I’m Consistently Averaging $32 a Day With Affiliate Marketing

Now before I share my Wealthy Affiliate success story, I would like to say that this is going to be the first and last time that I’ll be showing my current online earnings. Like I’ve said in my previous posts, I’m not comfortable with showing any of this for so many different reasons.

This is only my earnings from Clickbank and right now I’m adding streams of income from Amazon and from some private affiliate programs. I’m writing this post because I’ve reached a goal that I’ve been working on since I started on July 2009.

And that goal is to eliminate the zero dollar days in my CB sales account. There’s even a couple of close calls on Nov. 29 and Dec. 08. hahaha. Here’s a screenshot:

I Love Passive Income!

The wonderful thing about my income is that I don’t need to actively work on it. Don’t get me wrong because there’s going to be work involved at the start. But once I set up a website and got it ranking in the search engines then I just leave it and start another.

Rinse and repeat until I reach my next target income goal. This is definitely a million and trillion times better than slaving for someone else and all the other “perks” included with having a day job. Plus Internet marketing is something that I WANT to do and not something that I HAVE to do. Remember what I’ve always been saying… if you can earn a single dollar online then you have the power to write your own paycheck.

Freedom or Security?

One of the reasons why people stick to their day jobs is because of the security pleasure it creates. When I had my day job, I was also thinking this way but the thought of not having the freedom and pursuing my passion is definitely much more painful. Thank goodness right now, it’s just an amazing feeling to have total control of your time and doing whatever it is that you want. I feel like Neo that’s been unplugged from the Matrix! hahaha!

Thank You So Much Wealthy Affiliate!

I want to take this opportunity to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Kyle & Carson and the rest of the Wealthy Affiliate community. If it wasn’t for WA, I would still be imprisoned and not being able to pursue my dreams of becoming a professional drummer.

How about you… do you have any dreams that you want to pursue? Just take action and go get it!

36 thoughts on “I’m Consistently Averaging $32 a Day With Affiliate Marketing

  1. Hi, my name is Steve and I’m a newby who has been plugging away at this and still feel like i am doing everything wrong. I really want to succeed at this, I am unemployed and desparate with no money. So if you are trying to make money off of me, Good luck!, But if you you are really trying to help, I am your humble servant who will do anything to learn. Please tell me you are for real because I am desparate.

    PS- I want to be that next success story. 30-40 dollars a day would be an awesome start.

  2. congratulations to your non-zero day goal. I guess the $1.74 commission probably from some refunds? Maybe?

    Anyway, it’s really good to hear this news and I like your saying : “if you can earn a single dollar online then you have the power to write your own paycheck.”

    My goal is $100/day from Clickbank, and you did make some and I believe you will eventually reach your bigger goals. Just out of curiosity and as my own reference. Is it possible for you to share how many niche sites you built so that you are able to reach this result? Much appreciated!


  3. @Steve: Thanks for your comments. If you’re unemployed and desperate for money then don’t dive into IM for quickly replacing your income. You don’t need that kind of pressure when trying to learn this stuff. If you follow my emails and keep working at it then you’re going to see some positive results.

    @John: Thanks for dropping by and I also believe that you’ll reach your $100/day milestone and more! I’ve built many websites but I think there are only less than 10 campaigns that are profitable. Like I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, I’m taking a break from promoting CB products and moving towards physical products. Right now I have 8 physical product sites and still haven’t earned my first sale. Oh boy! Do I love failures! hahaha! More power to your online business John!

  4. Dear Raymond,
    I have written before but think i went off on one HaHaHa, so I am sorry for that .
    anyway I would to thank you for your emails and posts like steve I am a newbie and eager to learn and make my first little bit of Profit although I think i would like to go down the Passive route first.
    like steve I think and that you arev a genuine Guy who wants to help newbies like me and Steve. although I think my goal at the moment would be just $10.00 a day.
    I have started a blogg on blogger purely for the purpurse of giving me some self belief and self motivation, although I think it’s going to well HaHaHa!!!.
    I have left the address up above.. have a look and laugh!!!
    Please Please keep up the good work you are doing..
    Your Loyal follower and humble servant


  5. Hi Paul,

    $10 a day is a very good achievable goal. If I were to do that I would start by promoting physical products in Amazon and using only free websites like Blogger.com (landing page) and Ezinearticles.com (for articles pointing to your landing page). There’s just too much competition for Clickbank products and plenty of room for physical goods. For starters, choose a product that costs between $50 and $100 and has good reviews. The commission is not the high compared to info products but your earnings can easily stack up.

