SERP Domination by Savvy Affiliates

If you’ve read my previous posts way back 2 or 3 years ago, you know that I love promoting products in and I spend a good amount of time in researching potential niches or physical products.

Then when I spot a potential opportunity, I will check out on google who’s ranking on the first page for a particular term. Most of the time, I expect to see the usual pages ranking on first page like and other big brand shopping sites.

But for a particular keyword, I was surprised to see that majority of the pages that are ranking are from affiliates. The keyword that I’m talking about is…


Here’s a screenshot of the serp:

6 out of the 10 results are homepages with keywords in their domain name.

  • (dashes baby!)
  • (even typos work!)
  • (inside page ranking)

I have a suspicion that these sites are doing some serious linkbuilding to help with their rankings. So I decided to check one of the sites and sure enough I saw some of the links they’ve built.

I always believe that links are still crucial when it comes ranking pages but it’s not the same as it was before all those crazy google animal updates.

After checking their links, I checked out their content and saw that all of them provide a good amount of information. I didn’t look closely but I think that most of them had over 1,000 words of content in their page.

Personally I believe that they have done a great job at ranking and at the same time, they gave quality information. Well at least I hope they’re all top quality since I didn’t investigate that much.

What’s the point of this article?

The point is that backlinks still works but gone are the days where you can throw up a very thin 3-5 page mini site and expect to be visible on top of the serps.

But I have to confess that I still have some of these mini sites still ranking on first page. And I think the only reason why they’re still ranking even after all the updates is that each article has over 1,000 words and that they only have a few backlinks. Plus, my sites have an exact match domain.

Of course I’m not saying that this is the golden magic formula for ranking on top of google. But you can bet that I will still follow this pattern simply because it’s the process that’s working for me right now.

I also wrote this article because I think this would be a nice reference to check again in case of any future google updates.

Grab This Opportunity!

Take note that the dot com domain name for this term is still available as of this writing. So if you think you can provide quality information and you like to join the best pressure washers reviews party then I believe you will do a great job by quickly snatching this domain and building an authority site.

If you need any assistance in setting up a campaign, I’ll be here to help you out. But I highly recommend that you register for the starter account over at Wealthy Affiliate to make sure that you have the right info and support.

Are you going to go for this campaign? I would love to hear what you think of this. If you have any feedback or comments, please leave them below this article. Thanks!

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth the Money?

I think you already know that Wealthy Affiliate has a starter account where you can join for free right? Or maybe you’ve already signed up for the free account but your premium perks are going to expire soon and now you’re wondering if paying from a premium monthly fee is worth your money.

Are you from either any of these countries; Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines and Vietnam? If you are then you already found out that you’re not eligible for the free account and the only way to get inside is to pay for the membership.

Whatever your situation is I’m going to give you my perspective and answer if Wealthy Affiliate is worth the money.

First of all, I’d like to disclose that I’m a WA member (it’s obvious right?) and I’ve been with them since 2009. It’s okay if you think that my views are going to be biased towards them but I believe that I’ll still provide a fair assessment.

Your question is one of the most common questions that anyone would ask if they’re about to make an investment especially if it involves shelling your hard earned cash.

Back in 2009, I remember there was no option in WA to register for a free account and the monthly payment back then was $39. I was new to all of this and was hesitant because I’ve bought programs in the past where I felt that the information wasn’t right for me. I have to say that you’re in a better position right now because you have the option to register for free.

When asking if Wealthy Affiliate is worth the money, try asking a different question. I actually got this explanation from one of the members inside WA and I’m going to try and deliver it in my own words.

Let’s do some basic calculations first. I’m not really good at math so go easy on me okay?

Let’s divide $47 by 30 days and you’ll get around $1.57 per day (here in the Philippines it’s Php 70.50). Split that up by 4 and that’s $11.75 in a week (Php 528.75).

Now, is there anything that you’re buying everyday for $1.57? How about $11.75 per week? Here’s a few:

  • Favorite frap at starbucks
  • Lunch out at your office
  • Potato chips
  • Branded signature bags
  • Weekly night outs

Now ask yourself, can I do without my “insert activity here” for an entire year in exchange for the knowledge on how to build an online business?

