Consumer Wealth System 2.0 Review

November 21, 2011 review update – In this Consumer Wealth System 2.0 review, I’m going to discuss the changes and improvements that you can get from this updated 2011 version.

I’ve already written a review of the first version of Consumer Wealth System and it is one of the courses that I recommend especially to those who are getting started with affiliate marketing.

Now I got to check out what’s inside Consumer Wealth System 2.0 and to say that I’m impressed is a big understatement. Stick around and hopefully my review will help you in making a decision whether or not to go ahead with this course.

Consumer Wealth System Intro

This section contains 2 videos, Course Overview and Preparation. The first version of CWS had 9 video tutorials but in this updated version, it has over 40 videos. The whole system is split up into 7 sections which you can easily go through if you need to watch a specific section again. I like the fact that most of the videos were only around 10 – 15 minutes because I easily drift away when the videos are really long.

The Preparation Video is 23 minutes and there’s a good reason for that. This is the most important video of the whole Consumer Wealth System course because it talks about preparing your mindset. I believe the lack of having the right mindset is one of the major reasons why a lot of people fail to achieve their goals with IM or in life. There are many videos in this course that will discuss more technical stuff but this is the video that you really have to take into heart.

Market Selection

This section contains 3 videos and the first video (selecting a profitable market) will explain to you the ideal type of market that you should be targeting. The next video will discuss the differences between good and bad markets. This is important because there are lots of beginners who are promoting information products. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that but once you’ve switch your angle to promoting consumer based physical products and services then affiliate marketing is going to be a lot easier.

The third video in this section is a long one (20 minutes) and it’s going to be an action-oriented video where you’ll actually apply the lessons you’ve learned. You are going to use some websites where you will brainstorm and research your first markets to promote. This is also a good opportunity to learn how to research the markets and how to use mind maps to organize the ideas.

Domain Registration and Hosting

Next section will talk about domain names and setting up your hosting. You will have access to 7 videos and I particularly like their intro video because it will explain to you the differences between a generalist and a specialist site. You’ll also learn how to choose a proper domain name for your websites.

There’s a video in this section if you want to jumpstart your success but this is a little bit advanced for a newbie. Basically it’s about registering an old domain so you can get instant authority and age from Google. I’m familiar with this technique but I didn’t really bother to use this because I’m a bit lazy and don’t want to go through the trouble.

The remaining videos for this section will show you the entire process of getting your domain names and setting up the hosting. I didn’t bother to watch it because of my experience level but I’m sure that this will be very important for a newbie especially for the technically challenged.

Setting Up Your Website

This section contains 7 videos that will walk you through in setting up your website. You’re going to use WordPress and the CWS training will show you how to set it up in your hosting account using Fantastico (you have to use Hostgator and Cpanel). After you install WordPress, you then learn the factors in what makes a good design theme for your website.

The training will then show you how to get your themes using the search function inside the WordPress admin panel of your website. You will then get introduced to WordPress plugins which can really enhance the functionality of your website.

The last video in this section is very important because it deals with your website architecture. Basically it’s how you organize the content in your website and this is important when it comes to optimizing your webpages for the search engines.

Consumer Wealth System Core

This section contains 11 videos and for me, the biggest takeaways in this section are the action steps in choosing products to promote, guidelines in gauging your competition in Google and writing reviews that will convert visitors.

I like their approach when talking about determining competition in Google because they split it up into two strategies. The basic competition analysis will discuss the number of quoted results for a keyword while the advanced competition analysis will teach you how to look at the top 10 web pages for a certain keyword. Just keep in mind that determining keyword competition is something that you have to practice and there’s no other way to get good at it but to just take action and taking a look at the results.

Getting website traffic doesn’t mean squat if you cannot convert them and that’s why the video about writing product reviews will be helpful. You’ll learn the types of people who are going to visit your website and you’ll also get some ideas on how to improve your reviews so your visitors would be inclined to click through your link and take action.

Traffic Generation and SEO

The discussion on using backlinks (off page SEO) in the first edition of CWS was really not that good. I felt that they could have done a better job at explaining how the SEO process works rather than pushing their linkbuilding service (

I think I understand the point they were trying to make with their self promotion because results are actually much quicker when you automate linkbuilding through article syndication and overall it makes your life easier. But I believe it’s also critical for a beginner to first approach linkbuilding manually and rank webpages using free techniques. When you can achieve first page rankings manually then that’s the time to consider automating the process because using tools is not going to be that effective when you don’t know how to use them.

The good news is that Consumer Wealth System 2.0 has tremendously improved their traffic generation and SEO section. It starts off with a video explaining how Google works and this will help you to realize how simple it is to rank high in Google if you give them what they want. Next video is a discussion about the important on-page SEO factors. This is basically the things that you can improve in your webpage so Google will have an idea on what it’s all about.

Of course you will also learn about off-page SEO or the process of building backlinks to the webpage you’re trying to rank. This is very essential for the complete beginner and someone who’s been at it for a while with little to no results when it comes to first page rankings.

Take note that you’re not going to learn any revolutionary linkbuilding techniques here. What you’re going to learn are the linkbuilding fundamentals for long term success and your top 3 link sources would be site directories, article marketing and blog networks. In my experience, article marketing and blog networks are the ones that have really helped me in achieving top rankings.

Any Improvements?

This is the part where I should tell you about the negatives but it’s really hard to find some huge cons with the Consumer Wealth System 2.0. The biggest concern back in their first edition was the lack of SEO education and their aggressive promotion of their article syndication service, As I’ve said earlier, they have done some massive improvements with regards to the traffic generation and SEO section. So in my opinion, this negative in their first edition was all taken care of.

