Sometimes It Can Really Be Frustrating

These past few days I’ve been really frustrated. In this post, you’re going to know the reasons behind my frustration and the things that I’ve been saying to myself to get me out of this serious funk.

I want you to take something from what I’ve been experiencing and take an honest look at your efforts.

I’ve actually felt this way many times before when my online income was really at a slow climb. You probably also feel the same when your efforts are not matching up your results right? Well from time to time I get into what I believe is the burnout phase.

One major reason why I’m not really feeling that energized is because I feel that my physical product campaigns are not doing well. I already made my first Amazon sale a few days ago but I didn’t know what campaign produced that sale. To date my Amazon earnings is just over $3. I have around 10 websites that I built to promote different physical products and I have $3 to show for it. Hahaha.

But I found out why they’re not performing really well and it’s actually been my fault all along.

First I’ve been building websites left and right that I wasn’t spending enough time on building backlinks to boost their search engine rankings. As a result, many of my campaigns are not reaching the top rankings for the keywords that I’m targeting.

This is really challenging especially if you’re doing this all by yourself. I have my loving girlfriend to help me with some article writing and spinning but somehow I’m still all over the place.

By the way it’s a tremendous help if you have someone that you can talk to whenever you’re feeling this way. I really can’t imagine going through this phase and not having someone to act as my shrink. Hahaha. That’s why I suggest that you explain to your spouse, family or a friend what you’re trying to do so more or less you can have someone to talk to.

Anyway the simple solution that I would apply is to take it slowly and put a more solid system in place. I haven’t exactly outlined it yet but I’m going to make sure that I put in enough attention into promoting the sites that I’m building.

Another reason why I’m feeling this way is seeing my fellow Wealthy Affiliate members who are doing really well. This is actually not good because you shouldn’t be comparing yourself to others because we are all different.

But when I take a close look at their efforts I realized that my efforts were really mediocre. Honestly I’m embarrassed and I shouldn’t have the right to be given the results that I want because my efforts don’t really match it.

Overall, I’ve been really hard on myself and this is what I’m saying to bring my energy back:

  • I’m thankful for the freedom and the time flexibility
  • I’m thankful for being able to do what I want to do
  • I’m thankful for my online earnings because I can’t earn that amount even if I work here in the Philippines for 10 years.
  • I’m thankful because I can write my own paycheck without slaving for someone else or going overseas.
  • I’m thankful for the lifestyle that I’m living right now
  • I’m thankful because I can design my own life

How about you? I’m sure you have some frustrations of your own. What do you do to get back up on your feet?

I hope that my experience will help some of you. 2011 is fast approaching and I wish that you have a good health, tremendous wealth and extreme happiness!


4 thoughts on “Sometimes It Can Really Be Frustrating

  1. Hi Raymond!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    I’ve felt that frustration too hehe But here comes another year! And the online world is really growing exponentially! I’m excited for this coming year.
    Well Thanks for the post! Enjoyed reading realizations of people, we really do have many things to be thankful for.

    Take care!


  2. Thanks for your comment Marco. Hope you’re making the most of your WA membership. You’re right… another new year is upon us and the Internet is still in its infancy. Every year the competition will also increase but good thing we’re already getting our hands dirty.

  3. Hi Raymond,

    Yes, I agree with you . Frustration comes into different category, Life is a cycle. This i would like to tell you. When I was in my 30th up to 50th year of marriage , my husband
    gives me the best in life, putting me high up on the pedestal. Now its the other way around.
    He is in his70th year and me to in my 60th year. I can sense that our love has gone with the wind, like a well that dried up.

    I,m sensitive about it, for I go with the trend, young at heart. IT,s so frustrating when he
    refuse me, or leave me alone. then to the point of retaliation on my part..

    A piece of advice from a friend. Don’t marry a non believer in Christ, bring a wife who is
    spiritually inclined to God.

    God bless you , happy new year, more power.


  4. Hi Raymond,

    with Christmas time now almost over, still I want to wish You a Blessed Christmas and happy New year.

    I like your down-to-earth style and step-by-step approach you use in the emails and articles, they have been quite motivating for me in past few months. Anyway, frustration often accompanies our online ventures, especially when all the new projects or ideas seemed so shiny in the beginning and then we have lost somewhere on the road.. so often more due to lack of our effort than lack of the efficiency. And it can really be frustrating,=).

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