The Wealthy Affiliate Webinar Rocks!

One of the things that I love about the most over at Wealthy Affiliate is the weekly live webinar that they host. I’m going to stress again that this is a live webinar and not some pre-recorded webinar that is made to look like it’s being broadcasted live.

I’ve seen a lot of guru-type products where they include a supposed live webinar into their programs but it’s nothing more than a pre-recorded, out-dated, hyped up, full of one time offer webinars.

For example, a typical 1-hour webinar from a different internet marketing program would consist of a 30-min content then the rest would only be time to persuade or manipulate you into buying their upsells.

In the Wealthy Affiliate webinars, there’s no selling that’s happening and all of it is just pure content.

The average running time for each webinar is over an hour; a full hour of the topic being discussed and then the rest is spent on questions and answers.

So if some IM course promises you a webinar, one thing that you can check if it’s really live is to check if you can ask any of your questions in real time.

For example, when I checked out the Google Sniper 3, there was a pitch of a hyped up product from George Brown and it’s all being revealed in a webinar. But when I did some research, I quickly found out that the product is just a spamming machine and the webinar is not really live. What’s even worse is that they try to trick people into thinking that it’s live.

It may look like I’m bashing other IM products but I’m really not. That’s just the nature of the make money online niche. The truth is that there are other legitimate online training programs available but majority of them are just out to target those who are completely new and create hyped up stuff and deliver only 20% of what they promise.

Don’t know for sure when WA offered live webinars but I believe they’ve been doing it for a few years now.

There are different topics being discussed in those webinars and one of my favorite is the webinar where Jay (magistudios) will look at other affiliate sites from a few members who submitted their application and provide some helpful advice on how to improve it.

I actually got my blog here reviewed by Jay and I asked him to look at my review of Wealthy Affiliate. He offered a lot of tips which embarrassingly I have yet to apply. Haha! Of course there were a lot of sites from other members and I’ve also learned a lot from them.

Most of the time, the schedule of the webinars is every Saturday morning here in the Philippines. Most of the time I try to wake up before 8am so I can attend it but it’s okay if you cannot make it because there is a replay for every webinar.

This is just a short post showing that I love the webinars of Wealthy Affiliate and it’s one of the reasons why I love staying and bringing new people over there.

If you would like to learn how to start an online business, then I would like to invite you to try out the starter membership over at Wealthy Affiliate.

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How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

To be honest with you this question is still a bit vague but I do have idea of what an individual might mean when asking this question.

I’ve been a member inside WA since 2009 and up until now there are still some people who join WA and have the wrong expectations of what the program offers.

So in this article, I’m going to try my best and explain some of the important points so you’ll have an idea of how Wealthy Affiliate really works.

Think of WA as a School

Wealthy Affiliate is a place where you learn how to market online. That’s the most basic definition that I could think about and this is the first answer that I will say to anyone who asks what WA is.

It sounds so simple, right? But it actually isn’t.

When you’re completely new to internet marketing, you’ll most probably encounter a ton of websites that will make it sound that it’s the easiest thing to do. You will hear that you can earn thousands of dollars in a month (or even a day) in just a few short weeks by doing little to no work.

Let me tell you again that THERE IS NO SUCH THING. If you see or hear something that sounds too good to be true then it really is.

The Getting  Started Course

This is the first material that you will have to go through when you first join Wealthy Affiliate. You can register for a free membership and access this course for free (except for some people who live in certain countries that WA excludes).

This course will show you the basics of how online marketing works. If you’ve been scammed many times already and read this report, you will realize the reasons why you were not seeing any success.

I can imagine a lot of people will not pay too much attention to this course simply because it’s free. Often times after reading the course, many people will realize that this make money online stuff is too hard for them and will just look for another shiny program hoping that it would be the magic silver bullet that they’re searching for.

What I’m saying is read the getting started course and take action on the things you’ve learned.