Take note that this online business involves helping people and letting you dictate how much income you want to have.

A lot of times there are things that we do everyday that we think are important but in reality are not. We always tell ourselves that we want to improve our present condition but always failing to do something about it.

To be honest I didn’t ask if Wealthy Affiliate was worth it because I asked my dear loving mother to shoulder my first few monthlies in WA. Haha. Looking back at it now I would have to say that I made the right choice. Thanks mom!

But if your budget is really tight then I would advice you to delay joining WA and stick to the free membership for the time being. It’s going to be difficult for you to learn and focus if you have something that’s giving you pressure.

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the money?

I think you already know my answer and you can read my thoughts about them.

If you have some questions about WA or Internet marketing, I would love to hear from you. Just simply leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you within 1 business day.

SociWiz Reviews

Name: SociWiz
Price: $21.97
Owner: Ivana Bosnjak

sociwizAside from reviewing rehashed internet marketing products, I also look out for software that promise you everything from getting hordes of traffic to printing money while you sleep.

Now there are a lot of amazing software that can help you with your online business. But I believe that SociWiz is not one of them and it everything about the product and how it all works is just full of hype.

What is SociWiz?

SociWiz is a software that will let you create a short promotional content that will send you traffic to any offer that you’re working on.

Where’s the Traffic Coming From?

The traffic will come from the top social networks namely Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Pros and Cons


  • can easily be accessed online
  • easy to follow instructions


  • considered spam by social media
  • low quality traffic
  • little to no conversions

What’s Included in SociWiz?

Now in order to sweeten the deal and to make you feel that paying for $21.97 is somewhat worth it, SociWiz gives you a video training package that teaches you marketing techniques for the top social media sites including Youtube.

Can You Use This for Any Niche?

SociWiz can be used for any niche according to their sales page but all I can see so far is that it’s only targeting the make money online niche. I can see this software having some effect for that type of audience since there are still lots of people who believe in shortcuts online.

If you have some experience with SociWiz and you’re promoting to a niche other than the Internet marketing niche then I would love to hear your feedback below this article.

Who Is It For?

This software can be used by individuals who have their own product, promote affiliate offers, basically anyone who needs traffic. But the thing is we don’t know the quality of the traffic that you’re getting from SociWiz.

Blocked by Facebook!

You will also get a list of 50 additional traffic sources and this list is nothing more than just a list of Facebook groups that you can join. As far as posting your promotions to the list, you have to do it manually.

If you join any of the groups listed, there’s a good chance that you might get blocked in Facebook for a good number of days. Yeah, just by simply joining and not even posting will get you blocked. This is because it’s highly likely that Facebook already flagged these groups as spam.

Can You Make Money Using SociWiz?

You can probably get conversions using SociWiz but I really doubt that it’s going to be for the long term.

My Final Thoughts

In my opinion, SociWiz is basically a social media spamming software. This is cleverly disguised as a software that will create mini promotional content and I would quickly believed that hype if I didn’t know any better. Think about it, if you created a software that delivers high quality converting traffic, would you only give it away for $21.97?

If you want a highly responsive traffic to your offers, one of the most effective ways is to write high quality content that’s targeted to your niche. But before writing any content, start with choosing your keywords. Here’s an article from Wealthy Affiliate that will definitely be useful to your business.

Finding Content Ideas from Keywords

By the way, I’ve been marketing online for over 6 years now with great success. If you want to know my secret weapon then I suggest you read my Wealthy Affiliate review.

Do you have any experience with SociWiz or any related products? If you have any questions, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

The Singing Guru Review

Name: The Singing Guru
Price: $25.95
Owner: Jamie Lewis
Verdict: SCAM

The Singing Guru is another internet marketing product by Jamie Lewis. He has a ton of products that’s about making money online. And despite what Jamie says or raps on his sales page, he is one of the gurus that preys on people who doesn’t have a single clue on how to build a real business online.

