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I got an email a few days ago from Brad Callen promoting iWriter. What got my interest was how cheap an article costs (67 cents per 100 words).

Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to become a successful Internet marketer. One of the things that I’ve learned from WA is how to spot a quality service and so my first thought was that you get what you’ve paid for.

To tell you the truth I wasn’t really expecting a good quality article from iWriter.

But I remained positive with all the new things that I encounter and so I decided to try them out. If you’ve been in the IM business for some time now, you and I both know that we always need unique content for our websites. And if you have the business type of mindset you know that your time is the most important resource that you have. So my advice is that you don’t buy that Ferrari yet! hahaha! Instead reinvest a certain percentage of your monthly income so that money becomes your slave and not the other way around.

I funded my iWriter account with $20 and ordered 4 articles with 500 words each. 1×500-word article is only $3 (300 words is only $2) and so my total was only $12! I ordered the articles right before I sleep and I was surprised because all the articles were ready the next morning.

Again I wasn’t expecting that much quality wise but I read one article and I just couldn’t believe what I’m reading! Obviously we all have different standards of how a quality article should come out but I was really more than satisfied with the article that I ordered. The articles from iWriter were so good that it prompted me to write this iWriter review even if they have no affiliate program! hahaha! That’s right, the iWriter links in this post are not affiliate links.

I already approved one article and that’s why you only see 3 pending articles that I need to review below. Here’s a screenshot of my article orders:

iWriter articles that I've ordered

The article entitled “preparing for winter” is the one that I approved.

I approved one article from iWriter

I’ve reviewed all the articles and in my opinion all of them were really good. They’re cheap articles but the quality didn’t reflect the price at all. The processing of the orders were really smooth thanks to their nice interface and the turnaround for the articles is just less than 24 hours! Are you kidding me?! hahaha! Plus, each approved article will have a spun version but the spin uniqueness is only 15% if you have The Best Spinner.

This is my first experience with them and I really hope that iWriter and its writers will continue to provide a consistent quality in service. I’m not sure if there’s any article writing service like iWriter but I’m just glad that I’ve found them. Thank you so much iWriter and keep up the good work!

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  1. Hi Raymond,

    I have gone through iwriter and registered for it. Sounds like a good service. I appreciate their promise to run each article through copyscape. However, I checked just a while ago that many article requesters are rejecting articles. So all are not rosy!


    1. Thanks for sharing your comment Mohammed. I’m not sure what happened with the others but I’m really satisfied with the articles that I’ve ordered. I guess it depends on the writers but sometimes people don’t have the right expectations and they expect too much from a $2 article. hahaha!

      1. Raymond – what quality level did you order? Just curious. As you may see below I posted an URL where I wrote a review. I had to reject the first two articles. And I can see from the replies on this thread that some of the writers appear to be great native speakers … and others … not so much 🙂

        I think my first articles were clearly written by someone in the “not so much” camp.

  2. There seems to be an issue at the moment and the website is down. I have written to them and awaiting a response. I was writing two articles and then down it went. Hopefully, this is not a scam! I trusted Brad Callen so will wait to hear what has happened.

  3. Earlier I had written that the iWriter site had gone down. I have been researching ever since then and at no time could I reach any of Brad Callen’s sites.

    I have been using the SwagBucks toolbar for several weeks now but decided today to uninstall it to see if that was the problem. Yes, it was. After a couple of hours trying to figure out how to remove the Swagbucks Toolbar and Cancel my account, I finally accomplished the task. And, lo and behold, all of Brad Callen’s sites are available to me once again.

    I am not sure why this is so, but I thought I would pass this along for information purposes in case anyone has the same problem.


  4. I am an iWriter writer with 4.6 stars. It is a good website because I found nice work and I had no problems with payments. Requesters are gradually bidding up the price for good writers and I got paid $6 and $8 for the last two articles which I wrote. So it must have cost the requesters $8 and $10.

    Yes, the site was down for sometime today.

  5. Hi Raymond,

    I got a friendly email from Brad too and I google it out and came across your review. I thought there were affiliate links as to promote the iwriter but I was wrong. I think this would be a starter point for newbies who struggle with creating contents for their blogs.

    Just sharing,


  6. Hi everyone and thanks for these updates. I guess I may have jumped the gun when I presumed it was the toolbar that caused my grief. Sorry about that. However, I am still not reinstalling the Swagbucks Toolbar. LOL.



  7. So you all got your email from Brad? Well I got mine from Mark Ling telling me about Iwriter. I signed up and wrote a 500 word article which was approved within 30 minutes by the requester. I checked and I had earned $2.43. Not bad and this can quickly add up too.

  8. My personal viewpoint is this, and you may feel free to troll it or to flame it..

    anywhere that you will find writers who are being paid less than one third the going rate of items, or writers who are willing to accepts substandard pay with a promise of more as they prove themselves you will also find that the writing skills are haphazard in many cases.

    Upon reviewing iwriter after joining, I found that in many cases, the clients had accepted 7 and rejected 6 and to me, that’s not indicative of a service that will be a time saver or a percentage of good writing that I’m willing to accept.

    The reality is that you can not pay substandard wages and promise people what they are worth down the road.

    When you do so, it’s simply unfair to the writers, as well as to clients. The average writer can churn out about 3-4 articles per hour, if they are a very rapid typist and a very rapid thinker with a lot of inherent knowledge and skill.

    Were someone to promise me 5 dollars or 6 or 8 for 2000 words of content, I’d simply laugh at them and ask them what color the sky was in their world. Would YOU work for less than minimum wage?

    1. Hi Robbi,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I believe that you have made some valid points. I’ve continued to order articles from iWriter and like you’ve said, some writers are not going to cut it. Even before joining I’m not expecting too much from a $2-$3 article but so far they’re delivering what I need which is unique and helpful articles.

  9. I am a writer and site designer with about 250 sites online this year. I just tend to be quite trusting but to me, honestly it’s just not ethical to pay someone that price. Color me crazy, but I think paying people what they are worth is the way to go. Secondary to that, I felt it was a bit of a red flag when I looked and read that if you use “all writers” you get the advertised price, but might not like the writing.. but if you used “Top writers” then you would get great work but pay more for it. It seemed very much like bait and switch type tactics that older companies used to use to draw you in and then send you surreptitiously to a more costly service. now I’m not saying that’s what it is, but to me, it rather felt that way and while I’m not familiar with Brad Callen, only some of the software that I was rather disappointed in, I just saw too many little nagging things that troubled me to want to go further with the order. Let me know how the rest of yours work out, I’ll be very interested.

  10. My experience as a buyer has not been that positive. iWriter seems to favor the writer over the buyer. The articles I got were pretty much useless, a bunch of scraped sentences that were spun, and most likely produced by non-native english speakers. The articles and even several sentences really did not make any sense at all. The special instructions I provided were just ignored. Sure, I can reject (which I did), but in 1 instance I was unable to review within 48 hours, and ended up with a crappy article, and even had to pay for it. And then iWriter advises in their instruction video to select auto-approve, as it saves you a lot of time. Not true, as you will end up with bad content and having to request it again (= more time and more money).