Build Your Online Real Estate

Wealthy Affiliate has a hosting platform and you can actually build 2 websites as a free member. Take note that these websites will be on a subdomain inside their hosting which is Site Rubix.

If you’re completely new, this will be a perfect opportunity to get a feel of what you will be doing when starting an online business. But I would recommend that you get your own domain so you can build your own site. You’re just shooting yourself in the foot if you think that you can manage without a website.

The WA Community is Right Behind You

For me, this is the reason why Wealthy Affiliate is the best when it comes to online marketing training.

We all need help whether we like to admit it or not. Learning this craft becomes more challenging especially if you don’t have anyone to talk to.

The community over at Wealthy Affiliate has this pay-it-forward mentality and there are numerous tools that you can use inside WA that will make sure your questions are going to be answered.

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

Wealthy Affiliate works by providing you the knowledge, tools and support needed to achieve success online.

That’s basically it.

If you want to learn more about WA, then please check out my full review.

Hopefully you’ve gained some insights on WA works. But if you still have some questions, send me a message or leave a comment below. I’ll get back to you asap.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth the Money?

I think you already know that Wealthy Affiliate has a starter account where you can join for free right? Or maybe you’ve already signed up for the free account but your premium perks are going to expire soon and now you’re wondering if paying from a premium monthly fee is worth your money.

Are you from either any of these countries; Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines and Vietnam? If you are then you already found out that you’re not eligible for the free account and the only way to get inside is to pay for the membership.

Whatever your situation is I’m going to give you my perspective and answer if Wealthy Affiliate is worth the money.

First of all, I’d like to disclose that I’m a WA member (it’s obvious right?) and I’ve been with them since 2009. It’s okay if you think that my views are going to be biased towards them but I believe that I’ll still provide a fair assessment.

Your question is one of the most common questions that anyone would ask if they’re about to make an investment especially if it involves shelling your hard earned cash.

Back in 2009, I remember there was no option in WA to register for a free account and the monthly payment back then was $39. I was new to all of this and was hesitant because I’ve bought programs in the past where I felt that the information wasn’t right for me. I have to say that you’re in a better position right now because you have the option to register for free.

When asking if Wealthy Affiliate is worth the money, try asking a different question. I actually got this explanation from one of the members inside WA and I’m going to try and deliver it in my own words.

Let’s do some basic calculations first. I’m not really good at math so go easy on me okay?

Let’s divide $47 by 30 days and you’ll get around $1.57 per day (here in the Philippines it’s Php 70.50). Split that up by 4 and that’s $11.75 in a week (Php 528.75).

Now, is there anything that you’re buying everyday for $1.57? How about $11.75 per week? Here’s a few:

  • Favorite frap at starbucks
  • Lunch out at your office
  • Potato chips
  • Branded signature bags
  • Weekly night outs

Now ask yourself, can I do without my “insert activity here” for an entire year in exchange for the knowledge on how to build an online business?

Take note that this online business involves helping people and letting you dictate how much income you want to have.

A lot of times there are things that we do everyday that we think are important but in reality are not. We always tell ourselves that we want to improve our present condition but always failing to do something about it.

To be honest I didn’t ask if Wealthy Affiliate was worth it because I asked my dear loving mother to shoulder my first few monthlies in WA. Haha. Looking back at it now I would have to say that I made the right choice. Thanks mom!

But if your budget is really tight then I would advice you to delay joining WA and stick to the free membership for the time being. It’s going to be difficult for you to learn and focus if you have something that’s giving you pressure.

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the money?

I think you already know my answer and you can read my thoughts about them.

If you have some questions about WA or Internet marketing, I would love to hear from you. Just simply leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you within 1 business day.

The Harsh Truth About Getting Into Internet Marketing

I was browsing around the Wealthy Affiliate forum a few nights ago when I saw a thread that peaked my interest. This is really something that I would like you to read and think about especially if you have plans of becoming a Wealthy Affiliate member.