However, in this second version, it would be more ideal if the course was also available in written format (ebook) since everything is in video. Good thing there’s an option to download the audio and the iPod video format so you don’t have to wait for every video to buffer especially if you have a slow Internet connection.

My Verdict on Consumer Wealth System

In my opinion, Consumer Wealth System 2.0 gets my full recommendation when it comes to getting started with affiliate marketing. I’ve recommended them in the past when their first version came out but after seeing the improvements in their second version, this is going to be one of the top courses in my list.

Another reason why I believe that Consumer Wealth System is giving a ton of value is the price of their course. Video based courses tend to be a lot more expensive ($70 or more) but that’s not the case with CWS 2.0. I just couldn’t believe it when I got inside their members section because the quality of information in relation with the price is truly outstanding and something that other courses should imitate.

That’s why I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Daniel Turner and Marc Lindsay. Thank you for releasing Consumer Wealth System. Thank you for the consistent improvement and for over delivering with this updated version. Thanks guys!

My Advice

Now as much as I like CWS, I would still strongly recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate for free. Click here to learn more

114 thoughts on “Consumer Wealth System 2.0 Review

  1. hi,
    This consumer wealth system sounds great but also does your review on the wealthy affiliate,i will check them both out.
    Thanks again for some solid information on both.

  2. Thanks for your review, i am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate University, mainly for all the free tools included, and they have promised many more to come.

    I like the idea of selling non clickbank products, after all clickbank is not the end of the story of online sales, but the start.

  3. The biggest complaint about CWS is the following :: “the biggest flaw of this course is that it’s a semi finished product. You are forced to buy additional products to make this strategy work.” This is the only thing keeping me from joining. Regards. Chantelle

  4. Hi Chantelle,

    Thanks for your comment. Like I’ve said, I felt that they were heavily promoting their article distribution service, AMA. If your competition isn’t really that tough then you can just manually submit your articles to top directories. No need to use tools yet if you’re just starting out but I would consider some services when the income starts rolling in.

    1. I’m not sure what you’re really asking but I’ll try to assume and answer. Promoting your site will mostly depend on your competition. If your competition is weak then all you have to do is build some links by writing articles and social bookmark. No need to pay for article syndication services yet if you don’t have any consistent income.

  5. I’ve read a few reviews and it all just looks like you’re selling the product pure and simple, no review at all… In their pocket??? Hmmmm

  6. Thanks for your comment Mike. I’m aware of the flaw of CWS and I made sure that I’ve written that in my review. You can even check out some of the past comments and my answers to each of them. If there’s anything else, please feel free to send your opinions.

  7. I am completely lost. There are a lot of jargon and it seems that I could not understand. I want to be successful on this scheme but do you think I can do this? Another thing, I am from the Philippines. Would that create any problem or conflict?

    1. Almost everyone is lost when they’re starting to learn affiliate marketing. Anyone can be successful at this business (this is not a scheme) as long as they put in the work and keep on pushing forward no matter what. Can you become successful at this? Well, it’s up to you Rob. Nothing can guarantee your success whether it’s in affiliate marketing or in your life. It’s ultimately up to you. Btw… I’m also from the Philippines 🙂

  8. I am waiting for the genius to come along, who will really help beginners to make money online, not asking for any money, until they start making money. He will become a Billionaire, victor

  9. There are people out there who are really helping beginners to learn IM. The problem is that people are not really willing to help themselves. Internet marketing does work but it will not do the work for you. If you download my free guide you will make money but not everyone will apply the method because of the tons of excuses they are making. Hope you’re not one of them Victor. Have a great day.

  10. Hi
    Can you tell me what the cost is to join CWS and is this a one time cost or are there monthly fess? It seems while Wealthy Affifiates mmay be a better product, the fee is a rather expensive monthly one.

  11. Apologies if my question is a little dumb or indeed has already been answered but I REALLY like to cover my bases before I take any plunge.

    Can I start doing this programme while I am in one country then move to another and then another (my 9-5 moves me around a bit). Can the money I (hopefully) earn be paid into an account in a country where I am not currently resident in? How does payment work?

    Thanks for answering, the system looks really good but loike I said I want to cover my bases.


  12. Hi Mark,

    No question is dumb and I love answering questions because I also had them when I started. The simple answer is you’ll get paid wherever you are. But I believe the payment method will depend on your affiliate network. If your payment method is through checks then you will need to update your address frequently if you’re moving around quite a lot. However, it would be much easier if you’re getting paid through Paypal or any other electronic payment method. Hope this helps and just ask if there’s anything else. Merry Christmas!

  13. hi, ive been searching the internet for this kind of stuff and would love to learn the things cws are offering. however i have come across too many scammers who want ur money and give very little in return. what i would like to know is how much does it cost setting up a domain and the other stuff u have to set up to start the website???? i understand u only get what u put in and im not lookin for easy money but do u think this can really earn u a nice income on the side??????

  14. Hi Ryan,

    I understand how you feel and that’s why I’m writing these reviews to help people make an informed decision.

    Basically, you’re going to need web hosting which is around $10/month and a domain name which is $10 one-time fee. Plus you’re going to need a huge investment which is your TIME.

    It’s good to know that you’re not looking for instant money and because of that, you’re already miles ahead.

    I’ve always said that you can write your own paycheck with Internet marketing and it all starts with your first sale. Once you’ve achieved that goal then it’s all about scaling your system. This business is challenging to learn in your first few months but eventually you’ll soon realize that it’s all about being consistent. If you’re disciplined enough to put in at least 1-2 hours of productive work every single day then you’re going to see some positive results.