    What I believe is a major quality flaw in the system is the rating of writers. As a buyer you can select “ONLY the best iWriter writers”, and end up paying a premium for that. However, with the auto-approve mechanism after 48 hours, AND subsequently the auto-rating (5 stars!) of the writer, that rating doesn’t mean anything. As long as there is no way of differentiating between 5-star auto-rating (not real), and 5-star manual rating (real), that group of best writers will be “contaminated” with the non-native english auto-rated scrapers and spinners. The iWriter system clearly favors the writers over the buyers.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Johnnie. Last night before I sleep, I ordered some articles and I was surprised because 2 writers already submitted the articles in less than 10 minutes! hahaha! Sure enough when I checked the articles in the morning, they were all jargon crapola! hahaha! I just rejected and ignored them and waited for other writers. It actually took a while because the other writers were still not that good. Eventually I got my articles and I’m still going to use iWriter as it helps me in my online business.

    2. Hi,

      There is a default approval after 48 hours, but I don’t think there is an auto rating. I got an article default approved after 48 hours but I did not get any rating for it so far. I guess the requester has not been around to review or rate it.

      As far as auto approval on submission, Good Lord! Why would any requester do that? After all this an internet based platform where you don’t know who is at the other end. By the way, there is no advantage of a quick approval for me as a writer. As long as my article is approved in a day or two it is fine because I get paid only on the next pay out.

      Yes, there are good writers and good requesters. I can’t say about the writers, but my experience with most requesters was very good. I have written close to 70 articles and except on two occasions people have expressed their appreciation. Out of those two rejections, in one case I have no idea why, and the other on hindsight I think I goofed up with the special instructions.

      In fact two days ago one requester gave me 11 articles to write as and I managed to complete 7 of them and everything was approved the next day.

      You can see my profile using this url to and read the requester’s remarks after you log in:


      By the way I have nothing to gain from writing this. I can’t manage more than 4 articles a day. This is for information only.

      1. I also got a heads up from Brad about iWriter. Now, only yesterday had I taken the plunge and registered at fiverr and ordered my first 2 gigs from 2 writers. Thus, upon knowing about iWriter, I hurried to find a review and got here. After reading the post and the comments, I decided for the time being to wait for my fiverr orders and then I just might try out iWriter later to see how they compare.

    3. I am a new author on Iwriter and have written 40 articles. I have to disagree with your comment about the site favoring writers. In fact it is the complete opposite. the author has no power since the site makes its money from the requester. Not only can an author deny an article for whatever reason and no explanation they can also severly punish an author with a poor rating which will only allow them to write at the incredibly low rate of 2.43 per 500 words.

      I am a decent writer and worked my way up to an elite status which allowed me to write articles for a much higher rate. One such article that I submitted to a requester was denied. I understand that if you not happy with the article you should not have to pay. that is fair and the way the system is setup. Now, what is troubling is the author gave me a 1star rating on this article only because I used the word then instead of than. This was a well researched and written article with over 150 extra words. It did bother me that I didnt receive payment for this article but I understood the risk, what did bother me was the blatantly absurd rating. This rating knocked my level down out of elite and I then had to write more articles at the significantly lower rate.

      To be rated one star for an article that was very well written was a huge slap in the face. An article to be rated that low would be written in complete gibberish.

      Now, I could just be tooting my own when in reality my articles are crap but this is just not the case. Before my elite status was removed due to the unfair rating, I had written 6 other elite articles and received rave reviews from each. Two of which I received $2 tips. That basically equated to around 9.50 cents and article which is a fair price for the work.

      My author name of Iwriter is jsphbooker so please feel free to check out my ratings and reviews. If you are interested in having quality articles written you can contact me at jsphbooker at hotmail.com

      1. two of the articles I wrote were rejected simply because the client had enough articles submitted to him, and what’s worse is that he left me a 3 stars feedback which degraded my 4.8 stars rating down to 4. After that, it seems like luck went out on me and some guy rejected my article again for a simple reason that I didn’t put keyword on the first sentence, but I put it on the second sentence of the first paragraph.

        That freaking client did not mentioned that the keyword should be placed on the first sentence of the first paragraph. He only instructed that one of the keyword should be on the first paragraph, and the others should be distributed in the middle and the last paragraph. 3.9 stars rating will force me to write articles back to $2 each, which I don’t want to do anymore.

        I just tested iwriter because I thought it’s convenient to choose articles and write anytime you want, but it’s really frustrating when you get rejected for no good (mostly absurd) reasons at all.

        Going back to oDesk..

      2. I had signed up for iWriter for an experiment in the beginning. I do write articles for my readers through my blog, but I wanted to test out certain sites to share with my readers who are looking to write online and don’t know where to start.

        I was getting special requests and all 5 star ratings with 1 or 2 4 stars. I was at an average of 4.9 and all of a sudden I got 3 bad ratings when they rejected my articles. I write a lot and have been for a long time, so I have an idea of what I am doing!

        What got me was the low ratings that a requester gives you when they decide that they really did not want what the instructions stated. Both of my 1 star ratings were commented with something off the wall. Both of them had complaints listed that were complete opposite from instructions. You really have to be careful who you write for because if they screw up on their instructions, they will give you a bad rating for their mistake. That is my biggest complaint.

        I have had some really great requesters too.

  11. I came to know about iwriter only yesterday. Since it is from Brad Callen, I registered without any second thoughts, submitted two articles. Both are approved in a few hours. iwriter.com is here to stay like fiverr.com

  12. Once again, I have an issue with the iWriter website. When I log on now, I find that my account has been disabled? I put in a ticket early yesterday but have heard nothing back from anyone. Does anyone here have that same issue? I am not sure why it was disabled as I have not been on for a couple of weeks now as there were no requests that I wished to write on, so did nothing. I have not a lot of money in my account but I do not think I should lose it so easily – reminds me of Commission Junction when they simply “take your money” because you sat idle too long. It is never easy is it?

  13. Update here for all. My account was “banned” due to low writing rating of 2.1. I had written an earlier suggestion to them that the requester could be a lot more specific as to what they really wanted but I guess that did not play a factor any where. “I want an article on jewellery” means what? “I need an article on using Swiffer” means what? “Banned” and not “disabled” means what?

  14. As a buyer, expectations will vary for a $3, 300-word article. However, buyers should be aware that writers receive $1.62 for that 300-word article. For a 500-word article, writers receive a whopping $2.43

    If you plan on buying articles here, you should understand that writers don’t receive all the money you pay for the articles. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get absolute garbage every time, you should reasonably expect that a lot of articles will be worth the rate that the writers receive. Which, it’s not much.

    If a writer can churn out OK-quality content quickly, they may be able to make $5/hour or even as much as $8/hour. Average-to-slow writers, though, will make their $1/hour to $3/hour. It almost seems insulting.

    If writers are comfortable with the rate they receive through iWriter — more power to them. I just think buyers should keep their expectations in line with the 1/2cent per-word rate that the writers receive.

