Google Is Not Loving My Websites!

I’ve faced a few Google updates since I started back in July 2009 but their latest update has had some really direct impact with my online business.

It’s already been a few weeks (maybe even months) since my sites have dropped (I think plummeted is the more appropriate word. hahaha) from their first page rankings. I’ve already made some changes by adding some content and even building a few links but still there’s no signs of them getting back up. The good thing though is that they’re still indexed so I’m just giving it a little more time.

Although I’m not really surprised with Google giving the smack down on my websites because some of them are just thin affiliate sites (less than 5 posts). I’m just a tad bit irritated because the slapped sites are generating some income.

Obviously I’ve made some changes in how I build my affiliate sites right now and here are some tips:

Create quality content by satisfying Google and your visitors. Don’t get lazy in writing your articles and make sure that you provide unique and helpful content to your visitors. Try to write 5-10 articles (over 500 words each) in every affiliate site and put some transparency pages (about, contact, privacy policy and affiliate disclaimer). Then make sure that your basic SEO on-page elements are in place and you have some consistency in building backlinks.

Basically this is what I’m doing and if you have anything to add then please be my guest.

7 thoughts on “Google Is Not Loving My Websites!

  1. Hi Raymond,

    Could u reply to me via email. Am interested to buy your template, or to request for a customised template from u. Please get back to me via email.


    1. I’m not sure what templates you’re talking about. But if you mean the transparency pages, then there are many of them over the web. You can even use what I got here in my blog but make sure that you edit them to your situation obviously.

  2. Hello Raymond,

    I initially ignored this post thinking it’s just the normal google dance. But two of the sites I recently made didn’t get much google love either.

    One was on the first page of the SERPs when all of the sudden it got de-indexed (not the entire site but just the pages I made backlinks to) while the other one was never indexed despite my backlinking efforts. I used the same backlinking methods for both so I guess google somehow decided I used spammy links.

    Oh well, I guess it’s time to use other techniques..

    1. You have to make sure if it’s really de-indexed or it just got dropped out of the first top 10 pages. In my case, they weren’t de-indexed as they still appear in the SERPS when I search their exact URL.

  3. Hi Raymond, I just discovered your site recently, and I must say you have done a great job here with your simple and professional theme. My blog is new at 3 month old, and only monetize it with Adsense. I’m trying to implement affiliate links on it, and I know I will learn from your resources.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Vic. I saw your blog and I think you have some really nice content. Try affiliate marketing in your blog because I believe it’s really worth it.

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