  15. hi. I stumbled across this site after being shown another site by ‘Home Online Jobs’. a question i want to ask is what is the difference between Home Online Jobs and CWS? Seems like theres people out there that want to just take ur money. My other question is, do u recommend this service to an amateur in internet marketing and just hoping to help his family get a little extra assistance in life? This sounds very easy and affordable. Thank u for ur time

  16. I’m not familiar with Home Online Jobs. CWS is a good course but don’t dive into IM if you’re pressured to earn money. It sounds really easy at first but a lot of people give up when they encounter roadblocks.

  17. Hi there. Would I be right in saying that you get a domain. It’s just my husband is paying £40 a month for them to market his business and if I could learn how to set up a website using this product it would make more sence. Am I on the right track here or is the product something different i.e. only learning how to build websites without the facility to create a website?


  18. Hi Paula,

    You’re on the right track and you can use CWS to learn how to setup a website and promote your husband’s business. If you need my help then please feel free to email me.

  19. Hi Raymond.

    I would like to join the CWS system through you, but affiliate marketing doesn´t make any sense to me unless I understand how I find a product to sell! I can learn how to set up a website and all of that but I have still not understood what it is that will generate the money! What product generates the money? I don´t have financial resources to go out and buy a big inventory of products which I hen describe on the website and sell from them. Are the products sold to be owned by me first, or am I going to promote other peoples products?

    If you could explain that, I would be gratefull.


  20. Hi Manindra,

    Basically affiliate marketing is all about selling products of other people in exchange for a commission. A good example is’s affiliate program. If you sign up for their associates program you can get some affiliate links which you can post to your website.

    If you don’t know what to sell then you can approach this in two ways:

    1. Look for a group of people (niche) who has a specific type of problem then you provide the solution.


    2. Choose the product first then find the niche by doing some keyword research.

    Hope this helps Manindra

  21. Hi Raymond.

    Thanks for the reply. I now understand how to do affiliate marketing. You have a very great system of feedback, which helps a lot of people. No scams here thankfully!

  22. Hi Kishen,

    I’ve heard that in some countries there will be restrictions. I’m not sure with South Africa though. Just make sure you do your research before putting in some effort.

  23. hi, my partner stumbled acros your website and as he does not have a clue has asked me to look into it, i am very pleased to hear all the great feedback and comments. i am deffinetly going to have a go at it, theres just one question i have. once i download is there any additional help if things go wrong, or i am not sure about something once i am starting? from yourself or other people with the expirience. thanks

  24. Hi Antony,

    There has to be additional help from the vendor if you’re having some issues but I’m also here to answer your questions. But remember that things will always go wrong and you have to learn from them. I’m not being harsh here because I’m just telling the truth. There’s a powerful community over at Wealthy Affiliate if you really want some awesome support. You can’t really put a value on the things you’ll learn inside the WA forum.

  25. Hi there Raymond. Thanks for all the good advice.
    I did purchase CWS before I found this page.
    It is a legit program that I’m loving and prospering from.

    In your post reply to Victor Bingham (Dec 9) above, you
    mention downloading you free guide.

    Can you please tell me where to get this guide?

    Thanks again Raymond


  26. I have just bought CWS for $27 and already am feeling as though I have hit my first brick wall
    (choosing a branded product to sell) even though there are millions of products out there. I appreciate no one can do this for me and I am prepared to put the time and effort into CWS as I dont quit easy. The comments above have answered a lot of my questions and given me that extra bit of confidence to keep at it. I dont expect instant success and if I dont have it with my first website then I will just keep plodding on till I do, as I am convinced by all that I read from people like yourself that Internet Marketing can be a good hobby as well as a 9 to 5 job replacement scheme. Thanks for your honest comments, sorry I bought it through Mark Lings site, but I am still going to read your simplest system to affiliate marketing as well


  27. Hi,
    I have just gone through the 9 videos on how to setup CWS but there seems to be no mention of how I get the commission money. How does it work? How does the product seller know who to pay and where? Maybe I missed it mentioned. Could you please explain that side of it? Thanks. Brian

  28. First, look for a product that you want to promote then check if that product has an affiliate program. For eg. has an affiliate program. You can register in their associates program and you will learn how to get your affiliate links and how to get paid. Hope this helps

  29. Thanks. Yes that makes a bit clearer. So, after looking through the CWS videos, at what stage do I set up an affiliate program with the product seller and organize how payment would happen? Thanks for your help before I plunge in.

  30. Hai, i am from Malaysia… is there a better and fastest way way to make money online instead to build a website,waiting for traffic and so on.. wwhich i believe it will takes time to see the $1dollar ?

  31. @Brain: I really like your question and I’m not being sarcastic. This is hard to believe but I can’t find anything inside CWS where they tell you exactly how to find an affiliate program. hahaha. You don’t set up the affiliate program and all that jazz. You find a merchant with the product you want to promote that already has an affiliate program.

    How do you do that? Simple. Actually there are many ways. One tip is to Google this:

    pool pumps “affiliate program” (just replace pool pumps with the product you’re looking for)

    That will give you a list of merchants and stores who sell pool pumps. Just sign up with them, make sure your country is included and check out if you’re cool with their payment method.

    You can also go to and search for pool pumps. But first you must register in their affiliate program which is called Associates something.

    @Aznan: Making money online is all about work. If you think otherwise then you’re just in denial. You have to step out of your comfort zone if you want to live your dreams.

  32. On the CWS website it says that you pretty much just set up the website and let it run, collecting the profits when they come. This is great for me as I don’t have a lot of time. However, most of the comments on this page say that running your website takes quite a bit of effort.

    Can someone clarify this?