  15. I have been using iwriter for a few weeks now. Out of about 40 articles, I have has to reject only 4, so I am well pleased with the service. Next is, if you know you can not approve them or check every 48 hours, then do not order, just common sense and I am sure you read the rules, so it is your fault, not the sites or the writers, what happened to personal responsibility?

    Gail, if you did not have clear instructions, then why did you accept the article? Again, personal responsibility.

    The service is great, and as far as the good writers not getting paid enough, again personal responsibility since everyone can send a tip of up to 10 bucks, so you can pay more if you choose.

    Everyone on the site knows the rules, if you do not want to play by the rules, don’t use the site.

    Take personal responsibility and stop trying to blame others for your lack of discipline.

    The site does exactly what it says it will do, the rest is up to us no matter if you are a writer or a buyer.

  16. I discovered iwriter.com about a week ago and immediately scrolled through the requests to see if there was anything I could write on without researching. I found a couple of requests that I thought I could knock out fairly quickly. I am not particularly fast at typing and am very careful with proofreading and correcting. It took way longer than I had hoped, but I wrote one of the articles and submitted it to see what would happen. In less than 24 hours, the article had been accepted with five stars and very positive feedback. I have since written four additional articles receiving five star ratings on each one. I think the most recent one may have auto-approved because there are no comments regarding that article.

    Why am I doing this? Well, it certainly is NOT for the money! I am an aspiring writer. This is one way to “write” for a “paying” audience and receive almost immediate feedback without investing months of blood, sweat, and tears. This is more immediate feedback than taking a college course!!!

    My genre is health and wellness and medical. I am a Registered Nurse with 35 years experience. I refuse to produce “junk.” If it is a topic with which I am unfamiliar, I simply keep looking.

    Yesterday, there were no topics about which I felt comfortable writing. Thus, I did not write any new articles last evening after I arrived home from the office.

    For me it is a hobby with no cost. Keeps me off the streets and out of trouble!

  17. I write for iWriter and for those who have said that the rates of pay are low, they are right. Even if you are a ‘top’ writer, as I am, the rates are low.

    However, I’m not complaining about that – of course, it would be nice if they were higher – but nobody is forcing me to write for those rates; I choose to.

    I like iWriter, because it allows me to write about what I want to, when I want to, and make a little money at the same time.

    For those who have said that some requesters expect too much for the rates they’re paying, you’re damn right!

    For example, some requesters have the nerve to pay for a 300 word article, but in the instructions, they say it must be 300+ words. Or they’ll pay the lowest rate possible, but insist that the writer does a ton of research before they write the article because they want a gazillion key features referred to.

    If I see an article that I might want to write about, but there’s a request along these lines, I simply move on to the next one. Unless I can write an article pretty quickly, it’s not worth it to me, so I don’t bother with it.

    I’ve been paid twice by iWriter so far, so I’m already earning and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

    I know people who have used iWriter – some have had good experience and some have had bad.

    As a requester, in general, you’ll get what you pay for. However, on occasion – if you find the right writer – your expectations will be way exceeded.

    As a requester, you don’t have to pay for anything you don’t like.

    Also, as someone else has already said on this thread, if you object to having an article auto-approved after 48 hours because you can’t make the time to check it out yourself, then don’t use the service in the first place.

    You really think it’s OK to make a writer – who’s writing for pretty low rates anyway – to wait for days before you to decide that you’re ready to check out their work? Get real, or use another service.

    Just my views.

    1. Hi Deb,

      I wish I had you as my writer when I tested out iWriter. I wrote the following review of my experience:


      May I ask you what rates you’ll normally accept articles at? $3 for a 500 word article resulted in total garbage for us so far. And I’m realistic, I don’t expect amazing content at that price but grammar must be good. $5 for a 500 word article was better, but still not well proof read by the writer (and basically lacked any educational value for the reader).

      I’m going to try paying $8 for a 500 word article to see what I get back.

      I usually just use my own writers, but I wanted to experiment with external services for times when my current people are busy on other projects that I’ve assigned.

  18. I have been writing articles on iwriter for about a month now. I like the fact that I can pick and choose my topics, and length that I feel like writing. I am a pretty fast writer, so once I find my zone, I can write many articles in a short time. I always do research on topics I am not familiar with, and I don’t use any software or spinners. So far, I have a 4.5 star rating, which is fairly good. I know my articles are good, because i have been writing for marketers for over two years now. I think it is unfair that people expect stellar quality for such a low price, because really what you get paid for article writing is not a lot of money. Once you write at least 20 articles and maintain a 4 star rating, you have access to write articles for better pay. I have only had 2 rejections so far, and those requesters (a) did not give clear instructions and (b) had a history of rejecting articles. For anyone who wants to write articles on this site, I would recommend reading the full instructions of a job before you commit to writing an article and also read the reviews left for the requester. If the requester has a history of rejections, your article will probably be rejected too. I won’t write for anyone with less than an 85% acceptance rate. For marketers, this is a quick and cheap way to get articles, and you do not have to pay for articles you don’t want, but keep in mind, don’t reject often for no good reason or most writers will steer clear of your requests in the future. The instructions you give should be clear and easy to understand and your keywords should not be too difficult to write with. It’s free to sign up, for both writers and requesters. If you are a writer, you can choose whether you want to get paid on the 25th or the 5th of each month by paypal. I have already received one payment on time and I really like this service. Brad Callen has hit the nail on the head with this much needed service. He is still tweaking the site, but I think it will be around for a very long time.

    1. Wow, I have to say my confidence in iWriter is going up by reading replies like this one here. I had to reject my first two articles because they were totally illegible. Absolute horrible stuff.

      I probably made the mistake of letting my VA create the job with a not-so-well-written description of the job.

      Are you actually accepting $2 for a 300 word article with your grammar / writing skills? It seems very low!

      1. There are good writers and bad writers, the bad ones do not last on the site, once they fall below a certain rating, their account is deleted. You don’t have to accept an article, but the more that you reject, the less likely someone will write for you. I don’t write for anyone with less than a 85% approval rate. I have only written 57 articles, of those 3 were rejected for completely stupid reasons. On the other side of things, I have also requested articles, and out of five written on one topic, I had to reject one because the writer used incomplete sentences (point form almost) which I would have had to spend much time editing. On the requester side, always give a reason which you have rejected an article, but don’t be nasty about it. Remember, the lower the rating you give, affects the writer’s entire overall rating. Some requesters seen to want steller quality articles for a low ball price. People do spend a lot of time writing articles, so rejecting them for no apparent reason means that writer just wasted a bunch of their time.I think it is a great idea, a good service, it keeps getting better all the time.

  19. Yha, i am earning a good income through iwriter.com. Till now, only 2 of my articles were rejected and i earned more than 30$ within 2 weeks. Thanks for iwriter.com…..

  20. I’ve accounts on fiverr, freelancer.com, elance.com,iwriter, etc.
    I’m both a writer and an employer on some of these sites.

    I want to tell you that iwriter is the easiest, simplest and most friendly site for both employers and service providers I have ever seen.

