulative tactics like having some questionable testimonials and fake authority figures like a doctor giving their recommendation about the Rhino Correct.

As soon as you enter their website, you are already in their control especially if you easily believe everything that you read. When you reach their order page, you will see that it’s going to cost you over Php 2,000.00 (around $43) for a single piece!

Do you honestly believe that that little piece of plastic is worth that amount?! I know the shipping fees are already included in this price but still I think this is still too much.

What’s a Cheaper and Better Alternative?

After Rhino Correct revealed its true colors, I quickly jumped over to Amazon.com and searched for a similar product.

Sure enough there were lots of nose reshapers that are already available. The good thing is that the price for all of the products will not even come close to $40! Additionally, they already have some consumer reviews which you can read so you can easily make a buying decision. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Dr. Rogo Natural Nose Clip

Dr. Rogo Nose ClipOut of all the nose reshaping clips in Amazon.com, the Dr. Rogo Natural Nose Clip is the one that has the most positive consumer reviews.

You’re going to feel some level of discomfort especially when you use this for the first time. You also have to get used to in breathing through your mouth but you won’t notice it after a while.

You use this by wearing it on the part that you want to reshape for at approximately 15-30 minutes every single day. Some people started seeing visible results in a just a few days but it’s recommended that you wear it for at least a month or more.

There’s going to be some sticky stuff on the clip ends so it will have a good contact with your nose even if you have an oily skin. Many people have recommended the Dr. Rogo Natural Nose Clip because of its effectiveness, quality and durability.

Nose Up Lifting Shaping Plus Bridge Straightening Clip

Nose Clip ComboHere you have a 2-clip combo that basically does the same thing. The blue one will have a spring while the pink one doesn’t have any springs. You probably won’t have any luck in using the pink one because it’s going to be a painful experience. It’s really not recommended because you won’t be able to breathe properly and it will cause some headaches. If your nose doesn’t have the right proportions for the pink one, then you have a big problem.

The blue nose clip will be a lot more convenient to use as you can place it on any part of your nose that has the issue. The only thing that you have to look out for with the blue clip is that it tends to stick together.

What Do You Think?

Do you have any experience with Rhino Correct? Do you think its price is fair for consumers like yourself? It would be great if you could share your comments below this article.

29 thoughts on “Rhino Correct Review

  1. Im interested though if yourself or someone you personally know made a purchase. And how effective it was? Rhino correct must be pricey but must be true to its worth too against the cheap buys.

    1. I made a purchase yung sa divisoria 25 pesos lang . Effective po pero dapat every day mo gamitin . walang difference sa original bumili din kasi ako online yun pala meron tag 25 pesos lang sa Divi

  2. nice review. this product will really have most filipinos on the verge of excitement and will immediately buy these kinds of things. good thing I researched first.

      1. I have one here, just bought 2 weeks ago. It cost P2, 243 its original . But i have to sell it back coz i was nasal operated and really not appropriated. If you want to buy it just sell it to u P1, 500. Pls reply if ur interested.
        Thank you, Elmer

  3. Good day sir!

    Can I cancel my order to rhino-correct? Due to your review about the product. Please help me find ways to cancel my order. Thank you so much! God bless.

  4. Just got my rhino correct yesterday and i’m so disappointed really disappointing product! Paid it for 2,240 + something for this little peice.? I regret buying this! Don’t know if its worth the price coz when i try using it. it slides always on my nose!

    1. I got my order just this afternoon, paid more than 2k and it does not stay put on the nose especially if your face is oily. Worse, I found an item that looks exactly the same in Lazada at Php 178.25 only!

  5. I was wondering…nose shape correctors are suppose to be clipped on your nose right…so why would you have to buy these products if you could just squeeze and clip your nise with your fingers?..

  6. I just want to ask because ive been using rhino correct for only 7 days but i stop because i skip to read the instructions which says do not use it after nasal surgery, i did my nasal operation 6 years ago. Is there any bad effects on my operated nose even if i only used it 15 mins for 7 days?
    Please reply to make my worries free.
    Thank you, Elmer

  7. I just wanted to ask if it was really effective,How much it cost. and I’m just curious on where can i buy that product here in the Tacloban City,Philippines…

  8. I bought one that’s worth 2,243 free of shipping. I was excited and at the same time out of my mind as it was already around 1 am when I saw their ad. I immediately clicked it and put all the info needed to purchase it COD. In my mind, it was so expensive but since it’s been a while since my boyfriend would want to have one, I purchased it right away. I haven’t used it nor my boyfriend but hopefully it’ll work. I will send update once this thing works or it fails to make a difference.

    It’s not yet a total mistake. Hoping it’ll work as it is really pricey! 😀

  9. .yeah .. Rhino correct isn’t worth your money ..
    I have visited their site last night & about to order .. But i’d noticed a pop-up which says 184 visitors at the moment etc. & 8 promo price package left .. it goes down to 6 promo price package after a few seconds ..
    I’ve sensed something is wrong, coz the last time i saw a strategy like that, i ended up my phone being affected by a virus .. So to make sure if it’s true that they just have 6 promo left, I left the site & reopen .. here comes the pop up again saying 8 promo …left .. I’m like “what? R u serious” haha
    To make the story short, the rhinocorrect site gives you a sense of urgency by implying to grab the promo price package coz it’s limited and click to order as soon as possible so that you won’t have time to think twice ..
    I recommend not to buy that .. As what the writer says, there are so much cheaper products to do the work.

  10. Btw if u really want the same product as rhinocorrect, it’s available in Lazada.com .. just type Nose up Nose Lifting Clip (Pink) .. today it only cost 133 php .. cash on delivery is available .. i’ll buy one coz i really want to correct my “potato nose” 😀

  11. That is not effective. I havent tried it yet but use your common sense. it will squeeze your nose to make it lift then after an hour or less than an hour it will turn back into real shape of your nose. If you are “pango” then accept it for what you have Because That is the gift from god. But if you really want to reshape your nose then, do a surgery to make it permanent.

  12. I recently got my Nose Up which is the exact same look and feel of Rhinocorrect, bought at Lazada for just PHP126.00 and I’ve noticed positive result in a week of using the product. I am loving it.

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