  33. Hi Matt,

    The ‘sit and relax’ part is after you’ve done all the hard work. Expect a lot of hard and consistent work when you’re just starting out with affiliate marketing. Please get your mindset right about building an online business because this is no different from your regular brick and mortar biz. Think about it… if making money online was that easy then everyone would be doing it, right? I don’t want to scare you or anyone who reads this but I’ve read somewhere that it takes 3-5 years before someone could ‘get it’. The problem is many people quit before they succeed because they weren’t prepared to get their hands dirty.

  34. Hello Rymond,

    i want to buy the product CWS, but I have a question: do i have to sell products on line in order to gain money or i have just to send publicity to different adresses?

    thank you

  35. @faty: You’re going to promote products as an affiliate. Do some research about affiliate marketing if you’re not familiar with it. I don’t want you to blindly buy CWS if you don’t have a clue about anything.

  36. am in Africa country Zambia, can this program work for me or is not applicable to this area?. If you are not sure where can i find out from?….

  37. Hey Raymond. I’m from Guatemala ( don’t know if you’ve ever hear of this country ) and by accident I started reading a little bit about these marketing online stuffs and to be honest it seems quite interesting. I’ve been searching and I found this site which has answered most of my questions but may be you can help me with another ones:

    1. Does it really matter the country where you are? I mean my case.
    2. Does it work in spanish (latin)? (no a critical point )
    3. I’m currently an employee in a daily basis. If I dedicate a couple of hour on weekend can it work?
    4. After you buy this product, do you have any coaching along?

    I really will appreciate your comments because as you see, I’m totally unexpert on this, I mean, i’ve been reading about this for about one hour and still trying to really gets the idea and concept.


  38. Hi Gio,

    First, do a research about affiliate marketing. It’s basically getting paid for promoting products of other people. This is not some kind of a new business model because more than likely you’ve already seen this in action in the offline world.

    Your country needs to be listed in the merchant’s affiliate signup so they could send you the payment. Usually it’s through check and sometimes it’s thru digital like Paypal, etc.

    I’m not really sure about the language but I think you can still pull this off. Please correct me if this is not correct.

    Your progress will depend on the time that you’re going to invest here. You can make it work only on weekends but I think it will take a longer time before you see some results. Try to dedicate at least 1-2 hours a day.

    CWS doesn’t have any personal coaching but you can ask me if you have any questions.

    You’re going to experience a lot of headache in the beginning with affiliate marketing. Eventually the dust will clear out and you’ll realize how easy it is to build an online business.

  39. Hey Raymond, I am very interested in starting up an affiliate program, however, basically, from what you have explained within this review, once a small amount of research has been applied, I don’t see why any of these internet marketing guides are being sold because, you don’t really need them do you?

    I have been doing my research for a few hours on an evening to do with affiliate marketing, and I think I just about ready to begin, I only have one small question, Due to the amount of these guides and people setting up these businesses online, is there anywhere left in the online market without tons of competition where it is impossible to make sales?


  40. Internet marketing will never get saturated. There will be those niches where competition is stiff but if you do proper research, you can find some angles and keywords where you can sneak in. This is more evident when you target physical products. Try checking out Amazon and you’ll see some nice products that you can promote. Heck, just look around your house, watch the news, listen to what your friends are buying and you’ll definitely find something that you can promote.

  41. Thanks for the advice Raymond, I will be sure to set up a system and get it rolling within the next few days, If I require answers to questions or problems I encounter during my journey, will I be able to contact you through email?


  42. Hi, I have just come across this website and though I do not fully understand what it is really about, I am drawn to it. I do however have one question, if I will be making money on this, why do I need to pay you first? Surely it would make sense that I should start the work and then you could deduct the costs or your cut off the first pay check? What if you do not have the funds to get you started? Does that mean that you do not stand a chance?

  43. @Tristan: Yes, we can communicate through email if you need anything.

    @Donna: First, you don’t need to pay me anything. What I’m promoting here is a GUIDE that will teach you how to make money online. This is about learning how to build a business online and not a survey or data entry program. I suggest you research more about affiliate marketing and download my free guide in the sidebar so you’ll have an idea of how the whole process works. Also you don’t need any funds to get started with affiliate marketing.

    Think about this… if you need a book about baking, would you ask the bookstore or the baking teacher on why you should pay them? 🙂

  44. hi raymond

    this all sounds very relevant for the globalised market ages we are living in and also makes sense. my main question is the same as trinstan’s which i believe you didnt answer, if you commit yourself to researching thoroughly about affiliate marketing and IM, is there realy a need for tutorial packages such as CWS.

    My other question has to do with niches, can one market academic journals of top research institutes as a physical product, if so do you know of such institutes that run affiliate programs.

    I would to take this opportunity to thank u for sharing your knowledge.

  45. Thanks for bringing the question again because honestly I didn’t understand it at first. hehehe. You can actually be successful with IM just by pure research on your part and countless trial and error. The question is how long would it take you to reach any kind of success? How much is your time worth in doing all of this?

    If there’s a 1-page guide that will teach me how to move closer to my goals and it’s priced at $97 or higher, I would definitely pay for it. I don’t view it as an expense but rather as an investment.

    As for your other question, I have no idea about it but I believe there’s some programs if you search online.

  46. Hi Raymond.

    I just wanted you to clarify something for me. If I have a good website that is strong against it’s competition and is linking consumers to products, how do the search engines and the consumer websites track the traffic and how do they calculate the rate of income? Do you have to sign up to some sort of google subscription package? If there is a link to fully explain the process, not the how but the why.. to this seemingly straight-forward system then I’d be grateful!