  6. You’re an inspiration to all those who are just getting started with affiliate marketing (like me). I took the plunge mid of this year and now I’m starting to build my own little online empire in the comfort of my own home. I’m not yet there (like you) but I’m getting there.

    Nice analogy about being Neo. As for me I got tired of office politics and seeing incompetent people being promoted. 🙂 That led me to learn about IM. Be my own boss, so to speak.

  7. Hi Raymond,
    My name is Darren firstly i want to say congratulations on your road to success. I’m a newby who has been plugging away at this for weeks n weeks, what i mean by that iv been researching, researching, researching to find the company that will provide me not only the tools but intensive support. As you have mentioned before about being scammed the worse thing about all the companies they all say the same thing. i really need your help i think i have narrowed it down to 2 companies first one, TheIMAdvantage.com have you heard of them? other you know affiliate uni. there is so many competitors its head frying..
    i appreciate your help.

  8. If you’ve never done any affiliate marketing before then I suggest you start out by downloading my free guide. Then follow my emails because you will learn the basics of how this whole business works. I haven’t heard of IMadvantage so I can’t really comment on their program. What I do recommend is that you check out my Wealthy Affiliate review by clicking any of the links in this post. Thanks

  9. Hi Raymond,

    Thanks for inspiring us, due to your review I singed up with the power3marketing. I think local seo services are the future.

    I got a question (as always lol). This one is about keywords.

    Do you always need to have the product (in some shape or form) as your keyword, or can it be just a general term? For eg.
    let’s say I want to make money in the weight loss niche and I wanna promote the clickbank product: Mike Geary’s ‘Truth About Six Pack Abs’.

    1. Do I gotta pick a keyword that is something like ‘truth about six pack abs review’?(with the product name in it)

    2. Or is a more general keyword also good, like: ‘how to get a six pack ab’ (with keywords that are more general).

    Are the keywords, that you picked to promote clickbank products, with the product name in it(eg.1) or more general(eg.2)… or both?

    I hope you can help me,

    Cheers mate!

  10. Good question Keith!

    Actually you have to target all kinds of keywords that will bring any level of conversion. Targeting product name keywords is really good because it’s a high converting keyword. Anyone who is searching for information about a certain product is ready to buy. Targeting more general keywords is also beneficial but you might have to do a little more convincing before they take action. And most of the time, people don’t buy on their first visit.

    Hope this helps.

  11. Hi Raymond,

    I find your insights interesting because they are borne out of the Pinoy psyche. I’m not yet into IM, but thus far, I have an inkling for physical products because its market is comparatively larger. But your advise to start with Clickbank must be good as it is same tune those super affiliates are talking about.

  12. Hi Romeo,

    Clickbank is good mainly because of the high commissions but I believe I would start out with physical products if I were a beginner again. If you can mix it up with information and physical products then that would be good as well. Important thing to remember is to stay focus and not get distracted by the shiny objects.

  13. Hi Raymond,

    I have been researching affiliate marketing for nearly two months now and have learnt quite a lot, but my head is bursting with knowledge and information. I have looked at SBI, Mark Lings Affilojetpack and WA and all seem excellent products, but SBI say using WordPress will never build a real successful e-business as WordPress is blogging software and they quite naturally are trying to sell SBI, It seems to me that you have to have an interest or something to write about with SBI in order to use their product whereas Mark LIng seems to offer the whole solution and is even offering to give you a choice of 11 niches which he has hand picked. I am itching to get started and like any newbie cant think of a niche or content that I could actually write articles for, naturally I have also considered WA what advice would you give to someone like me and many others when faced with such a wide selection of brilliant affiliate products like these. I am a great believer in the 5 P’s Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance and if you Fail to Prepare then Prepare to Fail I value your honest opinion and look forward to your reply


  14. Hi Chris,

    I have no experience with the other products that you’ve mentioned so I can only speak for WA. I know the importance of preparation but it’s not really going to help if you just prepare and take no action. Don’t be afraid to commit mistakes and experience failures because you’re going to encounter them and it’s your reaction that will determine your success. Just pull the trigger… Ready… fire… aim!