After reading the thread below, be honest with yourself and assess if you’re really prepared to live the life you’ve always wanted for yourself or for your family. Like I’ve been saying all along, if you don’t get your head straight with IM then you’ve already failed before you even got started.

Inside WA, you’re still going to encounter some distractions and this is one of the few cons that I’ve mentioned in my Wealthy Affiliate review. But as you read the replies below, you’ll see how you can easily avoid this trap.

The thread below was started by a WA member who’s been inside for almost 10 months and here’s how the discussion went on…

Pay attention to this reply below and read it again because this is really important.

So, What Do You Think?

Can you honestly say that you have what it takes to be successful with Internet marketing? Are you really prepared? Or are you going to let other people determine what you can and cannot achieve in life?

I also had my doubts and fears of whether I can make it with IM but I’m really fortunate to have joined Wealthy Affiliate back in July 2009. Right now I’m living the life that I’ve always wanted… I can basically do whatever I want!

How much am I earning right now? You know I don’t like flashing my earnings but let’s just say that I can confidently quit IM today and I’ll be A-OKAY! I’m more than happy with my online income and it’s definitely WAY more than what I’ve been earning back in my day job (I won’t earn that amount even if I work at the same company for 25-30 years).

Like I’ve always said, you are the only one who can guarantee your success. Not WA or any other course or program that you buy. What you’ve just read is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

It all starts with YOU.

Increase Your Chances of Online Success!

Why don’t you increase your chances of online success and join Wealthy Affiliate. The Internet is not going anywhere but the difficulty of earning a substantial income online is becoming increasingly hard. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story – First Sale After A Year!

I would like to share with you another Wealthy Affiliate success story that I found recently in the forum. Inside, you’ll discover the reason on why it took him a year to get his first sale. More importantly, you’ll also realize why just about anybody with the right mindset and proper work ethic can be an online success.


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When Are You Planning to Quit Your Day Job?

I know you’re comfortable with having the security that a day job makes you feel. It’s pretty good and comforting right? Just clock in at 9am and go out at 5pm then every month you’re going to receive a guaranteed check for the hours that you’ve worked out. I know how it feels because I also started out by working for someone else.

But was there a time when you’ve felt that you should be following your passion or be spending more time with your family?

I’m sure that you have a dream life that you’re not living right now. And you also know that you have the strong power to turn things around and start making some serious changes for the better.

I just want to share with you this latest success story from a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member. I also wrote a post on how she taught her friend to make money online. This time she’s dead serious and she’s taking the bull by the horn and designing the life that she wants for her family.

I posted a screenshot of her post below:

I hope that this post gave you a tremendous amount of motivation and inspiration. You shouldn’t be focused too much on making a living but instead focus your efforts in designing that life you want to live.

Wealthy Affiliate Newbies

I found a post under the keywords “wealthy affiliate newbies” that really made my day (this is me being sarcastic). Now I’m writing this post to address some of the things that the basher said about Wealthy Affiliate. If you’re a beginner who’s thinking of joining WA then read every word in this post.

First, I have to tell you that Wealthy Affiliate is not for everyone and not everyone who joins will get their intended results. It’s clear for the basher that he didn’t get his results and I respect that because we are all different. In my case, Wealthy Affiliate gave me the foundation and continues to educate me even to this day because of the support from the community.

I’m proud to say that I’m earning a full time income online because I started my Internet marketing education over at Wealthy Affiliate.

What Is Success?

The basher said that he checked out the success forum but he was totally disappointed.

You know why?

It’s because he saw a newbie who got their first sale after being inside for 8 months! What’s funny is that the basher even made some computations on how much money the newbie lost. Hahaha!

I didn’t know that there was a set time frame before a newbie earns the first sale to be considered successful. It’s really obvious that the basher is not thinking about the long term benefits which is really sad if beginners would read about it and believed it to be true.

