6 thoughts on “Niño Regalado in Action!

  1. Ninio
    Are you the original drummer for the group Neo Colors? Do you remember me… I used to record at your fathers studio at home and in Makati. How are your mom and dad doing? Please extend my regards to them. I credit a lot to your dad for my music success as he was my musical director for many of my albums.

    I really admired your technics as I wathched you on Utube! Father like son I guess!

    If you get this message, please respond. Thank you, and God Bless!

    Tito Alex Sablan in Saipan

  2. Hi there Tito Alex! Nice of you to drop by. I’m sorry but I’m not the drummer for Neo Colors. I just posted a video of Nino from YouTube. Like you I really admire the technique and groove being displayed by Nino. I’ll be sure to extend your greetings to Sir Jun Regalado. Right now I’m taking drum lessons with him. I was hoping to also get into recordings just like you. Do you have any tips in order to be successful in the recording business?

  3. Hi Sir, kakainggit ka naman.. nagpapalessons p b sya ngaun? nagpalessons kasi ako ngaun drum lesson ang prob parang d ako masaya sa teacher.. magaling sya… not satisfied parang may kulang.. sana matulungan mo po ako.. hilig ko talaga magdrums =)… Thanks!

    1. Uy pre. Right now I’m not taking any drum lessons but I have plans in the future. Alam ko Sir Jun still takes students not unless he’s out of the country. Suggestion ko lang pre is just continue what you love doing. Never give up your dreams. Think like an entrepreneur. Always remember that you don’t have to work for someone else to make them rich. Hope this helps. If you have any questions feel free to use my contact form.

  4. Thanks po! =) pero desperado n talga ako.. huhu! how bout sir Nino regalado? do have any contact number of them or email?

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