Mass Money Makers Review

Good thing you’ve landed in my Mass Money Makers review post. Before you proceed, here are some of my disclaimers… I have never purchased Mass Money Makers so you won’t find any affiliate links in here. Even though it only takes a few seconds to generate an affiliate link in Clickbank, I won’t do it because that’s not how I roll.

However, I did some research to find out what Mass Money Makers is all about. I also visited the Warrior Forum to read some real opinions and that’s what I would suggest you also do. Just search “mass money makers warrior forum” and you’ll be good.

I’m actually a proud member of Wealthy Affiliate since July 2009. I took action from their training and support and one of my huge achievements is earning my first $1,000 in a month back in August 2010 (over a year after joining WA). If you’re interested in my online earnings then read my daily average in Clickbank post.

Now Back to Our Mass Money Makers Review

You’re a hardworking individual (I hope you are) and you deserve to read the truth whenever a course like Mass Money Makers is released. I’ve done a few kick ass reviews before and one of them is a magical software that supposedly spits out money. If you’re interested, you can read the Turbo Profit Sniper review and check out the wonderful comments from people who have bought it.

Mass Money Makers Review

The video squeeze page is really convincing because he shows you a live demonstration of his CB account and how he generates thousands of dollars per day in just a short amount of time.

In the video, he didn’t tell you how he’s earning the money so obviously you want to know more. You don’t have to worry anything because I took a bullet for you. You can save yourself from another guru in your email by going straight to the Mass Money Makers sales page. Just copy and paste the URL below in your Firefox browser.

Now I’m Confused!

I’ve read a few Mass Money Makers reviews and I’m sure that they were all talking about a course. But when I saw the sales page and scrolled down further below, I found out that there’s a software involved!

Apparently the software is discussed in some of the reviews but it seems that the main selling point of Mass Money Makers is the promise of pushing a few buttons to spit out some money.

Now you all know how I feel about push button software in Internet marketing right?

Mass Money Makers – The Sections Inside

The first section is the preparation stage and you’re going to be introduced with how Mass Money Makers works. The main focus will be on free traffic, selecting the right niche, choosing the right keywords and some SEO concepts.

The second section will discuss the tools, strategies and tactics behind Mass Money Makers. You’ll find a 2-hour long video that will tell you how the whole system works. They will also tell how important it is to build your list and I definitely agree with this one.

The third section is a 3-hour long video that will show you the complete steps in building your money sites. They will use all of the concepts that have been discussed in the previous sections and apply it. I believe this is also the section where you have the tendency to not follow through.

The last section is all about automation and this is about outsourcing. This is another important aspect into growing your business and you should definitely do this so you could do more of the profitable activities. Right now I only outsource the article writing because it does take up a lot of my time.

What’s Your Next Move?

I really hope that you’ll be able to make an informed and sound decision after reading this Mass Money Makers review.

If you’ve never earned your first dollar with affiliate marketing then I encourage you to register a free account over at Wealthy Affiliate.

4 thoughts on “Mass Money Makers Review

  1. Answer is NO you wont make any money and although they offer a money back guarantee they do not honor it. I requested help and finally cancelation because no one responded to help or the cancelation. just another wasted 300.00.

  2. I signed up for Mass Money Makers in February of 2011. They made everything sound like quick money with a simple three step system. I signed up under their special price of $197 ($100 off regular price). When I checked my account they had charged me full price $297. My husband and I worked for 3 days working through their system and had to sign up for Click Bank with a monthly fee, Word Press with a monthly fee and Samurai with a monthly fee. There looked like there would be more fees on top. Just can’t afford it. Called and requested my money back with no response. Emailed for my money back with no response. Totally frustrated.

  3. Ok , first of all MMM does work. I bought the system for 37.00 ignored the upsells(btw -always ignore the upsells) that 37.00 came with a 4 phase video training step by step what to do.
    Anybody expecting to make money the next day? don’t bother with online business. this as any business will take time and a little hard work. the whole point of the software is to help you find the keywords you can easily rank on first page for in google etc. that is how you get traffic, and then you do the same thing over and over for each affiliate link you promote. It might take a month or two to see the results but they will come . now saying that, if you are a newbie , learn about keywords, seo and how search engines really work before jumping in head first because if the videos confuse you you won’t do well.
    Also, clickbank accounts are free to sign up with and you can sign up using different login aff names as many as you like. wordpress is free as well, you only need webhosting which is cheap and domain names wich run at about 9 to 10 dollars per year- as well the MMM software which is called SAT ther is no monthly fee.
    all in all total investment was under 60 bycks easily and I made that back X 10 3 weeks into it.
    basically, it’s a solid system and it just needs the user to follow through and follow the 3 main rules they explain.

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