    It is easy to make money as a writer as long as you are good. If you are an excellent writer you can make up to $10 per 700 words article and you get paid every Tuesday if you like.

    You get to choose your topics as a writer and as an employer you can reject substandard works hassle free.

    Iwriter.com is good for business. I write articles online and publish articles on article directories such as ezinearticles.com so you can’t say there are no good writers on iwriter.com/

    My pen name on iwriter is ‘ipennn.’

  21. Raymond,

    I am writer with iwriter and i wrote articles worth 60$ before i thought i would redeem the money to check the worth of the site. now the site states it is sent to my paypal account but paypal states 0$ and i have been writing mails on mails to brad callen. while my earlier mails at the time of enrollment were answered by brad in less than 24 hrs its been 2 weeks with 4 followup mails but no replies at all. This is a fraud site and i do not recommend it to anyone….

    1. Lakshmi — there is some misunderstanding. The owner of this site, Brad Callen, has built an impeccable reputation. I realize others have stated it, but I wanted to reiterate that there’s a mixup, misunderstanding or miscommunication somewhere. He does not want or need money you have earned.

      I’ve submitted several tickets, and they’ve all been responded to within 2 business days, most within 1 business day. If you’re submitting tickets through http://www.bryxensoftware.com/support/, I’d suggest checking your ‘spam’ or ‘bulk’ email folder for responses. If you’re contacting the site through another means, I suggest you use the above support system.

      Also, be sure your payment settings are correct — verify that your PayPal email address is correct(under Edit Your Profile > Edit Payment Info), that your minimum amount is set to below $60 (can be as low as $20) and that your payment method is Every Tuesday for fastest payment.

      The guy isn’t going to take your money. I’m not sure where the problem lies, but iWriter isn’t a fraudulent service.

  22. @ Lakshmi, did you read the FAQs about the times for payment? You need to specify whether you get payment on the 25th or the 5th, and I can assure you it is legitimate, not fraud, I received my first payment on October 5. Double check what date you asked to get paid. Also, if you submitted a ticket, it will get answered, usually within a day or two. Be patient, I think Brad is working on a lot of upgrades to the site and might not have time to get to all the tickets right now. It is not a fraud site. The only problems I have had are people taking too long to approve articles (up to four days) and people being way too harsh and picky about writing for the price they are paying. The pay for writers is not too bad when compared to freelancer and other such sites where you are paid pennies for your efforts, but the requesters seem to expect magazine quality articles.

  23. Lakshmi, I can also assure you that Brad is a stand up guy and would never beat you out of one single dime. I can assure you that he does not need your 60 bucks, and does not want your 60 bucks. In fact, I would say that he would insist against all odds that you take the money.

    There is something else to this story… something your missing.

  24. Hi Lakshmi – even though I am not writing any more for iWriter, I will tell you that Brad made sure what I did earn there, even though not a full $20, was deposited to my Paypal account when my account was “banned” or deactivated, whatever the term may be.

    I am sure there is just something that is missing in your profile setup. Have another look and see if you have chosen a payment plan or if you need to change anything on the one you did choose. Yes, I, too, am sure Brad does not want your $60.

    Take care everyone. Good writing.

  25. Hi Lakshmi,

    I have had no problems with payments. My payments are promptly credited every Tuesday. Today I got paid for the last week.

    If you are based in India, please check your paypal account. They have some formalities that you need to complete before they allow you to accept payment.


    PS: By the way, the time limit for reviewing articles has been increased from 2 days to 3 days. That is good news for requesters, but I feel 2 days was more than enough.

  26. Cloud9,

    I agree that requesters only need 2 days, I believe the writers need more time per project.

    I also wish there was an option for 1,000 word articles on the site and believe tips should max at 15 bucks instead of 10.

    But overall, it is a great site and very helpful.

  27. I got my acoount banned on iwriter due to too many copyscape warnings.But the article was not copied.Now when i log in it shows “account blocked due low ratings.2.6”.please tell me what should i do????

  28. aqib – my account was banned, discontinued, or whatever the proper word is nowadays, also. There will be no way to open it again – I tried to do it and received an email saying, “once the account is banned, it is banned forever”. They do not want low scores for any of their writers, it seems. You may as well look for another website that will pay you for your writing.

  29. One of the genuine site…. I earned almost $50 with i writer.com. I wrote 40 articles, out of that only 4 was rejected… Thanks for iwriter to show my skill on writing..

  30. I just used iWriter on Saturday after reading a review and I am not satisfied with the service or the writers. My first order was well-written so I accepted it. I ran the article through Copyscape and it yielded a 25% word-for-word match to an Ehow article. iWriter claims the articles are checked by Copyscape before they are released to you, but that proved to be incorrect.

    My other issue is with the writers. I posted a request for an article for both basic and premium writers and received garbage content both times. I do not expect perfection for the price; however, I would like the articles to have little to no grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling errors.

  31. I am a top writer on iWriter.com (4.1 stars rating) and yesterday after receiving 6 x 1 star reviews from a client who expected stellar quality articles (my articles were perfectly fine) my account dropped to 3.9 stars. I tried logging in but it said “Error: Your account has been blocked due to low writer rating. (3.9)”.

    I sent an E-mail and got no feedback yet. But I ask now: how can you get your account blocked for having a 3.9913 rating? I use iWriter to make money for a living so missing a day at work is damaging for me.

    This is my second iWriter account, because after some changes in what regards being a top iwriter, my account was downgraded so I had to get another one to fit the new rules. I am in the top 10 writers on the website and would’ve been first if it weren’t for these changes (no intention of bragging), so I think that as Brad said “we treat our writers VERY, VERY well” I deserve some attention on this issue ASAP.

    1. I think requesters can be way too harsh and I am not sure why they expect such great quality for such a low price. Many freelance writers would charge $25 an article for the same product that people are receiving on iwriter. I can’t seem to get higher than 4.3 stars.

  32. I found the same thing but my account was blocked at a 2.5 percent ratio as I never had a chance to send in any more to increase my acceptance rate. As much as Brad is a well respected “guru” of the internet, I feel this endeavor might have been one of his “mistakes” in starting up. IMHO. Have a great day everyone!

    1. Hi gail! I just got banned from iWriter and I still got $800 there. Did they give you back your money? I am about to have a break down… How long did you have to wait til you got the payment? I am dying… Please help me… Or email me at judeekimberlyrallos@gmail.com if you have any idea about this. I NEED HELP! I’ve been sending messages to the support center but there is no reply.

  33. @Paradise,

    Maybe the problem could have more to do with the emotional remarks that you left for that requester than the rating. Emotions are understandable, but the remarks 🙂

    The best thing to do is not to write more than one article for a requester with whom you do not have any prior experience, especially for requesters posting their first project. We don’t want to be on the cutting / bleeding edge 🙂

    @Gail, suggest you start afresh with a new id. Sometimes we all start off on the wrong foot.

