iPAS2 Scam Reviews – Is Chris Jones’ System Legit?

Name: iPas2 (Internet Prospect Acceleration System)
Website: ipasdiscount.com, ipasmillionaire.com, ipasshortcut.com
Price: $47 – $5,000
Owner: Chris Jones & Chris Campbell
Verdict: SCAM

Seriously?! I Got a Double Whammy

I discovered iPas2 completely by accident. I was looking for a review of Automated Cash Signals and I saw someone on the Warrior Forum that wrote a review about it. Now this guy has a link to his no.1 recommendation and here’s a screenshot.


Naturally I clicked on the link hoping that what he recommended was really going to be helpful. But to my disappointment it was another super hyped up system and that was iPas2.

When I clicked on that link for the first time, I was redirected straight to the iPAS2 website. Now the link will lead you to his webpage where he now tells you a story of how he’s earning thousands of dollars per month. Now I’m not saying that he’s making it all up but we don’t really know for sure, right? He will then now ask for your name and email address so he can warm you up even more when you’re inside his list. Here’s how it looks:


You really have to be careful when looking for information about them because I’ve seen a lot of their affiliates sprouting up on the internet and they’re all pushing you to join. Some would even use some elaborate charts and terminologies for explaining so their system sounds revolutionary.

Obviously I am not an affiliate for iPas or for any program that’s similar to it.

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for over 6 years now. I’ve been through the trenches and that’s why I want to help you into making the best possible decision when it comes to starting online.

So, are you ready? Let’s begin…

What iPAS2 Is Really All About

Basically, iPas2 is a platform for selling products that you’ll find inside the Empower Network. That’s it.

Let’s Talk About How They Operate

Here’s the lowdown if you intend to get into this so-called opportunity…

iPas2 is just the same as My Online Business Empire (MOBE) and Empower Network. They are all just following the same principle which is selling overpriced get rich quick materials to unsuspecting people who have no idea how internet marketing really works.

The way they do it over at Empower Network (EN) is that they provide you with a blogging platform for $20/month. Then the only thing that you will do is to sell more overpriced training materials that anyone can get for free online. And the mission is to pressure people into paying thousands of dollars (up to $5,000 to be exact) for the materials.

How do you do this? Well, you do this by posting fake checks over on social media, make a video that promises to show how it works then ultimately just force them to sign up through your affiliate link, writing unicorn stories on blogs, etc.

Many of the people will get a refund because they will eventually realize the quality of the materials they bought. You might think that nobody would shell out that amount of money but you’d be surprised at how many are being victimized every single day.

Close to 100% of the people paid over $15,000 and never earned $1,000 back. Now don’t be surprised if your family and friends don’t talk to you anymore because your reputation is definitely tarnished. This also kills all of your plans of ever building a profitable online business.

Like I’ve said, most people will never get their investment back. If you like to play with the odds then go for it.

Be Careful When You Research iPAS2

If you do your own research about iPas2, you’re not really going to find any solid information about them. You will probably see a video of their affiliates that will promise you a tour of their system. You will probably see references to established media to make it look more legit. But in reality it’s only a sales video that will entice you to join the system through their affiliate link. Here’s one of them so be careful.


Tripwire? Oooohhh… Really Fancy Guys

Another pitch that iPas2 makes is that they have discovered a sales process that will maximize profits. The process will involve something they call a “tripwire”. Basically the tripwire is a cheaper offer that you put in front of your main offer. They found out that if someone bought the tripwire offer, they’re 10 times more likely to buy the main product. Take a second look again at the screenshot above and you’ll see a perfect example of how the tripwire works.

First of all this so-called discovery is nothing new because this strategy has been around for ages and being used in many different sales processes today and in many varied angles. Plus, when you hear them talk about this tripwire concept, you get a sense that they just want to milk out every dollar from their customers. It’s really an uneasy feeling and if you want to be part of that, be my guest.

If you read some horror stories from existing iPas buyers, you’ll definitely see this tripwire concept at work. If you paid for the initial offer with your credit card, I suggest you check your account in a few days because you might get an unexpected bill from them. For me saying that this is deceptive and sleazy is just a huge understatement.

But Everyone’s Making Money Right?

Can you make money using iPAS2? The short answer is yes. But in reality almost all of the people who joined will fail miserably. On the other side, the continuing affiliates will keep on saying that this is the most amazing money making system invented. I have no idea how they get to sleep at night but essentially they need to convince you to buy the materials because they need to get their investments back.

$47? Yeah Right!

You start out with the seven day trial for $7. After your trial, it’s going to be $47 per month. Now the $47 is just a fee to get you inside their program where you are then asked to buy their upsells that sums up to over $5,000.

The Kicker Is In Their Refund

You have to pay close attention to this because this is one of their clever deceptions. iPas2 has a 30-day refund policy. That’s good  right? Well not really because the Empower Network only has a 14-day refund policy. The problem here is you’re not going to get any refunds for the EN products that you’ve bought after 30 days. The only refund that you’re going to get is the cheaper products you’ve purchased in iPas2.

My Final Thoughts

Hopefully I’ve been able to help you with your decision when it comes to iPAS2. Their job is to make promises of earning thousands of dollars in a short amount of time and a lot of people are actually falling for it.

There are better ways of starting your business online and you can actually get started in a few minutes starting from now. Click here for more information

What Do You Think?

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7 thoughts on “iPAS2 Scam Reviews – Is Chris Jones’ System Legit?

  1. All WSO propositions I ever got from the warrior forum have turned out to be scams.

    Furthermore, Freelancer – the recent new owner of the warrior forum – itself is a scam run by assholes. They’ve set up the sales conditions in such a way that once registered, you cannot get rid of them anymore. You end your registration, but they still charge you 97$ annually in such a way that Paypal cannot refund you !!


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