  47. Hi Jim,

    The search engines don’t have anything to do with your commission. You have to sign up to an affiliate program that’s hosted by the merchant. Once inside, you will find some affiliate links that you can use and this will determine if the sale was generated by you. Hope this helps out Jim.

  48. Hi Raymond,

    I’m getting sold on the idea of Affiliate Marketing and see the value of investing in the CWS product, which I am now ready to do. However two questions, are you just selling the CWS product in the time honoured spirit of making a profit on a good product or do you have a direct business interest in the company ? Secondly, I do believe in solid research however do your many listed articles contain useful information or will I just be reading product promoting content which tells me no more than your wise words have already done having read your Q&A’s ?
    I hope that doesn’t sound harsh but I believe in getting right down to it 🙂

  49. Hi Pete,

    The role of an affiliate marketer is to help people. I give them a good and unbiased review and I get paid… win win situation for both parties. I provide useful and helpful articles and I believe that I deserve to be rewarded for all of my hard work. If you’ve been online for a while, you’ll see that I’m only one of those few marketers that will give a real review for a product. 🙂

  50. Hello!
    I’m from Portugal and I’ve recently purchased CWS! It’s not a secret formula on “how to get zillionaire in 1 day” but it does really explain the basic steps on how to start making more money with marketing techniques!! I NEVER bough this kind of products before because none of them really had the same feedback as this one and I don’t like to waste money!! It usually is all about signing up for forwarding schemes and affiliate programs and advertising this and that!
    CWS is not new and there are a lot of alternatives to learn the abc on creating a successfull blog/website! I’m just saying that this one has given me a big and complete package of new information that usually is scattered around the web!!
    I rate 4 out of 5 stars on CWS! (why not 5 stars?! because it gives you the tools but you have to learn a bit more to work with them after!)
    This link leads to a portuguese review (for all the portuguese reading and speaking out there) so that anyone who feels less at easy with english reviews can (i hope) find this one helpfull!

  51. Raymond,

    Can you clarify the following.

    Does this $37 fee teach me how to set up and market a website? (I pay for the domain and hosting which is fine.)
    I must find a product and affiliate market that product on the new website?
    As you seem to sell the product is this affiliate marketing?
    Should I buy from you will I get a level of support?
    Can numerous products be sold on one website?
    Is the product suitable for use in UK & Ireland?

    You have done a great job explaining the product so I hope these queries don’t make me look silly.



  52. Hi Paul,

    CWS teaches you how to setup a website and they explained some basics on how to market. But like I’ve said in my review they were pushing their linkbuilding service. That’s why I’m giving a bonus on how to build backlinks using article marketing.

    Yes, you have to find the physical product to promote.

    Yes, I’m promoting CWS as an affiliate.

    Yes, I help anyone who is willing to take action whether they buy through my affiliate link or not.

    Yes, you can sell numerous products on a single site.

    If the affiliate program sends money to UK and Ireland, then you’re good to go. Just double check to make sure that your country is applicable.

  53. Hi Raymond,
    Your comments are really interesting. Just wondering about one thing: CWS says that once you created your site, you leave it as is and forget it. But due to competition and new products on market every year, revenues will inevitably decrease. So we don’t have choice to update them to maintain the same revenues from the site. Am I right ?
    Thanks for your time

  54. Hi Fred,

    Before you leave your site, make sure that your webpages are ranking at top for the keywords that you’re targeting. Don’t make the mistake into thinking that you’re going to earn as soon as you setup your site. Your concerns about competition and new products are valid but let me tell you something… you’re thinking way tooooo much! hehehe. Like I’ve been always saying, take ACTION as soon as possible. If you get into IM, you’ll realize that you don’t need to be concerned of competition and new products.

  55. Yes, you will write articles. Majority of the marketing that you will do online will involve some form of content. Consumers are a lot smarter right now and conversions are not that great if you just show them an ad and direct them straight to an offer. Just my opinion.

  56. Hi Raymond,

    Can CWS be delivered here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia?If not, Is it possible to download it online?

    Furthermore, If I make a sale, how can they pay me? Is it possible through Western Union?

    Btw, how much is the price of your CWS?


  57. CWS is a digital product so you can just access it anywhere. CWS will not pay you. They will teach you how to promote physical products and the payment method will depend on the merchant.

  58. Yes. You can buy from other sites if you want… or better yet just buy CWS directly since you already know what this course is all about.

    I believe that I’ve done a wonderful review of CWS and I deserve to be rewarded for my efforts. What you’re seeing here is affiliate marketing 101… I help people and people help me. It’s really that simple Tony.

  59. Just click any of the CWS links in my review article and you’ll be redirected to their website. Send in your receipt so you can get my bonuses. Thanks for your business.

  60. I really liked your answer to Tony’s comment!
    “Are you just writing this review just to promote your own sales?”

    It’s a fair comment to make! It needs only a good and honest answer and you gave it!!

    I would only like to add this:
    CWS is not “The tool”! Everything is said over and over around the web! What CWS does is gather all the important information, and teach you the abc on Internet Marketing!
    A lot of other important stuff you will feel the need to learn yourself while following the CWS modules! And until everything gets in your DNA you will probably have to listen/read to the different modules more than 20 times!
    I’m not rich and don’t intend to be in a near future! But I’m building something else hoping it gives me some more cash flow and meanwhile I’m having a blast with this new world perspective!!

  61. Hey Raymond,
    Great comments btw. Just wondering if this whole system involves having to “spam” to promote and drive traffic to the sites.

  62. @ZBG: I don’t like work at home stuff as I don’t like trading my hours for money. As for your 2nd question, I don’t know what the heck you’re talking about! hahaha. If you have any more questions that’s not related to CWS then please just email me. Don’t use the comment form to ask any question that pops into your mind. Comments are used for extending the discussion and for adding value to the article.

