100M Dollar Club Review

100M Dollar ClubGlad you’re here because the 100M Dollar Club is another one of your binary options trading scam. Here are some of its other related websites, 100mdollarclubsystem.co, 100milliondollarclub.com and 100mdollarclub.co.

Their sales video is over 25 minutes long and you cannot pause and skip through the sections. What you’re going to watch is a just a bunch of stories and claims that are designed to fool people into giving away their hard earned money.

Let’s Review the 100M Dollar Club

In August 2015, Jonathan Steadman’s life changed in a way he never expected it.

What was this life-changing moment?

He actually became a millionaire! Now take note that he’s not just an ordinary millionaire. He became a cash millionaire as he joined an elite group of millionaires.

Then he proceeds to congratulate you because you’re watching his sales video that will be only shown to a maximum of 36 people. He goes on to tell that his money is not tied up to properties and shares. His money is all liquid, meaning that he can spend whatever amount he wants and whenever he wants.

Nice right?

100M Dollar Club websiteThen Jonathan assures you that you can also do the same after watching this video. Are you getting excited?

He then talks about having the freedom to do everything that he wants. He shows some really cool photos of luxury cars, tourist destinations, mansions and all that jazz. He will even show you a photo of a private jet.

Jonathan understands your situation because he was also in debt. But after he joined the 100M Dollar Club everything changed and now he’s earning a boatload of money.

And get this, he started earning thousands of dollars after joining the club in just a few weeks! To be accurate, he actually earned over a million dollars in less than 6 weeks according to his sales video.

Who is Jonathan Steadman?

For 17 years, Jonathan worked as a high school janitor at Jefferson High School. Before that gig, he was said that he was serving in the army.

In July 2015, he was looking at his Facebook feed for some pictures when he saw an old friend named Martin who he served in the army with. Martin was never rich, said Jonathan. In fact, Martin was actually complaining how poor he was the whole time during their army gig.

But Jonathan noticed that Martin’s photos were very different as he was posing in a brand new Range Rover with a Rolex watch and in front of a new mansion in which he bought for cash.

Of course Jonathan asked Martin on what is the secret. Martin replied and said that he is a member of the $100M Dollar Club and earning around $30,000 every single day on autopilot.

Martin then told Jonathan that he was trading binary options and that his $100M Club application is doing the trades for him.

I don’t know much a lot about binary options to be honest with you.

Before learning about affiliate marketing, I actually started with forex trading but I didn’t push through with it as it involved a lot of money and the risks are really high.

I think forex trading has some similarities with binary options trading but basically in binary options, you will have to determine if the stock price will go up or down by the end of a time period, based on the price at the start of the time period.

This is a high risk system because the price fluctuations happen very quickly. If your guess is wrong even with just a 0.01 difference, then you lose your money.

What’s the $100M Dollar Club?

Jonathan said that the $100M Dollar Club is an elite club with only a maximum limit of 100 members and every member earns a minimum of $1,000,000 within their first 45 days. He said that it’s guaranteed!

Here’s the club’s history. In 2008, Michael Madsen and Patrick Tate were released from Goldman Sachs investment bank after 15 years because of the economic crash. But in 2011, they created an enormous amount of wealth that’s worth $250M. So in 2012, they decide to give ordinary people a chance to earn that type of cash.

They have partnered with a former Apple programmer named Alexander Lavrov and they’ve created an app called the $100M Club app.

How Does It Work?

When you give away your email address, you’ll be taken to your account page.

It’s true that the registration is free for this so-called club but you actually need to fund your account with $250 so you can start trading.

The broker that you’ll be using is the Benedict Morris Binary Option (BMB Option). This is just a new broker of binary options that opened in June 2015 and their minimum deposit is $250.

My Recommendation

I hope you enjoyed the entertaining story of Jonathan Steadman and his $100M Dollar Club. If you want to earn thousands of dollars and be a millionaire in a short time, then you’re welcome to join them.

However, if you’re really serious on building a profitable online business, then the next logical thing to do is read my #1 website for building an online business.

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