Now I know that 8 months is kind of long and I would have been frustrated if I haven’t earned my first sale in that span of time. But let me ask you a question… are you giving up if you were in that same position? 3 months of having no sales is really frustrating and I can only feel the frustration when the newbie reached the 7th month.

The real success story (that many of those short sighted are not seeing) is that the newbie pushed through, worked hard and developed a strong character that nobody can take away.

Everyone is different. I can imagine how excited the newbie was when earning that first sale and I’m proud of that accomplishment because not everyone will have the drive to do that.

In my experience, I got my first sale after over 2 months of being inside WA because most of the time I was lazy and have chosen the wrong niches.

I’ve seen members who are getting their first sale in a few weeks (even days) and there are also who haven’t made a dime yet after many months. There was also a time when I doubted myself because I saw one member who’s now earning $3,000 a week (this is not a typo) and he joined September 2009 (just 2 months after I joined).

I will never get tired of saying this… if you’re looking to get rich quickly over the Internet then this is not the right opportunity for you. If you’re sick and tired of scams then I’m sick and tired of people who are not willing to work their ass off!

It’s vital that you think of the long term benefits here. Getting your first sale regardless of the timeframe is a very big success for me. If the basher thinks that this is not success then I’m definitely cool with that as well because we all look at success in different ways.

What About The Gurus Who Are Selling To Newbies?

The basher also mentioned something about the gurus selling to the Wealthy Affiliate newbies. Well this is somewhat true and some of the other members are trying to get a sale or two from newbies by answering forum threads with their affiliate links embedded in the response. But this is not being tolerated inside WA if it’s not posted in the member’s recommended section.

I’ve bought some products and services from different WA members ranging from ebooks to link building services. WA is where I got to know about 4 Day Money Making Blueprint and One Week Marketing but I wasn’t sold to by the creators of those courses.

But if you’re a complete beginner, you don’t have to buy anything inside Wealthy Affiliate to get started. Everything you need to build a solid foundation for your online business is right inside WA.

What WA taught me is how to look at products that will really offer value. I learned how to choose those courses and services that will strengthen my techniques. After being inside WA for a few a few months I finally realized that those long and hypey sales letters are only selling the dreams. Hehehe. If you’ve landed on one of them then take a close look and you’ll notice that they will never really tell you what you’re going to get from their product.

Okay, this is getting too long now and this was supposed to be a short response to the basher’s post.

Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to build a profitable online business and they also changed my life for the better. I think you can’t put a price tag on that.

I hope the newbies would get something of value from this post. And as for the basher, I wish you the very best of luck in your life.

My Wealthy Affiliate Bonus Offer

Update: I’m no longer offering these bonuses. But I strongly recommend that you register for free over at Wealthy Affiliate.

You already know that Wealthy Affiliate University is the right place to learn how to make money online right?

Now you’re just browsing for a sweet Wealthy Affiliate bonus and that’s where I come in.

I’m passionate on helping people succeed with Internet marketing especially if they want to join Wealthy Affiliate. I also love learning on a regular basis because knowing that tiny bit of new information will tremendously help my online business and will give me an edge from thousands of other marketers… and I want to share my updated knowledge with you as well.

Take note that you won’t find any beat down PLR ebooks in here. I scour the web (mostly in the Warrior Forum) for guides that real underground Internet marketers are using and I buy their licensing rights so I can give it to you as a bonus.

So what are you going to get when you join WA through my link? Let’s take a look…

Wealthy Affiliate Bonus # 1 – Personal Affiliate Buddy

I’ve been a WA member since July 2009 and right now I’m earning a full-time income online here in the Philippines. Like you I was also skeptical, confused, frustrated, overwhelmed, even paranoid. hahaha. And that’s why I know how important it is to have someone that you can talk to.

I give support to anyone even if they didn’t join WA through my link but obviously there will be some special perks for those who join. Here are just some of them:

  • Get access to my personal Skype ID so we can have a chat
  • Get access to a FREE 25-minute Skype call when you need some personal consultation
  • And so much more!