  63. @Mark: Simple answer is this doesn’t involve any spamming. I don’t like putting garbage on the net. We have a saying here in the Phils… “The trash that you put out will eventually return to you” or something like that. hehehe.

  64. Does it matter what time of the day I will be putting my 1-2 hours? Does it have to be spread out throughout the day? With the little ones, I don’t usually get ‘my’ time till the evening.
    One more question…
    If my goal is $1500/month putting in 3 hours a day, how long do you expect it would take? I know this may be a difficult question to answer since everyone’s result will be different. But I just wanted to see the timeline (‘an end of the tunnel’) in which I will reap some result for my hard effort.
    Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Jen,

      It doesn’t matter what time of the day you build your campaigns. You can do it before going to work, after you’ve put your little ones to sleep, in your office but be careful! (hahaha), etc… it will depend on what’s the most comfortable scenario for you.

      As for your second question, you’re right… it’s hard to give you a solid answer as everything will depend on a lot of variables. But try to break down $1,500. That’s $50 per day. You can do this in a lot of different ways.

      For eg. you can build just one site where you’re promoting a product with a $50 commission or build 5 sites that earn $10 per day. Then just drive targeted traffic to your web pages. Obviously this is only a bird’s eye view but this is just how making money online works. It’s just a number’s game. And when you break down your income goals, you don’t feel overwhelmed with the amount you need to earn.

      For me, it took me over a year to earn my first $1,000 in a month. You could do it in 3 months or you could do it in 3 years. Some people get IM really quickly and some can take a lot longer but the important thing is to stick with it.

      Okay, I’m getting carried away now. hahaha! Hope my reply will be helpful.

  65. Hi,

    I was thinking to buy this product, not sure I will, only for check what is beyond. I am not beginner in internet or affiliate marketing, but anyway we are learning always 😉
    I am involved with Mandura business and 4-5k per month is ok for me ;), for start.

  66. Hi

    I read all the comments i searched on other sites also but i’ll try to give my opinions:

    Fist of all what ever the CWS ad said seems to be false
    Secondly it seems the initial payment is to buy an uncompleted program which means to get the full program from CWs will be abou $350 approx.
    Thirdly making profit will take from one to three years and that also to spend about 2hrs per day paying $60 dollars for regitration montly etc..

    My question is , i will spend min $1000 for a year without profit, may be $2000 for 2 years still without any guarantee of money bacik??? because t6ill now i haven’t been across anyone which is making any profit..

    Can anyone clear me if am wrong.. someone who is really making at least 200 dollars per month?



    1. The purpose of my answer is not to defend CWS.

      Where do you get your figures? Making a profit will take from 1-3 years? I think you’ve been reading too much. hehehe

      What we’re doing is only affiliate marketing Khalil. If you’re not getting any sales within 6-12 months then something is definitely wrong.

      Here’s a basic breakdown of what you’ll need:

      Hosting – $7/month (if you pay anually)
      Domain – $10/year
      IM course – $20-$50 one time or you can go with WA which is $47/month

      Let’s say you bought a course that’s $30, can you tell me what other business gives you the potential to earn an extremely profitable passive income for less than $130 a year?

      The problem for most people is they buy a course and they fail to follow through. They think that there’s a magic secret to making money online and so they buy another course. Then they fail to follow through again and the cycle just keeps on repeating until they’re so frustrated and more confused than ever before that they believe that IM is a big scam.

      You wanna know the secret? It’s FOCUS.

      Follow, One, Course, Until, Success

      Now this is something that the gurus won’t tell you in their sales pages.

      1. Raymond

        I appreciate your comments, i read above it took you one year to make your 1st $1000 montly, if it’s not too much demanding, may i ask you how much time it took you to make your first profit and how much approximate are you doing now? what i want to know is actually can you make a living only on that business?

        I read on other site also one woman which is working hard till one year with lotsof dedication and still no sales yet ut till now i haven’t reached anyone who is earning good money montly with CWS?



        1. I got my first sale 2 months after joining WA and it was around $23. Like I’ve said, I don’t like disclosing my income but I was averaging over $30 back in Dec. 2010. Right now I’m pretty satisfied with my financial progress and sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. hahaha.

          You have to understand that every individual is unique and different. Some people will get the concept of IM really quickly and some will take a long time. The key is to take consistent action because you won’t have any chance of success if you quit.

          How about me? I’m earning good money using some concepts discussed inside CWS. It doesn’t really matter which course you buy or which membership you join. Again, my tip for you is to F.O.C.U.S.

          1. It really has a calming effect what you just said!
            We all start from a guru claiming the fastest way to earn more than 100k a month! We all know it can’t be that easy (no one with 100k a month would spend any time teaching anyone how to make the same crazy amount! it’s like sharing the lottery numbers!)
            But along the way, we forget that everything takes a while to get anywhere! And what we build has to be built strongly in order to last long enough!!
            I forgot that and I’ve just started!
            Thank you very much for mentioning the amounts you earned and the time it took you! I’ll try to remember this post every time I feel anxious again!!

            Keep up the good feedback!!