  15. Hi everyone,

    Recently I bought CWS through Raymonds review-site and I changed some emails with him. First thing I noticed was the fact that he is really a reliable salesman. And as you know, there are few of them!
    One thing is for sure: Ray is a musician (drummer) and I, as a bass-player, have experienced many times that musicians mostly write and speak from their heart!

    After 25 years (!) success with my jazz-combo http://www.Littlelady.nl (the lovely singer happens to be my wife 😉 I stopped with that activity, to change my view towards IM. BTW, when you google Little Lady, there are 128.000.000 hits (..) en you’ll find our combo #1.!
    If I could reach that with some of my affiliate-websites…

    So, again, my feeling is that you can trust Raymond and follow his advice. He is, so to say, just one of the ‘Good Guys’!

    BTW: may be it’s because I’m only a dumb guy from Holland, but in my humble opinion the right order should be:

    AIM – READY? – FIRE!! (and then repeat that…)

    (because else there’s a good chance to shoot in thin air – or in your own foot!)


    to your success,
    Leo S.

  16. Thanks for the kind words Leo and I love the sound of your band. I’m really a rocker but I’ve had jazz gigs where I only played some brushes and my sound was nowhere near your drummer. hahaha.

    Yeah, I guess we can change the order as long as you take action as fast as possible and don’t worry about mistakes and failing.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion and let me know if I can help you with your affiliate marketing and CWS campaigns.

  17. I agree with Leo Raymond, your advice is always first class and does sound as if it comes from the heart, Im still stuck on choosing a domain name, as CWS says your product should mirror your domain name, so if I was selling drums (thought I would chose that as I know your interested in drums lol ) then my website would need to have the word drum in it. How important for Search Engine Optimisation is it that your website name should mirror your product, as this does limit the use of your website doesnt it.? If I called it something like ckgreatproducts.com would this result in lower page ranking but enable me to choose a wider variety of products


  18. Hi Chris,

    The domain name isn’t really the deciding factor when it comes to ranking. For eg. you can find my blog in the top results when you search for “internet marketing business”. Most of the time the ranking of your web page will depend on off-page factors (backlinks). Although I would still prefer to go after keyword rich domains because they move up the rankings really quickly. Again, you can either go for keyword rich domains or one with a unique branding.

  19. I also didn’t understand backlinks at first. Basically it’s just a link pointing back to your webpage. A backlink is kinda like a vote and it helps Google determine the popularity of a webpage. You can get backlinks from articles, Web 2.0 sites, social bookmark links, blog commenting, forum posting, press releases, etc.

  20. I’ve had conversations with Raymond. I think he is a very reliable internet marketer.
    I honestly like these persons. Not just money. My ultimate goal is to join WA, but i wait until i am strong enough. I am working with all Raymond’s emails, until my links are good ranks. Then, that is the time to join. Thanks a lot Raymond, and Cara from WA.

  21. Hello Raymond and fellow AM’s (and hopeful AM’s)

    I am, like many others here, looking to get started but am really undecided as to where to begin.

    For example, I am which step to take first. I have no idea of how to create my own website. I am also looking to become an AM without having to invest any of my own money (because I have none). Could anyone recommend a good service where I can create my own website? Or learn how to? And where can I get free domain hosting?

    I would like to thank you for all the support I have received so far Raymond. Your constant emails are very insightful, as was the free guide, and the fact that your personality comes out in your writing style (and the fact that you aren’t asking for any money) makes me believe I can really trust your advice.

