Google Sniper 2 Review

I’ve heard some good things about the original version of George Brown’s Google Sniper in the past but I wasn’t motivated enough to check out his course. Basically all I knew was that our methods were basically the same where it involves registering an exact match keyword rich domain name and building links to get it on top of SERPS.

I Thought My Process Was Good Enough!

I already have a working system and I thought that my keyword research process was solid but I was totally mistaken. It wasn’t until I subscribed to the pre launch sequence of Google Sniper 2 that I was intrigued and decided to check out what’s inside the 2nd version. I love it when I go wrong! hahaha

But It Sounded Too Good to Be True!

One main issue that made me skeptical about Google Sniper 2 was that George is claiming that you don’t have to do any further work when it comes to ranking your websites. I searched for some Google Sniper discussions inside Wealthy Affiliate and I found a few threads about it. I wasn’t alone because some of the WA members also think that George Brown’s course is just too good to be true.

But another respected and long time WA member chimed in and said that easy rankings is totally possible IF you choose the golden keywords (good monthly searches with little to no competition). After reading that, I knew that I can do a lot better job when it comes to researching those golden keywords. That response helped me in making the decision to get a hold of Google Sniper 2.

That’s basically the summary of what happened before I decided to buy George Brown’s course and let’s continue reading my Google Sniper 2 review below.

Google Sniper 2 Review

Module 1: How to Pick a Winning Product (33 min) – I know this video is going to be boring but I’m glad I watched it. George actually taught me some time saving tips on how to use CBEngine for finding Clickbank products. It’s just amazing that I’m still learning some new tips here and there that will make my techniques more refined.

Module 2: Keyword Research Sniper Style (35 min) – This is the first video that I watched because I was really intrigued by George’s keyword research method. It all starts with the right keywords when you’re claiming that you can get top Google rankings without any linkbuilding. The key tip that I got was he’s using phrase match. After George finds a keyword, he puts the term through a sniff test (he prefers to have a result of 17K or less in quotes) and gives you some awesome pointers on how to analyze the real competition by checking out the web pages that are ranking at the top 10 when you search the keyword without using quotes.

After watching this module, I knew that I was on the right track as my keyword research process is closely similar to George’s.

Now you have to understand that there are actually keywords that you can rank for without doing an extensive linkbuilding campaign. But when you’re just getting started, most of the time you have to get some experience under your belt before you can really get comfortable with choosing the winning keywords.

The bottom line is that there will still be some linkbuilding as it’s a basic essential when it comes to ranking and getting traffic. The good news is that you don’t have to do any intricate and extensive linkbuilding to get top rankings because of the low competition. Good amount of searches + low competition = Golden Keywords!

Module 3: Creating Your Site’s Foundations (13 min) – I like to install WordPress manually but George will show a simpler way to install using your hosting. After that, he’ll show you how to install necessary plugins such as All In One SEO and Google XML Sitemap. Again this video was boring but beginners will definitely see how easy it is to setup a sniper site.

Module 4: Increasing Conversions by PreSelling (16 min) – One of the main cons of the original Google Sniper course is that George encourages you to come up with a character and falsely claiming that you’ve found success even though you didn’t. Now in this 2nd version, George had a change in conscience and is now teaching how to improve conversions in an ethical fashion which also coincides with the FTC policies. By the way, the video only contains the introduction and the meat is in the manual.

Module 5: How to Cloak Affiliate Links (8 min) – In this video, George will walk you through on how to make your ugly affiliate links more pleasing to the eye of your visitors. This is geared more for complete beginners as everyone will have their own way of cloaking their links. I use the same system for cloaking and I have to say that simplicity always rocks.

Module 6: Creating Your Sniper Site’s Content (16 min) – In this video, George is just going to show you how to write your first post, about me page and how to add your sidebar bio. I know he’s trying to reach out to beginners but I feel that he could have shared a more useful video like showing how to write a pre sell page that will convert or showing where to put affiliate links for higher click through rate, etc. I felt that this video was a bit long winded (16 min) for just showing some basic publishing.

Module 7: The Ranking Process (15 min) – This video is all about getting those initial links so that your sniper site can get indexed and ranking quickly. I don’t use the linkbuilding techniques that George shared in this video because I already have a system for ranking my webpages using articles. But I know that his linking techniques work especially for the kind of keywords that you’re supposed to target.

What’s New In Google Sniper 2?

My favorite improvement is the preselling module because the first version was a bit of a turn off as George encouraged fabricating some false success stories. I have to admit that at one point, I’ve written some false claims about a product. I was getting a lot of sales but eventually I took the site down because something inside me didn’t really feel good about it.

There’s a section called “Further Training” which contains 8 videos that will discuss topics such as backlinks, conversions, social media, CPA and so much more. I haven’t watched all the videos yet but there’s a 46-minute video where a full-time sniper (Alex) shares some awesome tips on getting strong links for boosting your rankings.

Another addition is the Empire Module which will teach you how to move away from the tedious and non profitable activities. This module contains 5 parts and George will walk you through on how to outsource your sniper sites from start to finish. I outsource some of my article writing and this module will definitely help me when the time comes to really ramp it up.

