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I found a post under the keywords “wealthy affiliate newbies” that really made my day (this is me being sarcastic). Now I’m writing this post to address some of the things that the basher said about Wealthy Affiliate. If you’re a beginner who’s thinking of joining WA then read every word in this post.

First, I have to tell you that Wealthy Affiliate is not for everyone and not everyone who joins will get their intended results. It’s clear for the basher that he didn’t get his results and I respect that because we are all different. In my case, Wealthy Affiliate gave me the foundation and continues to educate me even to this day because of the support from the community.

I’m proud to say that I’m earning a full time income online because I started my Internet marketing education over at Wealthy Affiliate.

What Is Success?

The basher said that he checked out the success forum but he was totally disappointed.

You know why?

It’s because he saw a newbie who got their first sale after being inside for 8 months! What’s funny is that the basher even made some computations on how much money the newbie lost. Hahaha!

I didn’t know that there was a set time frame before a newbie earns the first sale to be considered successful. It’s really obvious that the basher is not thinking about the long term benefits which is really sad if beginners would read about it and believed it to be true.

Now I know that 8 months is kind of long and I would have been frustrated if I haven’t earned my first sale in that span of time. But let me ask you a question… are you giving up if you were in that same position? 3 months of having no sales is really frustrating and I can only feel the frustration when the newbie reached the 7th month.

The real success story (that many of those short sighted are not seeing) is that the newbie pushed through, worked hard and developed a strong character that nobody can take away.

Everyone is different. I can imagine how excited the newbie was when earning that first sale and I’m proud of that accomplishment because not everyone will have the drive to do that.

In my experience, I got my first sale after over 2 months of being inside WA because most of the time I was lazy and have chosen the wrong niches.

I’ve seen members who are getting their first sale in a few weeks (even days) and there are also who haven’t made a dime yet after many months. There was also a time when I doubted myself because I saw one member who’s now earning $3,000 a week (this is not a typo) and he joined September 2009 (just 2 months after I joined).

I will never get tired of saying this… if you’re looking to get rich quickly over the Internet then this is not the right opportunity for you. If you’re sick and tired of scams then I’m sick and tired of people who are not willing to work their ass off!

It’s vital that you think of the long term benefits here. Getting your first sale regardless of the timeframe is a very big success for me. If the basher thinks that this is not success then I’m definitely cool with that as well because we all look at success in different ways.

What About The Gurus Who Are Selling To Newbies?

The basher also mentioned something about the gurus selling to the Wealthy Affiliate newbies. Well this is somewhat true and some of the other members are trying to get a sale or two from newbies by answering forum threads with their affiliate links embedded in the response. But this is not being tolerated inside WA if it’s not posted in the member’s recommended section.

I’ve bought some products and services from different WA members ranging from ebooks to link building services. WA is where I got to know about 4 Day Money Making Blueprint and One Week Marketing but I wasn’t sold to by the creators of those courses.

But if you’re a complete beginner, you don’t have to buy anything inside Wealthy Affiliate to get started. Everything you need to build a solid foundation for your online business is right inside WA.

What WA taught me is how to look at products that will really offer value. I learned how to choose those courses and services that will strengthen my techniques. After being inside WA for a few a few months I finally realized that those long and hypey sales letters are only selling the dreams. Hehehe. If you’ve landed on one of them then take a close look and you’ll notice that they will never really tell you what you’re going to get from their product.

Okay, this is getting too long now and this was supposed to be a short response to the basher’s post.

Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to build a profitable online business and they also changed my life for the better. I think you can’t put a price tag on that.

I hope the newbies would get something of value from this post. And as for the basher, I wish you the very best of luck in your life.

6 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Newbies

  1. Hello Raymond,
    Please let begin by saying thank you very much for allowing me to veiw your blogg.
    I find you a great Inspiration. I know you go on about WA and how much it has helped you and I am sure it would help me. if I had the right the mind set. wich unfortunatly I dont think I have, or at least not yet. I have been looking into IM for a few years now although I never really done much about it I dabbled in cpc a year ago but got my fingers burnt. in fact I still havent paid google back what I owe…
    anyway for the last month I have getting icthy fingers and feel this is the right time to have another go at IM. I have been doing a little research and even bought a couple of products to helps me. and on the 29/12/10 I’m even going to purchase some hosting space and buy some domains although I still havent deceided on what yet I’m still Researching that.
    I dont think that i’m ready for WA just yet though but who knows, maybe in the near future.
    anyway what I wanted to say is that I find you a great inspiration and look forward to your bloggs Please Keep up the Good work.
    all the Best


  2. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts Paul. Good thing you’re going to try IM again and I wish you all the best. No pressure about joining WA but like you’ve said, who knows? Reading comments like yours is what keeps me inspired and motivated. If you have any questions or if you need help with your campaigns just send me an email and I’ll do my best to help you out. Remember that Internet marketing does work but it will not do the work for you.

  3. Hi Raymond,

    I’m a Pinay from Cebu. I’m thinking of joining WA.

    I first heard of affiliate marketing and WA from you. Thanks for the info. I really hope I can make it in this business but I’m somehow hesitant to pay the $97.

    Do you think the $97 monthly due is really worth?

  4. Hi Anne,

    Thanks for your inquiry and glad to have a kababayan drop by. Yeah, $97/month (Platinum) is a bit pricey and that’s why I would suggest that you first try out their $47/month (Gold) option. What you need right now is the training, tools and support. And you’re going to get all of that and more even when you join under the Gold edition. Also make sure that you check out my sweet WA bonus offer.

  5. I enjoy reading your informative blog and I would say its indeed very helpful. I would like to take this opportunity to ask your assistance for an honest to goodness opinion- which affiliate marketing site is worth the joining fee they require. I am a Filipina and joining fees are quite exorbitant compared to Philippine Pesos. Any recommendation or suggestion would be highly appreciated. Hope to hear from soon. Thanks.

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