Gold Opinions Review

Gold OpinionsGood thing you checked out my Gold Opinions review before committing to anything.

I think this website ( is fairly new and this is not the first of its kind. I found their website being advertised on search engines and there were not many genuine reviews of it and so I decided to join in order to get a closer look at this program.

Which type are you?

If you’re reading my Gold Opinions review then you’re probably just new to this “get paid for your opinion/survey” thing. You saw that there’s a good amount of money to be made in just answering surveys and surely it appealed to you.


You already have some experience with surveys and you enjoy spending very long hours in participating and earning a few dollars from it.

Don’t Fall for the Hype!

The first thing that will catch your attention when looking at the Gold Opinions website, or any similar sites, is the huge pay it promises when participating in surveys.

I hate to burst your bubble but the claim of earning the big bucks in a very easy way is totally misleading and most of time it’s entirely false.

It’s true that there are companies that will pay you for completing surveys and for giving your opinions but it’s not going to be that lucrative.

For example, a typical 5-minute survey will only get you 50 cents and generally the pay is anywhere from $0.40 – $10 for each survey.

Some surveys will not pay you in cash and instead you’ll get gift cards and other prizes.

There will also be some issues when you’re participating in a survey. Sometimes you’ll be booted out in the middle of a survey (or even right after you finish) just because your qualifications did not match the demographic.

Many companies that are like Gold Opinions will only collect your personal details so they can sell it to third party companies. That’s why they will lure you with claims of earning hundreds or even thousands per month so they could get your personal details.

My Gold Opinions Review

Gold Opinions is simply a database of survey sites. Upon logging in, you will see the following 5 modules:

  • Getting started
  • Premium paid surveys
  • Paid surveys by countries
  • $400 sign-up bonuses
  • Contact us

The getting started section will walk you through on how to get started and will give you basic instructions on how to proceed with the surveys.

The premium paid surveys section is their database and currently it has 168 sites that has a mix of survey, opinion and focus panel sites.

There’s a section where the surveys are grouped by the countries that can participate. I’m not sure if this section is finished because when I try to click on some of the join now links, it just takes me back to the page that I’m previously in.

It seems that the only pages that are working are the major countries like the United States, UK, Canada, and Australia.

The $400 sign-up bonus section is just another collection of survey sites that provide a bonus for signing up. I’m not really sure why they labeled it as a $400 section but I guess that’s the total amount of bonus signups you get when you register in all of the sites in that section.

Take note that the sites you find in the countries and the $400 section are all included in the 168 survey site database.

What I Like

Gold Opinions has a $1 trial membership and I think the information inside is worth a dollar if you want to check out what sites are available if you want to try out surveys.

Although there’s another potential misleading tactic that you have to be aware of. When you try to close your browser, Gold Opinions will invite you to join for just $1 and they will entice you with a $50 signup bonus. Of course this is too good to be true and I think you’ll just get their list of sites that give out signup bonuses.

What I Don’t Like

The hype is still there and the information in their sales letter is very misleading.

They also use fake testimonials. Did you see the testimonial from Chris Miller who claimed that he made $30 on his first day? That’s fake! Here’s proof:

Gold Opinions Fake TestimonialEven the photo of their so-called support is a fake one:

Gold Opinions Fake SupportAlso notice that they did not answer me when I asked where I could find their surveys that pay the big bucks. hehe

My Verdict

You can make money from surveys and for giving your opinions but like I’ve said earlier, the pay is not worthwhile for the time you need to spend doing it.

Gold Opinions is just a database of survey sites. Don’t fall for their hype and their misleading statements. I also don’t like the fact that they’re trying to hide a $27 monthly fee after the $1 trial.

Here’s a Better Solution

If you’re really serious in earning an income online, I highly recommend that you get started in building an online business. You can learn how to get started by checking out my #1 recommendation.

Do you have any experience with doing surveys? If you have any questions, please comment below or send me a message.