            1. Thanks for sharing your comments MP. The truth is I was one of those people who are looking to get rich quickly online. I started in June 09 but failed miserably so I quit. It wasn’t until I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in July 09 that I was kinda born again to IM. hehehe

  67. Hi Raymond,

    Love the comments on this site, well like I said earlier I bought CWS watched it all through and learned a lot from it, but have taken it no further, mainly because they do plug AMA and AffiliteSyphon but cant blame them for doing that as that is Internet Marketing, Got side tracked looking at Mark Lings Affiloblueprint for 197 dollars and this his Affilojetpack for $450 dollars, the jetpack as you know really gives you a kick start and he does give you a rock solid guarantee, and like yourself I feel I have built up some trust in Mark and all the other IM gurus he introduces you too. However my dilema is the same as many trying to find a product to promote, or writing 500 word articles, before I jump off my springboard (and I promise you I will do but suffering from analysis paralysis at the moment lol) but know I have just come across and for $47 dollars a month for 6 months, they offer literally step by step training by video which a muppet could follow. They even show you the first module with ten step by step videos which go at a really understandable pace, and if they are too fast you just rewind. So looks like they are going to get my business, as their presell has done the trick. I am in this for the longhaul and really appreciate the time and effort people like yourself and everyone else out there in IM World are prepared to give to newbies. Still got to think of something to promote or write about, but wont be long before I crack that nut. Thanks again, great forum and truly inspirational and like you keep telling people its all about FOCUS and not trying to GET RICH QUICK


    1. Here’s a tip… try finding a group of people who are looking for a solution first then find the product that will help them. This is a very big tip that I learned from Travis Sago who’s also a WA member. You can approach it like this…

      People first then product second or vice versa.

  68. I still do not clearly undersatand, What is the CWS is all about? what I need to do to be successfull in this business.How much is the
    cost and is there are on going payments and how long for? How good the support after purchasing the opportunity pack?

    1. I suggest that you learn some basics first before you get a course. You can download my free guide (there’s a link in my sidebar) and follow my emails and most important of all, take action.

  69. Hello Raymond,
    I appreciate the fact that you reply to all questions here and hope you might have some advice for me. I have a website that I set up with Online Hosting Network only to find they then wanted over $2000 for their advertising program! Thing is I only had about $60 in my bank account so my website is just sitting out there in space doing nothing. I have listed it with google and looked at banner exchange but I can’t understand the process and still have to pay for that. You mention that it takes a couple of hours work a day to make affiliate marketing work, I currently am a member of amazon affiliates but I guess because my site isn’t promoted I’ll never make money.
    I would gladly put in the work but don’t know what to do and OHN won’t tell me unless I hand over more money. Is this what your free guide covers? I don’t know where to go or what to do to work the couple of hours a day to make my site successful.
    I’d be grateful for any help!

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      First, fire your hosting! hahaha. You can earn a ton of money without paying a single cent of traffic. Try to download my guide and follow my emails so you can learn the basics.

  70. Elizabeth,

    Avoid spending a lot of your money in order to get some!
    I’ve been searching for tips all around the web, and along the way I found this website!

    It’s one more good information site, like this one raymond has set up!

    JC Dean Online dot com –> YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY ANYTHING! I’m not re-sending you to another money-scam-software-builder!

    I forgot to mention:
    Google and Sedo have a “domain parking” option! If you don’t know what to do right away, they will gladly use your domain to place some ads!

  71. Dear Me Elizabeth,

    So sorry to hear this company has ripped you off and is so unhelpful, so know you have been burnt, but do what Raymonds says and download his guide and do lots of research into internet marketing, I have still got to take the jump myself, but am still doing research, but I found Raymonds guide a godsend. There are so many people out there who are prepared to help you, and guide you through the maze that is internet marketing, but as you have found there are also many people out there just waiting to rip you off. try typing the following into google to get some good free sound advice, Raymond goes without saying, Mark Ling at Affilorama, CWS I have found loads of really helpful people and am nearly ready to jump, best of luck


  72. it sounds like your perfect plan would make a site almost exactly like this one. if you bought it, and the best thing you could do is sell it to someone else… i couldn’t see it being that good

  73. Hi there Raymond,
    Im currently working a 9-5 in the uk, and looking to be able to increase my pay slip at the end of each month! Im prepared to put in the time and effort required for this, and was wondering if this all works in the uk and is CWS the way to go to begin my ‘career’ in IM? Please could you point me in the right direction, if you feel i might be headed down the wrong track.
    I do at the moment have very little knowledge in IM.

    Thanks very much

    P.s. Great answers to the questions, very honest and helpful!

    1. Hi Matt,

      In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to begin your IM journey. It’s where I started and I can’t thank WA enough as they made me realize my enormous potential as an individual.

  74. Why don’t all these im sites send people the kits then simply deduct cost of kits from first pay cheque? Same as monthly membership sites,why don’t they simply take the monthly membership out of peoples pay cheques? My own personal answer to both is they charge us up front because they know once people buy kits,even though they don’t work,who’s gonna bother with the money back warranty.Very clever me thinks

  75. Many people think that being an Internet marketer is different from being a lawyer, doctor, celebrity, chef, martial artist or getting a blue collar job. Would you ask a law school or a culinary center for a free training and give them back the tuition when you already made it?

    My point is not everyone can make it and that’s the reality of it. The only one who does make it is someone who wants it bad enough. You control what happens in your life and not some ebook or membership program.

    My tip? Don’t turn into IM if you don’t have any stable income. Go get a part time gig and work on IM on the side. Wait until you’re making enough with IM before you quit your day job.

    And you only need to buy ONE good course. Don’t buy a software that will bring you thousands in a week or a guide that only sells you the dream.

    After buying that course, FOLLOW IT UNTIL YOU’RE SEEING RESULTS. If you’re using article marketing then DO NOT buy a guide about Facebook, or something about Video marketing. It will only distract you.

    Most important of all, change your mindset. I was also fearful before I ventured into IM but I just said that I will make it and I will continue no matter what. It’s cool to have a guarantee but it’s much cooler when you take risks in life. It’s the sweetest thing!