    If anyone else is willing to give me any advice about how they got started, besides Raymond of course, I would love to hear from you.

  22. @ Matt S

    Hi Matt,

    I understand that you really don’t know where to start.
    There is a jungle of opportunities – so watch your steps (for snakes! 😉

    If you are willing to spend a few tens of dollars (you can’t without) then I recommend you this: topincomecreator.com.

    First of all, you can get PERSONAL support. Next, you get LOTS of good stuff (yes, also a completely hosted website!) and it’s only up to YOU how many effort you put into it.

    I’d say: before anything, get the FREE e-book (in the middle of the site) and enjoy reading – as I did.

    I hope this will help you on your way!

    Leo S.

    1. Hi Raymond,

      My name is Byron and I am new to internet marketing but have followed it for a while now. I must say every thing you are saying to people so far is true about taking your time and being consistent with internet marketing. I have the 4 day money making blueprint course and it is a good course and at one time I was also with wealthy affiliates. That was a good program too. All I can say to most of the people who will be looking at these comments is to stay consistent and follow one program until you master it and fully understand the strategy and how it will work for you and what ever product your trying to promote. Article marketing is a good free marketing strategy it will take work to do. So stay encouraged and follow people like Raymond who tells you like it is. If you don’t want to work at keep a day job.

  23. It’s always good to hear some success stories.

    When it comes to affiliate marketing I think the one tip I would give to anyone above everything else is to do your keyword research !!!

    If you get this wrong then you could work 24/7 for years and still never rank for your chosen keyword.

    If you get it right then you should rank very easily.

  24. Hey Raymond,

    Glad to hear that someone like you are doing well and growing your IM business. Like Steve and Paul above I’ve just sign up as an affiliate with Click Bank to become an IM marketer. And like steve I’m out of a job and would simple like to see $50-$100/day whether digital or physical products it doesn’t matter. I believe that IM marketing work..Why? There enough people who are making a good living being their own boss and I’d like to prove to my family that this works and can do it WITH THE RIGHT HELP! I’m encourage by the advise that you gave Steve and Paul, and I believe you can help because you know where the little guy is coming from. I don’t have a website or anything of that nature yet so anything of free site and/or advertising will be of help also. I like what you said about Amazon. Please send me this info and any other that will make my a reality.Thanks,gloria Al Senor.

    God Bless,

  25. Hey Raymond,

    Just to let you know I received the free download. You’re a man of your word and I wanted anyone that reads this to know. I look forwrd to hearing from you.


  26. Hey Raymond,

    I am a Pinoy blogger just like you. I would just like to ask if you tried using Adsense for your websites? I am an affiliate site for weight loss but so far, I only got 1 sale. All of my other blogs are Adsense monetized but my earnings are below $5 a day. Are you using email newsletters to your campaigns or just SEO?

    It is good to hear a fellow Filipino to excel in this type of business. Keep it up!

    1. Hi Noah,

      I do not use Adsense for my websites and that’s why you wouldn’t see any ads here in my blog. Based from what I’ve read, the key to Adsense is to target keywords that have a high earnings per click ($1 or above). My main traffic method is SEO. Thanks for your comment.

      1. thanks for the quick reply. I visited the wealthy affiliate site and its expensive for me. Maybe someday once I reach more than $10 a day, I can give it a shot.

        by the way, we are both competing of the same keyword which is “online business”. this site of yours rank higher though, lol….

        you have a wonderful blog, keep it up.

  27. Hi Raymond,

    Just want to ask, from your Amazon projects, do you create multiple websites (domain name) or just a few domain name with a lot of category within the same website?

    Appreciate your help.


    1. Lately I’m focusing more on websites that can review a different number of products. I want to avoid building new websites because it’s actually a ton of work in promoting them and it can be overwhelming.

  28. Hi Raymond!

    I am also a newbie. Your story is inspiring. After reading your articles my hopes is rising again. I hope this time I would really earn online. I am now following your advise. I am looking forward for your next mails!

    more success,

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