12 thoughts on “Gold Opinions Review

  1. Hi,

    We have reactivated your account, please check and review the site again as I think you saw the site when we were on beta. The premium survey jobs are now up and you’ll be surprised to see jobs up to $300 per hour.


  2. I must say that is a great article. I am a P.I., and have a scam buster website. I have made videos and posted articles about the “Make $3,000.00 a Month Doing Surveys” thing. I think this is a re-hash of that same Clickbank product. Selling information is not a scam, but the misleading sales copy with fake testimonials makes it a scam. Truth is that most people will see little to no money from these things. Women seem to fit the bill more then men, especially if they are stay at home moms. What people fail to realize is everytime they answer a few questions to “qualify” they have just taken a survey and did not get paid. These people also have these things linked to CPA offers, so when they give you a few points or pennies to sign up for a free trial, they get paid. This is a great little scam they have going here, and I have all but giveen up on reporting these things. I have come to the conclusion that nmost looking for easy money are too lazy to take action, or do a little research on their own, sad, but true.

    1. Thanks for your comments. The first program that I’ve tried was Legit Online Jobs and it was only when I gained some knowledge that I realized that it was very misleading. Many newbies who have no clue are the ones being targeted by these kinds of programs and like you’ve said, you can get tired of calling them out. Gold Opinions just commented and I wonder what’s the hype behind their $300/hour jobs. haha.

  3. Hi,

    You can login to see the new jobs and let us know what you think. We have reactivated your login so you can now review the site with all the features and links working. Cheers!

    1. immediately after log-in i got user name and password bu i cant log in.
      the below are their respond , but i didn’t received new email from them .

      Thank you for your email.

      We will endeavour to reply to you shortly.

      Please DO NOT reply to this email.

      Below is a copy of the message you submitted:
      Subject: Access Denied! Invalid Username and Password.
      Please help !!

      The Access Denied! Invalid Username and Password.

      Thank you,

  4. hi i wanted to terminate my account with gold opinion, but no matter what way it just couldn’t work and they didn’t even reply my mail when i request for help in the support online page.

    it was too late when i click ok then realise they will charge me every month SGD47.00

    any idea how ti make gold opinion contact me? i had send mail 3 times, their instant cancellation just couldn’t work


    1. u can`t cancel / stop / remove account on Goldopinions??? i want to try it but if u can`t stop if u don`t like is a problem

  5. Apreciados Sres.
    Ante todo siento no poder escribir en Ingles, y ello se debe a que mi ingles es muy pobre.
    Me llamo Agustin, soy español vivo en Barcelona.
    Gracias por exponer las verdades sobre los timos que en la red hay y cada vez más.
    Yo empeze comprando una lista por tan solo 7 US $, su resultado fue un engaño, a partir de ese momento , yo tome la decisión de buscar las webs por mi mismo, era el año 2011 cuando comenze. Ahora dispongo de un listado de 478 webs de encuestas, de todas ellas tan solo unas 200 son validas en España, y actualmente recibo encuestas de unas 40 webs aprox. Mis ganancias mensuales son de unos 70€, aproximados. El valor de las encuestas van desde 0,89 US $ a 4,00 US $ como mucho, la verdad es que recibo a diario muchas pero no todas las puedo completar, por no dar el perfil.
    La mayoria de las compañias de encuestas son de EEUU si alguien de Uds, esta interesado puedo mandar un listado de estas 478 webs, de forma gratuita , tan solo le pedire que me permita mandarle 2 invitaciones, para que yo pueda ganar algo. Sobre los registros todos gratis. Gracias y cordiales saludos. Agustin.

  6. Hi there Raymond,

    Thanks for this thorough report reflecting exactly what I thought about this “company”.

    Besides, when it looks, seems, sounds like, appears… “too good to be true” then, it probably is.

    If this worked as per their sales letter says, I would be doing bloody surveys all day… Man, I better get back to work now.

    Take care,

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