  34. @Cloud9 Hehe, you’re right man. I was so pissed cause I wrote for dozens of clients who had no idea what they wanted or just rejected articles because I didn’t comply with rules they didn’t even mention. The list goes on for a long time… you have no idea how many idiots you can see on iWriter. But that’s another story. Fact is many clients give you 1 star because for 4 bucks they expect perfection. Cheers and nice comment btw haha 😀

  35. Nice words Mickey, completely true. And yes, iwriter delivers good articles that cost way more than what the writers get for them. handa fanda… are you serious? you want articles for like what, 50 cents per 1000w? let’s be serious.

  36. I have to admit I’m truly amazed at writers accepting such low pay. I honestly didn’t think a site paid lower than London Brokers, but I was wrong. At least with them you get paid at least $4 for 500 words, not a measly 2 something. That is just disrespectful imo. Yes I know writers have a choice, but seriously, value yourself a bit more. Someone posted that they earned almost $50 and wrote 40 articles, I’m just gobsmacked to see that.

    There are more options out there for writer, stop selling yourself short and take a look around. Seriously, just a few minutes of research and you’ll find a few different sites that even with their low pay give you more than iwriter does. For me, this Brad doesn’t value or respect his writers much, he is paying horrid wages and taking advantage of people for his own benefit.

    Believe me, you are worth more than he is letting you have. As long as writers accept this kind of low pay, sites like this will continue to keep it low.

  37. @Carly It’s sad I know.. take a look at Freelancer.com. There are so many idiots that post $1 projects and so many users fighting over them, that it just slaps my brain whenever I see it. Freelancer was the website I first started on and I really feel terrified to see the low level it has succumbed to. Add to that the many idiot employers from Bangladesh and India that don’t pay you. Yes, you got it, it’s Freelancer.com

    iWriter has its flaws as well. I wrote some articles for an idiot and he rejected them all… 28. Later on I found out he used some of them… I was very upset on this. So the ones who reject them, can still use them. How’s that for favoring writers who actually write very good articles at shit rates? Yes, I know I’m rowdy in my words, but I’m fed up with such idiots that take advantage of others. Hope this will be helpful for many reading it.

  38. This whole issue of low price is just a matter of choice. I concentrate on writing good articles and don’t touch anything which pays me less than $12-13 per 1000 words these days. For me the research part takes more time than the actual writing so it makes sense to write larger articles.

    Keep writing good articles and let the requesters bid up the price. In the end if they give peanuts they will only get monkeys. So I am not worried about the race for $2 articles. Most people who accept that kind of pay over a long time just scrape and spin. So they are not really putting in that kind of effort anyway. That is one business model.

    Another model (which I follow) is to write well, get your rating up above 4.6 and you will get plenty of good work. If your article is rejected, you can publish it on free article directories to make it unusable for the requester who did not pay for it. It’s a practical method to keep the frauds out, but my experience with requesters has been extremely good. I have had just 2 rejections after 133 articles.

    Be careful about who you write for and don’t pick up articles on topics about which you have no idea or where instructions are too complicated, vague, demanding, or where the requesters acceptance rate is very poor. It also makes sense to look at their reasons for rejecting work.

  39. @Paradise
    When I was writing for iWriter, and my article got rejected, I wrote to Brad and asked if it could still be used by the requester, paid for or not. Brad’s response was something to this effect, “No, the articles are put into pdf format so therefore cannot be rewritten and used by the requester.” I am not sure why he thought they were not capable of re-writing it using Word or Notepad.

    I asked for my articles back but there is no way to get them back so if you use your own rejected article for submitting to another site, do not be surprised if it is already “out there”. I used one of mine on my own site later, but the others I just deleted from my own files so that I would not be suspect of plagiarism. Hard to believe you could be accused of this when using your own material, isn’t it?

  40. Hey there. Indeed a lame situation. Personally I used many articles I got rejected from clients and as I mentioned, only a few of them were already out there. But I had no problems in re-using my work. I’m sorry you had to deal with such problems… it really sucks. Well then, I’m off for a pizza now, I’m hungry and it seems I’m stuck in a Skyrim quest due to some bugs I guess, hehe. Have a nice Sunday!

    1. I haven’t had a problem accessing them of late; I’m using them right now. But I must say, the first article submitted to me was a total crock. But then after reading some of the comments here, I’ve offered a higher price ($25 for 1000 words), gave more time (by asking them to submit only after 3 days of the job posting), asked for references to any claims, and finally (to prevent some robot writing the thing) I asked for it to be Human written with sub-headers to distinguish the flow of thought. We’ll see how this one works out.

      So far, I have gotten no joy. (They keep telling me to outsource, but I’m having my doubts.)

  41. Hi there, well… I had none. If being able to write Elite rated articles while being premium is a problem, then yes, I had. That was up for a day only though, was nice. Now I see they show Elite articles but you cannot access them. That’s mischievious in my book. Cheers mate!

  42. I got my account banned on iwriter because of too many copyscape warnings.
    This is my mistake when try to submit the article.
    Now when I log in to iwriter, it shows “Your account is currently banned due to too many CopyScape warnings.”

    What should I do?
    Already contacted the support, but has not received a response.

    What about the payment after banned?
    Are they will send the remaining payment?

  43. iwriter is horrible. There are no consequences for those posting projects out there. They are supposed to approve within 3 days but some don’t. If this happens articles are to be auto approved and paid for. This doesn’t happen most times either because these people don’t put enough money in their accounts to pay people. It’s a miracle this site is still running. If they don’t start working to protect their writers as well they are going to find that writers will stop using this site altogether.

  44. HI everyone,
    I have been writing for iwriter.com for a week now. My account is showing that the money has been transacted to my paypal account. However, I havent received it yet. Is it a scam? Please answer me if anyone has an idea…

    1. I have used iWriter for an article and have received it. Also I would feel very confident in saying that anything run by Brad Callen is not a scam. That being said, the iWriter service is far less than anything I had expected. But you can write them and they will respond. I wrote them just a day ago and got immediate response from customer service. Open a ticket and express your concerns. They are legit.

  45. They are legit man, it just takes some time until your money gets to PayPal. Make sure your PP is also correct. My username is LivingQuarters btw if that matters.

  46. I have been using iWriter for some of my articles. There are times the articles are so poorly written, but some other times, just right (for the price you are paying). I use them for article marketing so just so-so articles are okay with me.

    But if i want good quality articles, i go for good quality writers also. So i guess, it is just a matter of choice and a matter what your require.

  47. I find it quite surprising that people complain about quality or plagiarism when they’re paying less than the minimum wage. Be honest. What did you expect?

    For $2, did you expect your writer to put in lots of careful research time, or sit and think for a couple of minutes before pressing the first key on the keyboard?

    Do you think, for $2, your assigned writer assumes that you are paying a low wage and therefore have expectations to match, so they churn something out quickly and move on to their next assignment to maximise their earnings?

    Do you know how common it is for people to click on a web page and instantly click away when they see poorly written content?

    It’s not difficult to find legitimate, trained writers for a reasonable price, and I can guarantee that you won’t waste as much time. Google around and find a web content writer or blogger in your field. Trust that person to write good, solid content for you and they won’t let you down.

    Yes, this will cost you more than $2. A good, reliable car costs more than a bad car. A long-lasting pair of shoes costs more than a cheap pair of shoes. The correlation is not difficult to see.