Wealthy Affiliate Bonus # 2 – The Octopus Blog Method

The Octopus Blog Method will give you a step-by-step action plan to researching, building, and marketing a blog that will have the potential to profit you 6-figures a year. You will do this by crushing your search engine competition with superior intelligence and brute force!

This is similar to the method that I’m now using but the difference is that I’m only implementing less than 50% of its power. hahaha.

Here are some of the topics that you’ll learn inside:

  • The exact method on how to do market and keyword research that will bring in hordes of targeted traffic that’s ready to take action
  • How to apply solid “blog setup” strategies so you could have a better chance of ranking in search engines
  • How to do optimal backlinking procedures so Google will consider your site as an authority
  • How to do proper copywriting, tracking, and testing so you squeeze every last cent out of your visitor
  • How to use innovative article marketing strategies to explode your traffic
  • And so much more!

Wealthy Affiliate Bonus # 3 – IM Mastermind Group

IM Mastermind Group contains the top 100 most powerful Internet marketing tips by 8 Warriors. You’ll get techniques that will cover various areas of Internet marketing such as passive continuity business model, article marketing, SEO, email marketing, CPA, webinars, video marketing, WSO’s, outsourcing, viral marketing plus all of their top money making tips.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn inside:

  • The single greatest key to success with building steams of recurring income
  • How to rank for very competitive keywords
  • How to turn even a small list into rabid buying customers
  • How to effectively teach during the webinar to illustrate your expertise
  • How to discover exactly what the market wants and make them pay for it
  • And so much more!

Wealthy Affiliate Bonus # 4 – FREE Wealthy Affiliate Guides

You also get to choose from any one of the Wealthy Affiliate guides as a bonus for joining.

Who Loves Money is Kyle & Carson’s best-selling guide that walks you through some of the most in-depth FREE marketing techniques available.

Beating Adwords is a guide that focuses on using pay-per-click marketing techniques for Google Adwords.

There’s a saying that the money is in the list! Inside The List is a guide that will help you to start and build a strong relationship to your mailing list.

Okay, I’m In! How Do I Get Access to These Bonuses?

Step 1 – Join Wealthy Affiliate by choosing from any one of the free guides below:

Who Loves Money, Beating Adwords or Inside The List

Step 2 – After the sign up process, go to my contact form and email me the WA Order ID (just copy & paste it) which will be sent to your email. It will look something like this:

Step 3 – After I verify your order, you’re going to receive further instructions on how you could get access to the other goodies.

That’s it!

I know that you’ll enjoy my Wealthy Affiliate bonus offer and I hope to see you on the other side. If you have any questions or comments then you can use the comment form below.

P.S. If you already joined through my WA link before then start at the 2nd step.

Taught My Friend and She Made $133 In Four Days!

I’ve never really taught anyone here in my neighborhood how to make money online. I had one friend though who was interested but eventually he gave up. I think he’ll have another go at it and hopefully he does but it’s still okay if he doesn’t. I just hope that my friend and those who get to read this don’t spend their entire lives slaving for someone else.

The only person that I’ve really taught is my girlfriend (sometimes she’s my part-time article spinner.hahaha) and it’s always an amazing feeling whenever she reports back a sale.

This post is actually a success story from inside Wealthy Affiliate and here’s a screenshot of the post she made last night (take note of the technique her friend used):

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Don’t Compare Internet Marketing to Your Day Job

Many people take the Internet marketing plunge with the wrong mindset. As a result, almost all of them would inevitably quit in less than a year or two.

One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is that Internet marketing is not an hourly job. It is a business so don’t compare it to a regular day job.

When I started back in July 2009, it took me 2 months to earn $23. That was my first sale and I knew that was the beginning of my business. If I broke down the $23 into an hourly rate for 2 months then I would have quit right away. That’s why I also tell beginners especially those who don’t have any source of income to not rely on Internet marketing for quick money.

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