Resisting The Temptation of Promoting Clickbank Products

I’m glad that I started promoting Clickbank products even though the competition is very fierce. I think almost all of the marketers whether they’re a newbie or not are promoting information and software products in Clickbank.

I struggled with promoting CB products when I started (even until now) but in that process, I’ve developed the tenacity to succeed in the affiliate marketing game. I have learned how to compete in search engine rankings and convert the traffic into buyers.

But we all know that there’s a life outside of Clickbank and that there are tons of other products and services that we can promote.

Right now I’m going through a phase where I’m slowly focusing on promoting physical products from Amazon and other affiliate networks. Sometimes I still browse the Clickbank marketplace and check out if there’s any new product that I can promote. It’s really hard to ignore CB when it’s been my main source of income since I’ve started out (those Clickbank bars are so addicting!).

Right now it’s 3AM here and I just saw a potential product that I can promote. It’s a camera but I’m still not sure if I’m going to build a campaign out of it. I still have a site that’s promoting a product in the pet niche and a site that promotes a specific brand of juicer. No sales yet but I’m seeing some positive movements in the pet niche site.

Now many of you may think that the commissions from Amazon are too low and it’s only a waste of time. I also said that and now I’m swallowing my words!

There’s actually some criteria that you have to look out for when choosing physical products. Even though the concept of promoting is still the same, I still needed to learn from the best. So I’ve recently bought a course from a deadbeat guy who makes over $10,000 per month promoting physical products. I’ve learned a ton and it’s just a matter of time before I see some success.

My Niche Website That Earns Over $350 Per Month

What’s up everyone? Hope you’re doing great and for this post, I would like to share my thoughts on one of my money making campaigns.

Right now I’m really excited because I can already see the huge payouts in the next couple of months from all of the efforts that I’ve been putting for the past few weeks. Honestly, I’m not really working that hard enough but I’m trying my best to cross out my daily to-do list to keep on moving forward (my girlfriend is also helping me with some article writing and spinning).

So let’s take a look at the things that I’ve done in this campaign and hopefully you’ll be motivated to work on your business after reading this.

The Entrepreneur Website

I actually started this campaign back in February 2010 and I was promoting a high priced product (almost $200) that’s really unique. At that time, it was the only product that’s available and that’s why I had no choice but to promote it. I got some sales and the commissions were really nice but I noticed that some of the buyers were asking for refunds.

I’m sure the product is good (I only promote quality stuff) but I guess some of them wanted to see some quick ROI and felt that the product is too expensive. So I had to pull the product out and replaced it with some Amazon products. I really thought that this campaign was not heading in the right direction and I was ready to pull the plug on it.

But I decided to browse the Clickbank marketplace again and that’s when I found a newly released similar product that’s exactly targeted to my niche! The price was reasonably cheaper than the first product I promoted and I knew that this campaign is going to kick some ass!

I started to get some sales around August 2010 and currently this website is now averaging over $350 per month! And the best part is that I can just leave this site alone and it will continue to generate income… SAHWEET! As long as my site sits on top of Google’s first page rankings, I’ll be great. Back when I had a day job, I was earning less than $300 per month while working 10.5 hours. hahaha!

What Do You Do When You Have a Profitable Website?

There are many things that you can do to maximize your profits but my plan for this campaign is to just build another website. I already know that people in this niche are hungry buyers and I also have an idea on what keywords they’re using to get to my website. So all I have to do now is target another major related keyword by building another website and get it on top of Google.

This is exciting stuff because it feels like I’m opening up another branch and expanding my business to reach my customers. hahaha. This is another good example that an Internet marketing business is almost the same with an offline brick and mortar business that you can find in your local area.

Here’s a very good question… “if you can build a website that earns over $350 per month, then how many would you build?”

I started the 2nd website 20 days ago and I’m expecting another $350 per month when it reaches top first page rankings. I already managed to get first page ranking and the site Google danced a bit and now it sits firmly on the 2nd page. Hopefully in the next few days it will jump on top.

The Moral

The big lesson here is to never give up on your campaigns and always think positive. I know you’ve heard that a million times already but it all starts with your mindset. Life is going to give you some roadblocks and you just have to work your way around them. That’s it for now and I’ll update this campaign’s progress in the following days.

Did You Call Up The Naysayers When You Made Your First Sale Online?

Naysayers are all around us and you have to be careful when you’re with them. Remember the look on their faces when you told them that you’re going to make money online? Well I don’t really blame the naysayers because they don’t have any idea how Internet marketing works. They think that selling stuff on the Internet involves spamming people’s emails with Viagra and penis enlargement offers. hahaha!

Back then I would share how affiliate marketing works to almost anyone I meet because I was really excited about it. I shared it with a tax driver, a fry cook, a vendor at a local sari-sari store, you name it! hahaha.

I just can’t stop talking about making money online! I mean where can you find a business that you can start from nothing and eventually learn how to write your own paycheck? And if done right, you can do this while working for less than 10 hours or even 5 hours per week anywhere that you want!

But right now I still talk about it but I don’t initiate the discussion anymore. The naysayers will always be there and I’ve learned not to waste my time and energy in convincing them.

I learned to control my emotions because I’ve realized that not everyone will have the determination and the work ethic to succeed with Internet marketing. But I hope that you learn how to get out of your comfort zone and not to become prisoners of the corporate world.

So please don’t listen to naysayers because you can carve your own path to success. There will always be people that will bring you down but you know deep inside that you’ve already won.

By the way, here’s the reason from inside Wealthy Affiliate why I suddenly wrote this post:

And I didn’t call up the naysayers when I made my first sale online. hahaha!

How about you? Are there any people who are doubtful of your online efforts? Let me know below…

Taught My Friend and She Made $133 In Four Days!

I’ve never really taught anyone here in my neighborhood how to make money online. I had one friend though who was interested but eventually he gave up. I think he’ll have another go at it and hopefully he does but it’s still okay if he doesn’t. I just hope that my friend and those who get to read this don’t spend their entire lives slaving for someone else.

The only person that I’ve really taught is my girlfriend (sometimes she’s my part-time article spinner.hahaha) and it’s always an amazing feeling whenever she reports back a sale.

This post is actually a success story from inside Wealthy Affiliate and here’s a screenshot of the post she made last night (take note of the technique her friend used):

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