    Writers: please research these sites. The rejection rate I am seeing here is alarming. If you are skilled and accurate, your work should not be rejected; the client should work with you on any corrections. Rejecting a piece on the basis of one typo is pure exploitation.

  48. Hello,
    This was my first week in iwriter and I made about 21 dollars. It is Tuesday today and the money are not on my iwriter profile but I cannot see them on my paypal account also. What is the problem?

  49. I’m new to iwriter. I asked for an article for a page to post on my site about a specific topic for which I wanted to promote something for. I bid $10 for the article (750 words) because I wanted to see if I could get a quality piece and have a good experience starting off. I did get the article, and it really wasn’t bad at all for the money. Does anybody know what the posting policy is? I couldn’t find it in their FAQs. I want to edit the piece, maybe change the title. I think I’ll always need to tweak a piece here and there, but I’m OK with that. However, is iWriter OK with that? Is the article mine after I’ve paid for it? Do I even need to give credit to the author with a byline? I guess I’m looking to get more ‘copy’ for web site pages than an actual ‘article.’ Anyway, does anyone know their policy on this and is there a URL I can look at?


    1. At iWriter things are quite simple. There is nothing like bidding. You just decide the price you want to pay and post your requirement. Unless you send the request to a specific writer or group of writers everybody can see it. Once a writer picks up the job and submits the article, you have three days to approve or reject it before it is automatically approved.

      If it is approved, the writer is automatically paid and the article is yours. You have all the rights. There is no need to give any credit to anybody else.

      If you reject the article, the writer doesn’t get paid, you are not charged and you don’t have any right to the article. It is as simple as that.

      IWriter at present does not have any provision for sending the article back to the writer for revisions. So you can either accept it or reject it. Once submitted the writer does not have any option to recall it or edit it.

  50. Hi, Everyone
    I started writing for iWriter a couple of months ago and I can tell you I stand behind the website 100%.
    I made it to Elite a few weeks ago and can write $10-20 articles now, which I have. Not living wages to be sure, but a decent secondary income.
    I don’t quite understand why people keep harping back to $2 articles. It only takes 30 articles to make it to Premium where $4 articles, 500 articles are the norm. ANY DECENT WRITER can make it to Premium in a few weeks and to Elite within 1-2 months and start writing $20-30 articles.
    If you can make it to a 4.63 star rating, it will be impossible for any single requester to knock you back down to Premium, unless you let it happen yourself.
    Granted some requesters don’t give precise enough instructions, so contact them for additional info before accepting the assignment, then you won’t get rejected. Still not comfortable, then don’t write.
    Problems with payments ? Your settings are not set to specs.
    For writers, I have a few suggestions. Do not skimp on word count. A well written article needs to flow effortlessly. I constantly get reviews about overdelivering simply because I don’t care about word count.
    For requesters, be very precise in your instructions, but your instructions do not have to be a whole 300 article in themselves.

  51. Look, Iwriter is like any other service, you work it right, you get it right. There is no excuses for anyone.! We have ordered almost 600 articles from Iwriter and approve 99% of the articles we request. Why do we get so many articles that are good? We use common sense, obviously something that most do not have here on this comment thread.

    When i got my first job, I got 3.35 per hour to work for the same job that someone who had been doing it two years that was getting 8 bucks an hour. After I had proven myself, I got raises and before long I was getting the 8 bucks an hour.

    Everything has a price, what are you willing to do to make yourself a success.

    I hire only top quality writers, and I raise the initial prices of the articles and tell them that when much is given, much is required. I also tell them that if they go above and beyond that I am generous with tips and have paid over 40 bucks for an article on iwriter including a tip.

    I may hire you for a 700 word article with a starting price of 10 or 12 bucks and give them 3 articles with that price. If they do enough to get by, then that is the last ones they get, if they go above and beyond, then they get tips up to 10 bucks on top of that. If they do take the time to do it right, the next 700 word articles they get may have a starting price of 15 bucks, with the tips working the same way as before.

    In other words, if you take the time to research, write a good and informative article, then they are rewarded with living wages, if they don,t, they have ultimately kept their own self in poverty.

    Next, there are a LOT of trash writers that spin, steal and redistribute trash content and what they call english, and I am not paying for it, even at 2 bucks an article. I am not paying for spun content, and you idiots that think you will get ahead short cutting and doing half a## work and expect to get paid for it.

    Did you accept an article for 2 bucks? Then write the best %*@# article you can for them for that 2 bucks, and keep doing it and it will pay off. It may not on that article, but it is a step in the right direction.

    I am an internet marketer, If I half a## my job, there is no income, if you half a## your job, you will get no income, but most of you are blind and can not see the forest for the trees.

    Your going to have bad requester s and your going to have bad writers, but you can easily find requester and writers that can and will make you happy.

    Stop being a bunch of babies and grow up people. It works both ways. If you “Think” you are underpaid, do not accept the work, accepting the work means you accept the terms of the deal, so fulfill your obligation.

    Also, you cant buy articles unless there is sufficient money in your account.

    1. Bravo, jcorkern !
      My feelings exactly !
      Half as* work deserves half as* pay or none at all.
      Let’s get to work and see how we can make iWriter THE place to go to for quality.
      Sure, you will get half a* requesters and even more half a* writers but that’s life.

    2. jcorkern

      I can certainly appreciate where you’re coming from. You have to use tools and services according to their strengths and limitations.

      Please do leave a link to those 600 articles so we can see the 99% approval quality you’re talking about. That would certainly put the issue to rest.

      Thanks for your insight and candor. We could use more of that.

      1. You can look up the user name of zoephoenix ( 1 of 3 accounts, so I understated) if you have an iwriter account and see the stats. I do not believe you can see a link unless you are signed up as a writer.

        Look folks, I am hard, but I am harder on myself than anyone else. I turn a lot of money online every month, and it is not because I am special, brilliant, smarter than anyone here or anything like that.

        I run several online businesses, and they are treated like businesses. I did not start out big, and yes I had help growing after I had the foundation, but it was because i would not take “NO” for an answer and then i backed up my claims and promises.

        Success is not an accident, it is a combination of proper planning, had work and the grit to hang in there when times are rough and are not looking like you are riding to the rainbow.

        I suppose it has always been like that.

        The whole point is that people should take responsibility for their actions, destiny and calling. Excuses are nothing but exactly that, excuses.

        I have seen many, many people say one day that their ship would come in, but never go to the dock to meet it.

        Stop making excuses and start making successes. You are robbing yourself, your family and friends of many blessing because of excuses. Stop and think!

        I have writers on iwriter that makes in excess of 700 a week from my accounts, there are good writers there…a lot of good writers, but you have to find them as a requester. As a writer, let me give you some advice. Never accept multiple articles from anyone without having written for them several times.

        Even if you are a great writer, you can run across one bad requester, and if you are new and have 10 5 star rating, you accept 3 articles from one bad requester, they turn the articles down and you just got banned.

        Look to build relationships, one article at a time. Then they know you and you know what they expect.