    1. Being a doctor or lawyer is totaly different in regards to saying would i ask for free training,this is im marketing/sales so it’s commision based so that being said,if this works like they say they do,simple,send us the kits and deduct the costs from our pay cheques just to prove it’s not a scam or simply putting money in goodness knows who’s bank account and the same with ongoing set up fees because we are making them money when we earn so it’s very sus if they can’t deduct kits and ongoing costs from pay cheques,they have no reason not to unless it doesn’t work,lol.Your probably a great person Raymond,but looking down the page ur clearly giving politician replies and slightly question dodging with very clever answers,my 150+ iq can always tell when very intelligent people question dodge

  76. Hi, Raymond! I’ve read all the comments on your website and did some research on the internet, to be honest, I feel very intrigued by affiliate marketing and the consumer wealth system. As a marketing student, I feel that this is a great opportunity for me to start earning money and gaining experience. I just have a few questions before diving into all this! First of all, I’ve studied marketing 2 years back in Russia (uncompleted degree) + a year here in Australia (still continuing). My question is – is it possible for a student to understand affiliate marketing and achieve success in that field? Or do you need to have a completed degree and all that? And secondly, would you give any advice in choosing the right affiliate marketing literature (please suggest something worthy to read, no online books or articles) as the market is huge!

    1. Hi Maria,

      You’d be surprised at how many people with different ages, no previous computer experience and no marketing degree are wildly succeeding at affiliate marketing. Subscribe to my free guide, follow the emails and just take action. My number one paid program for learning IM is definitely Wealthy Affiliate.

  77. And it’s exactly as Victor Bingham said in the above post.Waiting for a geneous that proves his im works by deducting all costs from peoples pay cheques,why,cos if it works they have absoloutely nothing to lose and guess what,common sense will tell anyone that they would make more money anyway cos more people would jump on board.My view has nothing whatsoever to do with not wanting to put in the effort or training,that’s a copout from im sites so they can continue to rake it in from peoples joining fees.So simple people,”IF IT WORKS LIKE THEY SAY IT DOES,REGARDLESS OF WHAT NICE PEOPLE LIKE RAYMOND SAY, THEY HAVE NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO LOSE BY DEDUCTING JOINING AND ONGOING COSTS FROM OUR PAYS,THAT IS THE ONLY CONCLUSIVE WAY TO PROVE IT’S NOT A SCAM AND JUST LINING PEOPLES POCKETS.THINK ABOUT IT,MORE WOULD JOIN SO WHO ARE THEY TRYING TO KID LOL,ASK YOUR ACCOUNTANT PEOPLES,IM HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BY DEDUCTING EVERYTHING FROM PAYS,UNLESS OF COURSE,IT DOESN’T WORK.NO OTHER REASON.”


    1. Hi Will,

      I want to help you out but you have to help yourself. I would suggest that you download my guide and then take action on my emails. Just email me when you have questions. I don’t really have any time for this debate. hehehe. Take care.

      Edit: I also sent this reply to Will after he sent me this following comment:

      I knew it raymond.As soon as i left my last post on the other page,wanna know what i said to myself? I said i bet he closes the questioning on that page because i’m touching on the truth and it’s hitting a raw nerve.As i said,u sound like a nice person,but ur a classic question dodger and avoid important details with all your answers.

      Here’s my response:

      I didn’t dodge your question Will. There’s really no right and wrong way to answer your question. I know you won’t blink an eye so I have to agree to disagree with you. And besides your question isn’t even related to CWS. I even let your latest comments through so people will know the reality of IM and how it’s not that easy for anyone. I’m not hiding anything as you can see.

      Want some free guide? Go ahead and download my guide and my lessons. Then ask me if you’re having troubles and I will answer your personally.

      That’s my challenge to you.

      Also what sort of action did you take? How many articles did you write or did you really take any action at all.

      I understand your question quite clearly but I don’t want to critique you because your suggestions about trying the product first will actually make learning IM worse than ever believe it or not.

      I know it’s really frustrating for someone with a high IQ to not get a break with IM. I guess it’s really true that highly intelligent people will have a harder time learning the ropes because they tend to ask too many questions instead of just taking action and getting the work done.

      Since you have a high IQ, I guess you won’t find a job or an opportunity that will be suited for your talents. Good luck Will.

  79. Hi Raymond I was just wondering If you get a premade reseller product to sell ie all you have to do is tweak here and there and add your name to it according to reseller license how do you figure out the name of your website
    the reason I ask is because i am trying to build up links to the website and while I know my domain nmae I dont know what the name is or where to find for the website itself ie google link asks for both domain and website name

  80. Sorry to ask again, but I have one more questiona and I’m not sure it’s easy to answer as all people have different possiblities.
    You’ve recommended the Wealthy Affiliate program, my question is: is it possible to succeed in affiliate marketing with only the Consumer Wealth System and just by researching the net? As a student, I have limited finance (as I’m concerned Wealthy Affiliate is quite expensive) and I’m not sure I want to spend a lot as no one can give you a guarantee of succeeding in online marketing.

  81. I’m going to close the comments for CWS because I believe that I’ve answered most of the questions concerning about this course. Thanks so much for those people who took the time to ask questions and shared their thoughts about CWS.

    Also I don’t want to see this turn into a ranting and venting section. People who get positive results and succeed with IM are those who don’t complain and those who don’t blame external forces for their lack of results.

    Having a high IQ or not getting a high school degree don’t mean squat to IM. Everyone is at a leveled playing field when it comes to online marketing. It all boils down to taking ACTION. If you still don’t believe this then it’s best that you look for another business opportunity.

    If you have any other inquiries regarding CWS and affiliate marketing then please send me an email using my contact form.

    Thanks and have an awesome life everyone!

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