Blog Posting Software – Automated Blog Software That I Love

I just recently bought a newly released automated blog posting software by a fellow named Val who is also a Wealthy Affiliate member. I consider myself a very impulsive buyer when it comes to tools that can help with some of the tedious and mundane tasks involved with affiliate marketing. For me time also equates […]

Changed My Business Model After 8 Months of Affiliate Marketing

During my first 4 months (July-Nov 2009) with affiliate marketing, my main business model revolved around direct linking from articles to the merchant page. I would buy a cheap .info domain name and forward that with my affiliate link. I then realized that this wasn’t really a long term business model because all I was […]

Wealthy Affiliate Is Not The Silver Bullet

This post is just going to be a reality check to those of you who are thinking of joining Wealthy Affiliate or just thinking about trying Internet marketing. This is a bit of a rant I guess because I’ve seen many members inside WA who want to cancel their memberships. There are different motivations and […]

Opening a BDO Dollar Account For Your ClickBank Checks

I believe opening up a dollar account here in the Philippines is the only way you can cash in your dollar checks. If you know any other ways then please share about it in the comments below. Please take note that I’m not affiliated in any way, shape or form with Banco De Oro (BDO). […]

The SEO Method Review – My Updates and Progress Reports

The SEO Method Review – Did I Get Any Results? So it’s been 2 months since I’ve bought The SEO Method by David Jenyns and this is where I’m going to continue to share my updates using David’s SEO strategy. The original plan was to continue writing the updates inside The SEO Method review but […]

Top 6 Internet Marketers That I Look Up To

When I started to get serious in playing drums, I searched for drummers that would inspire me. I listened to them and copied their drum licks so I could somehow emulate and learn from them. Now that I’m an Internet marketer, I also want to look for someone that I could look up to. Someone […]