        Just use common sense people, and all of these problems go away, on both sides.

          1. First off, there is no 1 link to 600 articles, you don’t put everything on one site, but if you want an example on one site that has a few of them and a specific post link or two, here ya go. sustainable-living-today.com/articles/wasted-food-in-america-is-your-family-guilty/


            And surely, no, not all of them are on “My” sites, some are syndicated.

            About half of them are on my sites, but i an not entertaining gathering up 300 links on the sites I own for you to believe me. Plus, I am not giving a list of my niches.

            Just a note, not all of the articles on that site are from iwriter, I have staff writers and also outsource from several other companies.

      2. As you can see, a few of my articles got rejected even though I did exactly what I supposedly didn’t do. I thought I understood the instructions but obviously the requester had other things in mind. I have been rejected because I have bad grammar or didn’t write naturally, but being an Elite writer, I just don’t believe that’s the case. However, that’s par for the course.
        It’s impossible to please everyone all the time, so take your lumps and move on.
        Here’s the link :

      3. I like your take on what it ought to be on iwriter. Am still fresh and would like to learn from you. Thanks.

  52. I wrote some articles for iwriter and I nor have $22.88 in my account. I chose the payment to be done on every 5th of the month. Its 6th today and I haven’t received any payment up till now. Is it some sort of scum? I’ll appreciate your help.

  53. I have been writing for iWriter for about three weeks. I have been paid on time and correctly each week. Up until this morning I would have stood 100% behind the site. I still think it is a good site but there may be software problems.

    I was in the top ten highest rated writers until a few days ago when one article was rejected, improperly from my point of view, but my writers grade was still great at 4.6500, and I have kept writing.

    Today I went to log in and get a message saying my account is blocked for low writer rating (4.6). This sure seems suspicious to me but i don’t have a lot of unpaid balance at this time, as I have been traveling.

    So I have submitted a support ticket and hope this can be cleared up. I was starting to depend on this site and was impressed with how it worked. I am hoping this is just a software glitch.

    I will report back after I get a support ticket response. I have to admit being worried because there are many comments about accounts being blocked due to low writer rating, but non of them had a rating of over 3.5 and mine is 4.6, so I wait.

  54. @ S. Dudley – surely this is a mistake, my rating is about 4.5672 and my account isn’t blocked…. I have only had 5 article rejections out of 116 that I have written to date, mostly by people who can hardly speak english themselves. I agree that it can be sort of addictive, but at times the topics and the instructions are pretty off the charts. Awkward keywords, bad ratings on requesters, if I can’t find something to write from a requester with at least an 80% approval rate, I simply log off and try again another time. I have looked at some other sites, like Constant Content, but I am not a journalist with a major in writing, I know how to write articles and content. It’s a good way to make some extra cash on the side, that’s for sure. I hope your account gets sorted, out, post back and let us know what happens.

  55. Hi man, no worries, as it’s just a glitch. It happened to me too, so don’t worry. Your ticket will solve things. Take care and keep writing~! 😉

  56. I have been writing in iWriter since September after reading the review of Raymond. It has become a good source of online income for me. It is nice to know that there is a very active thread of iWriter here.

    @ S. Dudley — I have sent a couple of requests to iWriter support in the past and I am pretty sure that they would take care of your issue right away. It is kinda odd that your account was blocked just because of one rejection. The upside is that the support team is pretty efficient in my experience.

    Happy writing, guys! 🙂

  57. Hello once again everyone – I have been following this review with interest ever since I got blocked. No, Living Quarters, these are not glitches! When I wrote to iWriter re the ban, they told me it was final and no consideration was going to be given to reinstate the account. Shortly after the ban I received an email from them saying “we would like to have you write for us” and I wrote them back and said, “sure, reinstate my account and I would be happy to do so”. No response to date and that was about four months ago. No, I would not recommend this site to a writer – surely there are others out there that just do not ban one without fair warning. Sure hope you can reinstate yours without the hassle I went through. Will watch for updates.

  58. hi everyone, i would very much like to write articles for iwriter or any other genuine company but all those i know seem to require a paypal account. Do they not know that paypal is not accessible to most countries in Africa? Ghana is a great country with highly creative minds when it comes to writing contents but all these creative writers seem to have been sidelined.

    Please, give me a lead if you have one.

  59. Guys,

    Let me tell you one thing. I am from India and just joined IWriter last month (18 Februrary 2012 to be precise). I am currently an elite writer. I must admit that I have been truly impressed by IWriter. I completely agree with what zoephoenix wrote above. I have written for him several times and on two occasions, he himself gave me a tip of $3! (Go and see his 5 star ratings and positive reviews in my account)

    I have even written for LivingQuarters and received 5 star reviews from him too. Today is 20 March and I have earned a total of $543 with an overall rating of 4.6164. (I swear by god that I am not kidding here. Remember that I have nothing to gain by lying!)


    I have been quite satisfied with my earnings. I am fully aware that if I can get 5 stars for about 2 consecutive weeks, I will be among the top 8 highest rated writers. However, despite such high part-time earnings, I have been duped about 9 times despite submitting unique high quality articles. I take around 1.15 hour to write a 700 word article which would earn me about $10-12. I research for about 30 minutes, using search engines, news, current statistical data, relevant quotes etc. before writing my articles. I usually write 2-3 articles (a total worth of $25 approx.) on a daily basis (I only write elite articles and special requests).

    I am yet to receive my payment at the 5th of April so fingers are crossed. (It would break my heart if I do not get the money in my Paypal account as the latter is working fine!).

    The problem lies with the fact that there are certain reviewers who are just super choosy. Be careful while taking up their projects as it might lower your ranking. However, the sad part is that an internet business cannot be build by writing articles. My objective is to write such articles, save the money and reinvest the same to build a legitimate online business.

  60. Hi Reymond!
    thank you very much. your article genuinely helped me to make my choice to outsourcing my sites articles. beacause I’m italian, so my english isn’t so good, i was spending so many hours to make just 1 article and that wasn’t working well… so i’ll start using iWriter.

    have a nice day

  61. My account blocked on Sunday the 25th, saying it was due to low writer rating. 4.2 that is. Fact is I hate this and Brad told me to write back if this happens again. I did and have no answers until yet. I don’t like this. What I also hate the most is that if you misspelled word in some cases, you’ll get your article rejected and also get 1 star.

    It’s against the rules to cuss the retard who rejected your article. Currently, with all articles from all accounts I rank 1st on this website in terms of numbers and do believe me I got hundreds of rejected articles from idiots who don’t even know what they want or just want to reject stuff because they can. After so many experiences with absolute retards (sorry, but I can’t call them something else, as this describes them perfectly) how can you NOT cuss?

    Just the other days I had an article rejected twice. Once for using dollars instead of pounds. Corrected and resubmitted. Then this client rejects again saying the prices I mentioned were too small. I got 1 star in both cases. Now why didn’t this idiot tell me that with his first message and 1 star me twice?

