Read This If You’re Not Getting The Most Out Of Your Life

Glen Allsopp is someone that I really look up to when it comes to online marketing. This guy just knows his stuff. He’s also really good when it comes to writing about some motivational stuff. Just recently, Glen published a wonderful post and I would like to share it with you. Just click the link below to read it:

The Post On Productivity I Wish Someone Else Had Written

Thank you Glen Allsopp!

5 thoughts on “Read This If You’re Not Getting The Most Out Of Your Life

  1. Mr. Allsopp is correct in his evaluation of TV, Facebook and YouTube. Facebook, in particular, is the greatest time suck ever. I don’t go on YouTube very often, but when I do I invariably spend more time than I intended, drawn from interesting video to interesting video. I struggle against this kind of time wasting every day.

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