Google Sniper 2 Review – My Verdict

I wasn’t able to check out the first version but all I can say is that I’m really glad I have Google Sniper 2 in my arsenal. Honestly, I bought the course just because I wanted to see how George does his keyword research. But after watching all the core videos, I still learned a ton of awesome tips especially in the preselling and increasing conversions video.

Google Sniper 2 helped me to further refine my keyword research process and after 19 months of doing IM, this is actually the first time that I’ve felt really confident with my keyword research techniques.

In fact, I already have a couple of campaigns that are currently active and they’re based from the techniques discussed in Google Sniper 2.

Site 1 – 6K monthly searches, 21K quoted competition, small sites in first page (unquoted) – productname-reviews.ORG (I actually ranked this in first page #10 in less than a week)
Site 2 – 5K monthly searches, 5K quoted competition (are you kidding me! hahaha), some competition in first page (unquoted) – physicalproductnamecomplaints.COM (the moment this site gets indexed, it will shoot to the top! I hope)

Google Sniper 2 will benefit those who are just getting started with affiliate marketing as well as those intermediate marketers. If you think that the golden keywords are already taken then watch how George chooses a keyword in the ‘weight loss’ market. If you’re getting a good amount of traffic but poor conversions then you need George Brown’s preselling techniques. I believe these 2 techniques alone is well worth the cost of Google Sniper 2.

If you’re into building targeted niche websites and want them to rank easily in SERPS then I totally recommend that you check out George Brown’s Google Sniper 2.

11 thoughts on “Google Sniper 2 Review

  1. Google Sniper 2 is just like his old one, he just added some few details about it and some video.

    His new Sniper is also ok but not really impressive. But if you’re new to affiliate then it will help you a lot.

  2. Hey Raymond thanks for the write up. I bought the google sniper 2 course about a week ago. I am not a noobie, but I am not seasoned. I did learn alot from George. Honestly I learned more from the first few videos in the course then I have learned in the past 5 years. Yes it was worth it. I actually found your site doing some of the research he taught.. To your Success

  3. Hey Raymond,
    and all of Raymond’s readers.

    I bought Google Sniper 2 a few days back and from some of the comments he makes in the manual, it seems that before, he used to say to make up a character. Meaning, make it look like a person that might fit the market, owns the sniper site. And I’m assuming he used to take a picture from somewhere and make up a name.

    Anyway, any feedback would be appreciated. Just got a little confused about it.

    P.S. It’s kind of hard to find some good keywords :p, anyway, I still have some reading to do before I get to making websites.

  4. Good Morning Raymond,
    well it is here in the UK.
    I Have been Browsing through your Blog when I came across this review on Google Sniper2. I also Have this Training Program.
    and I’m in the process of creating my first Sniper Site.
    but I cant get my head around this cloaking thing. I have tried to watch the video but I cant seem to get my head around this silly little thing is there any chance you can guide me through this or is there another way of doing it.??
    please show me the Light oh wise and mighty one
    from your loyal decipale


    1. You can do it Paul! Just be stubborn about it and eventually you’ll get it. What I do is use a PHP redirection script. Don’t let that intimidate you because it’s actually really simple. Here’s a basic script that you can use:

      $hoplink = “http:// www.”;

      Please research online on how to write a basic PHP script as I had to remove some parts < ?php ?> in order output it well.

      Put that script in a notepad file and save it under the extension .php. For eg. if I want to redirect people to WA then I will have a filename that looks like this: wealthy-affiliate.php and my full link would be

      The ‘go’ is only a directory or a folder.

      Hope this helps you out Paul.

  5. Hi Raymond
    I bought google sniper 2 a short time ago and am stuck on link cloaking. I can’t seem to get it to redirect to the product page properly.

    I tried your alternative php redirect as above and still same problem.

    Dam, it seems so simple and I did everything perectly as explained in the manual and vid an yet it still isnt working??!

    Please help me out..


  6. good day, i have an unanswered question that no one has been able to solve. It says 47$ for the program, then you have to pay again next month. What is this all about? If it’s a downloadable program, it will be on my computer so why do i need to make additional monthly payments? Another thing, on George’s website, you see pictures of his product….books, cds, can it be delivered by mail, what is this all about? Please take the time to answer my questions before i make this purchase. Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Patrick,

      Google Sniper is only a one time purchase. The monthly recurring fee that you’re talking about is the Google Sniper X feature which you can get free in the first month. I got the free trial but I canceled and didn’t choose to pay a recurring monthly fee. You can implement Google Sniper without buying any upsells. I don’t have any idea about the other products getting delivered by mail. Hope I answered most of your questions.

  7. Ray, I live in costa rica and I cannot get clickbank and google sniper 2.0 to accept my debit master card, is there some offshore reason in regards to sportsbooks, or can you suggest another means of payment? Thanks

  8. Hey Raymond,

    I bought the Google Sniper 2.0 Course in July, but set up my Sniper Website in October (due to personal reasons). I have gone through many of the Tutorial Videos, & I have added Images, Keyword Tags, Posts, Product Links, etc & I am doing all I can to add Back links to my Website so that it will quickly rank faster to Google (1st page).
    But while I am seeing Folks reply to my Blogs, I am not seeing any
    sales. Is there another much simpler, & faster way to rank much faster
    without having to pay any extra?

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