    It’s just an example of the many idiots you’ll encounter her. One time (out of the dozens) a user (macostello) rejected my articles, saying I didn’t follow her “standards”. She rejected my work based on instructions she never provided in the first place. Where does this get me? Losing money, wasting time and brain cells.

    I am mentioning this as I think my blocked account is due to the language I used against the last client who 1 starred me twice. It’s utterly unacceptable to reject like that. You’re practically treated like a slave, even worse and if you raise your head to say something about it, you’re at fault. I don’t want to say my account was blocked by someone and condemn the staff, yet I am suspicious of this.

    But on the other hand, no human, I repeat, NO HUMAN can resist being treated this way. It’s the worst kind of bitch-slap you’ll ever get, because you can’t do anything about such requesters. Thus, your work is in vain and you just have the hope you’ll be able to use it in the future, but i still have dozens of rejected articles I couldn’t use for several months. I’ll get back to post here as soon as I find out if it was due to human intervention that my account got blocked.

    1. I have had similar experiences. Requesters do not give detailed instructions and reject articles on flimsy grounds. I have written 18–9 accepted 9 rejected and have decided to give up on iwriter. When I did not receive payment through the automated process I wrote and Brad Callen was nice enough to respond promptly and make manual payment. That is the nicest part of iwriter: Brad Callen. As for of requesters I think quite a lot of them simply use the articles but reject it so they don’t have to make payment–a smart way of getting articles. Example: A requester rejected my article. I posted it on an article site where it was accepted and published.

  62. I was with iwriter for about a month. I had to major problems with them. one was writers stealing articles from other websites and selling them to me. they said they use copy scape, but it doesn’t seem so.

    the other one was writers buying articles from other writers and selling them to me without paying the other writer.

    I was contacted by one of these writers and told that unless she was paid what was owed to her she was going to give it to other sites.

    These to major problems caused me to cancel my account.

  63. @ Gail – I can’t believe they would ban you, that is over the top. Have you heard anything more about having your account reinstated? What about signing up with a different email and name?

    Another thing people should know is that when you leave a review for a requester, they can’t read that. How do I know? I have requested a few articles myself to figure out the process, and have no way of viewing my rating. As a writer, you can easily view your ratings and comments.

  64. I’ve just signed up with iWriter, but haven’t done any assignments with them yet. I was dismayed to see the rejection rates associated with some clients. That doesn’t bode well, as far as I’m concerned. Nor do some of the things people are saying here.

  65. Writers work on iwriter with caution. I have experienced quite a few instances and have seen feedbacks from writers. The main complaints are:
    requesters do not give detailed and precise instructions on what they want.
    this becomes a basis for rejection of articles
    unscrupulous requesters can simply take the article after reviewing it, reject it, yet use it and not pay for it.
    Iwriter is loaded heavily in favour of requesters and does not have any protection or safeguards for writers.
    Articles are rejected outright and requesters never give an opportunity to writers to carry out mods or corrections.
    Writers beware of iwriter.

  66. I used iwriter a few times. Giving them the benefit of the doubt. I found the articles to be broken english and very spun. I rejected them several times before just accepting them knowing they were not going to get any better. Buyer beware. You can not get your money back once you fund your account.

  67. I wanna thank everyone who shared their good and not so good experiences with iWriter. In my case as a requester there were also some WTF articles but this is typically from writers who don’t have ratings yet (or have a 1 star rating). Sometimes I get an article MINUTES after I placed an order and it’s usually spun crap or some jibberish. My main usage for iWriter is for my backlink articles so the quality doesn’t have to be top notch. But whenever I get some very good articles from high star writers I usually publish it as blog content. Another thing I do is copy and paste some sentences and then I Google it (put them in double quotes) to check if it’s really unique.

    It’s nice to receive articles within 24 hours but I don’t really have any deadlines. If I don’t like the articles, I simply reject it and wait for a good one. Luckily there are more good writers.

  68. @Mickey
    No, I have not tried to use another email or name as I felt that would be dishonest. However, I may give it a shot later on and let everyone know how I made out. Pay Pal information would need to change and that could be the sticking point right there since I need to use my real name on that.

    @Living Quarters – we can only presume your account is no longer banned? Did that ticket work and, if so, how long did the lift of the ban take for you? I might try that route first. Thanks.

  69. It is interesting to note that my reply is tomorrow at 12:49 a.m. which is either China, Brunei or the Phillipines. I live on Vancouver Island in Canada. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Where does Brad Callen run his business from? Or does anyone really care, is the other question? Just curious. Thx.

  70. @Gail. Hi there, didn’t want to write about it as it was an extremely nasty situation. My account was banned because I cussed clients who rejected my articles because of their own retarded brains and ONLY because they can. I had SO many articles rejected on idiotic reasons I could make 10 websites with them. My account was banned without being informed why or being given the chance to even defend myself. Believe me, how things went was FAR (think the Andromeda galaxy) from being professional. iWriter in its essence, is an interesting website with great ideas. But there are too many bugs and for instance… I got my article rejected by a client because according to iWriter’s KW density tool, I had over 4% KW density, when it fact it was approximately 1,9%. I lost my money because of that. Admins also didn’t care. Not even mentioning that my main PayPal address was blocked because of some sort of imaginary abuse :|. Not even admins know why :|. There are too many things to say about iWriter, but I don’t want to get my account blocked for talking what I should shush about.

  71. Oh, and the lifting of the ban took maybe 4-5 days. Just insist and you’ll solve your problem. Get your ticket to “Critical” btw for a next day answer.

  72. I have been writing for iwriter.com for the past few months. But today, when i tried to log in, i received a message stating:
    Error: Your account has been blocked due to
    low writer rating. (4.1)

    I am a premium writer and have got many 5, 4 start ratings. Also i had few special requests too. But i cant understand why i have got this message.

    It was a great way for me to generate some extra cash. I have earned more than $150 yet. But now i cannot log in and really disappointed.

  73. I have got my account back..:) very happy. the reason for blocking is that I took a long time to write one article which is against the TOS of iwriter.. The support staff warned me and unblocked by account after my request..:)

  74. I’m an Elite Writer on iwriter. I wrote an article last night and this morning when I tried logging onto the website I get a message “your country is currently not compatible with iwriter.”
    Wonder what is happening! I’m from India…is it possible that iwriter has blocked all writers from the sub continent? Honest writers like me who have built a reputation as good writers are going to be affected by this unjust move.
    Anyone else facing a similar issue?

  75. Hi!
    I am unable to log onto my account since yesterday. I get an error message that says my account is blocked due to low rating of 4.6. I sent a “critical” mail to the support team yesterday. Haven’t got a reply yet. Wondering if I am banned for life on iwriter! Did not know a rating of 4.6 would get me banned!
    Where can I contact Brad?

  76. As an interesting side note, the list of the most prolific writers, has only one person who is also listed on the top rated writers. In other words, those who put out the largest amount of work are also those who are ranked in the lower ratings. Chances are very good that you’re going to get writing from those who write the most, but who are ranked lower for poor content.

  77. why is iwriter banning someone for low rating even though the articles you have written are approved also where is the cash that you have work for taken …Is iwriter a scam please help me.

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