Traffic Phoenix, one of his many products is considered the top scam on the Internet in 2011. The common pattern that you’ll see from these gurus is the overly hyped up pitch. They list all the materials that you’re going to get which you can essentially get for free online. The hype will be reinforced by income screenshots and testimonials from their minions who also flash you with their glitter. And because most of the people don’t have any clue of how Internet marketing really works, they will just buy into the hype.

For me, there’s a huge difference between making money online and building a real online business. As much as possible I avoid using the terms make money online because it doesn’t prepare your mind for what’s really involved when starting a real online business. And having a weak mindset and work ethic is where a lot of people fail when trying to make it on the Internet.

The Singing Guru Overview

The Singing Guru is another one of those rehashed Internet marketing courses that’s being sold to unsuspecting individuals. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing since 2009 and I know a low quality product when I see one.

What’s Inside?

The system that Jamie Lewis discusses inside is the Cash Vacuum System (seriously?). Inside the system are 10 modules that discuss topics like how to rank in search engines, building your campaigns, getting extra sales, using social media, selling high ticket items, forum marketing, etc

Like what I’ve said above, all of the information that you will see in this type of products can be readily found online for free.


  • learn different ways of promoting online


  • price can reach to over $200 because of the upsells
  • limited help
  • you’re buying materials that are free
  • no websites and hosting included
  • no free trial

Who Is It For?

The Singing Guru targets everyone especially those who do not have the slightest idea of what it takes to make it in this business. The sales video is designed that way to entice and make you believe that making money online can be done in just a short amount of time.

I was just shaking my head in utter disbelief when I saw all the theatrics that Jamie shows in his sales video. I just can’t imagine that someone would fall for this type of trickery.

Does The Singing Guru Provide Help?

The Singing Guru gives you 3 meetings with Jamie Lewis. First, the term “meetings” is a bit vague in my opinion and 3 meetings is simply not enough when you’re learning Internet marketing. Later I will recommend you a place where you can get real training, free websites and hosting plus support from thousands of like-minded people who will help you at any time. And you’ll have access to all of this without needing to whip out your credit card. Sounds great?

How Much Does The Singing Guru Cost?

The Singing Guru sells for $24.95 and that mainly includes the Cash Vacuum System. When you try to close the browser, the price goes down to $15 and this tactic is very typical when it comes to regurgitated info products. If you still decide to buy, you will encounter a few more upsells which is again very typical of this type of products. The first upsell is just some of Jamie’s webinars and the cost of this is $47. The next upsell is about a traffic generation system called Web Siphon and the cost is a whopping $197.

Another red flag to watch out for in a product is the sales process I described above. They will bait you with a low priced product telling you that everything you’ll need is inside. After that they’ll introduce you to another set of products with a higher price tag. They will tell that your success will be faster if you used them or worse telling you that the product you’ve just bought is useless without buying the additional product upsells.

Is There Any Refund?

There’s a money back guarantee for The Singing Guru but this is being sold through ClickBank. I suggest you carefully read the refund policy of CB to make sure you’re covered. But a lot of people have been experiencing delays when it comes to getting their money back from Cilckbank. A lot of times they say you can get a refund but in reality, they make it complicated for you to do so.

My Final Thoughts About The Singing Guru

The reputation of Jamie Lewis around the Internet marketing community is very questionable and his latest so-called product, The Singing Guru, is just like his other similar rehashed overpriced online marketing materials.

Technically this is not considered a scam because this guru does give you what he described on the sales page. But I highly doubt it that his real intention is to help you succeed online. In my opinion, this product is a big scam that you should definitely avoid. In the future I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes up with yet another product that will let you earn thousands by simply clicking a few buttons. I wonder what gimmick will he think of next? Mmm… sips coffee.

What Do I Recommend?

I highly recommend that you try a product first before making any decision. Wealthy Affiliate offers a Starter Account where you can completely register for free. They’re also responsible why I’ve been doing Internet marketing for over 6 years now.

Look at the comparison table below and you can definitely see why Wealthy Affiliate is the logical choice for learning about Internet marketing.


Here’s my Wealthy Affiliate review if you want to learn the truth about them.

What Do You Think?

Do you have any experience with The Singing Guru or any other related IM products that you would like to share? I would appreciate it if you could leave your comments below. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them below and I’ll get back to you in a jiff!