Easy Paycheck Formula Review

This is the most brutally honest Easy Paycheck Formula review that you’re going to read so just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Also make sure that you check out my awesome Easy Paycheck Formula bonus at the end of this review.

My short history: I’ve started with affiliate marketing back in July 2009 after joining Wealthy Affiliate. Right now I’m enjoying a full time income online by promoting information products in Clickbank but I needed a different stream of income and that’s why I decided to promote physical products.

Why Physical Products?

Promoting information products are good mainly because of the high commissions but the downside is that the competition is very fierce. You can evade the competition but you have to do some serious digging before you can find a product that’s not saturated with other marketers. And when you do find that ideal product with an obscure niche, the next problem that you’re going to face is that the search volume isn’t going to be enough.

What I’m trying to say is that if I were to start learning how to make money online again, I would start with promoting physical products. There are just too many very good reasons why promoting physical products is perfect for you especially if you’re clueless about affiliate marketing.

Easy Paycheck Formula Review

Easy Paycheck Formula (formerly Article Income Blueprint) is created by Sara Young and it will teach you how to make money online by promoting physical products mainly in Amazon. You’ll also learn the solid basics of article marketing and how to use free websites for promoting the products online.

After going through the material I believe that EPF is going to be my number one recommended course for complete affiliate marketing beginners. It doesn’t get any simpler than this.

You’re going to get access to step-by-step video tutorials that will walk you from being clueless to starting a money making campaign in the fastest time possible which is really difficult to pull off with information products.

This is actually the second course that I’ve bought that teaches physical product promotion. Even though I’m good at promoting digital products, the fact remains that I’m still a clueless beginner when it comes to promoting physical stuff.

Easy Paycheck Formula taught me a lot of things and one of them is the simplicity of the overall process. Most of the time you can over complicate things when you’re trying to learn affiliate marketing. If you feel that you’re in dark tunnel then EPF will show you where the light is.

One major thing that will confuse you is knowing how to do proper keyword research. This is critical because choosing the wrong keywords will only yield frustrations for yourself. I already have my own system for keyword research but Sara will teach you a really good beginner’s strategy for choosing surefire keywords that will get you ranked quickly in search engines. And most important of all, your articles will get in front of people who are ready to buy.

There’s one little tip on how you could use Google Insights and this market research lesson really gave me a big A-HA moment. The first course that I bought taught me to choose random products in Amazon but the problem is that you can’t really tell for sure if you’re going to see some sales from promoting it. Now when you watch lesson no.4 inside EPF then you will have a very good idea if the time is just right for you to promote that product. I believe this was one of my biggest takeaways in my 17 months of affiliate marketing because it’s learning the small things why I love this business.

I also subscribed to the Easy Paycheck Formula on Steroids. It’s a monthly subscription service that will give you a set of product related keywords complete with search volume and competition analysis. There are also bonus videos inside the steroids where you can learn some really powerful tips on how to expand your physical product keywords. This is just an upsell and you’ll still benefit if you don’t get this service.

My Issue with Easy Paycheck Formula

This is not really a big deal but one minor issue that I have with this course is how Sara edited the videos. In some of the videos, you can really hear where the editing took place and sometimes you can really notice the audio quality between the edits.

Easy Paycheck Formula Review – My Verdict

Do I recommend Easy Paycheck Formula? My answer is a big resounding YES!

You should definitely get a copy of EPF especially if you’re a complete beginner. This is the kind of learning material that I would recommend to my family and friends if they want to learn affiliate marketing.

There are only a few courses that are truly perfect for a beginner and Easy Paycheck Formula is definitely on top of that list. The main reason why I’m saying this is because this focuses on physical products instead of promoting those saturated information products found on Clickbank.

Thanks a lot for dropping by and reading my Easy Paycheck Formula review. But my no.1 recommendation when it comes to learning how to make money online is Wealthy Affiliate.

I would love to hear your opinions so feel free to use the comment form below.

7 thoughts on “Easy Paycheck Formula Review

  1. This product is an good. I’m still waiting to profit from this program but i think it won’t be that long. My only issue with the program though is that I wished that there were more info about creating product articles, but other than that this is good program for beginning affiliate marketers.

  2. Hi Ray,

    First, I told you I’ve decided for WA and I just have to wait for my EON card. But after taking a look at EPF’s primer, I’m now facing a fork between doing digital or physical promotions. EPF is physical-product-driven, costs lower and fits my meager budget as a retired soldier. It says it is newbie-friendly. I think you too says the same. So I find it very enticing, and I believe in it. On the other hand, I cannot just throw away my belief in WA which you too proudly talks about. At WA, practically everything would be there though costlier. If I were to follow your experience of doing WA first and then plunge next into EPF, would you recommend that? Would the opposite be acceptable as well? Please enlighten.

  3. @Bob: Thanks for sharing your opinion and you’re right about not having too much info on how to write articles for physical products. What I do is look at the reviews of other consumers to get some ideas. That’s why it’s important for me that a product in Amazon has a lot of positive reviews (ave. of 3-5 stars). Then it’s just a matter of talking to your visitors based from the reviews.

    @Romeo: What I did was join WA first then I applied their teachings. When the sales got consistent, that’s the time when I invested in courses such as EPF to further my knowledge and learn different styles from different people.

    Sara Young is one of those people who knows what she’s talking about and she’s a really good teacher. That’s why I also highly recommend Easy Paycheck Formula. Whichever comes first (WA or EPF), I believe you’re going to make a good decision.

  4. I hope Ray doesn’t mind my jumping in here, I know him from WA…;)

    Bob, As I’m sure you’ve heard Ray say before, don’t worry too much about writing quality articles. The more you worry, it tends to prevent you from taking action. Just realize that the more you do it the better you’ll get…;)

    Romeo, both WA and EPF are really good, I’ve got both. But the nice thing about WA is you will get ongoing support from A LOT of top marketers, many with different strategies. So admittedly it’s a tough call, but you do get a lot of bang for your buck with WA as web hosting is included with their membership. I’ve been there where you don’t have a lot to spend and want to make sure you’re using what money you do have wisely. So I guess I have to agree with Ray and recommend joining WA first, get the hosting and learn how to build your own websites so that you have control over your own internet real estate, earn a couple of bucks and then purchase EPF….


  5. Hi Mary! Glad you could drop by. Thanks for all the articles you’ve written as they’re all superb quality. I wish your business would grow but I do hope that you still have some room for my orders. hahaha

  6. Hi Ray, I hear from you regularly and enjoy your information, however, I have subscribed to EasyPaycheckFormula and paid! and guess what, I cant log in and the promised support you get by the way of a reply to tell you why, is not forthcoming, so I am hoping you are not supporting a SCAM!!!! by reviewing the programme.

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