Fast Attack SEO Review

Fast Attack SEOIn this Fast Attack SEO review, I’m going to share my honest thoughts with regards to this SEO guide. The truth is that I actually ignored this guide when I first saw it. The reason is because I’ve already bought a similar SEO guide worth $97 and it works really well and so I thought that I didn’t need Fast Attack SEO anymore.

I’m sure glad that someone from inside Wealthy Affiliate dropped the link to FAS again. This time I carefully reviewed the information that they’re offering and I was impressed by the raving reviews it got from the members of Warrior Forum. Fast Attack SEO is actually a WSO and I decided to pick up a copy to see if there was anything that could improve my SEO knowledge.

Plus, the special WSO price is too good to resist!

Fast Attack SEO Review

After reading the introduction which was about mindset, I knew that I’ve made the right decision. Too many people who get into Internet marketing don’t really have the proper mindset and most of the time they’re only looking for get rich quick schemes.

Even though I’ve been a full time affiliate marketer for almost 2 years, it’s always refreshing to read some personal development stuff as I find it inspiring and motivating. The way Craig Mako (creator of Fast Attack SEO) writes also makes the guide easy to read and more enjoyable.

Even though I only got FAS for a few days, I know that the SEO methods discussed inside will help me achieve top Google rankings. Why? It’s because back in November 2009, I also purchased a similar SEO guide which costs $97 and it worked (still works) tremendously well.

Fast Attack SEO teaches you the same principles but it goes in a more detailed level compared to the guide that I first bought. Plus, Craig will explain to you the reasons why the techniques will work very effectively. Personally I love seeing guides that doesn’t only provide you the “how” part.

After reading FAS, I couldn’t contain myself with the excitement that I was feeling. I was expecting to already know most of the things that I’ve been doing but instead, I learned a whole lot more on how I can improve my SEO methods and now my competition don’t know what will hit them. hahaha!

The top 2 things that I’ve learned from Fast Attack SEO are:

Determining a keyword’s competitiveness (page 24-25) – Through experience I’ve had significant success with determining a keyword’s competition by looking at the average Page Rank of the top 10 results and the number of backlinks. After reading pages 24-25 of FAS, I experienced one of those AHA moments.

Keyword selection and content posting schedule – They have their own system of choosing keywords and basically you start out with thousands then at the end, you’re going to end up with 18 keywords which will make up for the content of your site. Then Fast Attack SEO will show you how to schedule your articles to be posted which is weird because I just started scheduling with my mini sites.

I believe the section that I found most useful is where they list the linkbuilding services that they use. I was really surprised because I’m already using their favorite service and I just had to smile knowing that I’m in the right direction. They also had some recommendations for homepage backlink networks which I haven’t tried yet but looking forward to in the near future.

Who would benefit from Fast Attack SEO? This is beneficial for beginners and advanced SEO marketers and honestly, even if you’re not into SEO, you must get a copy!

This Fast Attack SEO review won’t be complete without some cons but I really couldn’t find anything. I guess having to pay for additional tools and linkbuilding services would be one but you can definitely start small or you can even use free stuff that Craig recommends inside the guide. Personally, I don’t view this as an expense but rather as an investment.

Fast Attack SEO Review – My Verdict

If you want to try and outrank my top rankings for the keyword “wealthy affiliate review” then you definitely need a copy of Fast Attack SEO. Now I assume that most of you don’t have any campaigns in the IM niche but imagine what it would be like to target less competitive terms using Fast Attack SEO. I hope that you’ve found my Fast Attack SEO review helpful and click the link below to take advantage of the special WSO price.

8 thoughts on “Fast Attack SEO Review

  1. Raymond , i checked the first part talking about the on page SEO, it is good but the blueprint to choose between 18 keywords is a little bit confusing and i do not have all these resources and programs that he uses to get those 18 keywords, i know i should invest in the beginning in some software (Keyword software), this book is awsome, thanks for sharing.

  2. very fair review – if I had not bought FAS this would have made me buy it. It did make me look again especially at page 25.

    I call that attitude “macho SEO” and those that have it have access to resources most of us don’t. I also think it’s a cop out – we all need a decent method to judge the competition precisely because it is a matter of timing.

    I need to know whether a niche is going to be a 3 month campaign to get good rankings or 6 months or even God forbid, even longer.

    Like most people I guess I use the comp panel in market samurai and have my own take on the info.

    I’d love to hear yours tho’



    1. The Google Dance is something that you have to deal with especially with new websites. The key here is to publish content and keep building backlinks in a consistent basis. Overall, just be patient because it can take 3-6 months before everything settles down.

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