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I stumbled upon CBEngine when I was starting back in 2009 but I didn’t pay too much attention with it. I believe the reason was I didn’t know how to use it at that time. Additionally, it was really overwhelming because there’s too much data that I didn’t know how to interpret let alone understand.

It was actually just a few weeks ago that I decided to sign up for their 15 day trial and just get my hands dirty. I figured that if I could only discover at least one obscure product that has some earning potential then their service is definitely going to be worth it.

Makes sense right?

CBEngine Review – My Experience In Using CBEngine

If you’re just getting started with promoting Clickbank products and affiliate marketing then you’ll probably get overwhelmed with CBEngine’s website. I have to admit that even after the free trial, I still didn’t have any idea of how to harness its full power but I also realized that using their service is definitely a lot easier than using the clunky Clickbank marketplace.

Before CBEngine, I was painstakingly browsing each and every section of the CB marketplace hoping to find an obscure product that’s worth promoting. Fortunately I found a handful of products that are making me a consistently good income right now but it took me a lot of effort and long nights before uncovering them.

What I basically do is go to the Find Products section in the left sidebar and check out what products are in the CB Insider, Best Gains and New Products page. As you can see my approach is basically straightforward but the stats that CBEngine has prepared and how they sorted all the info is the main feature that will save you a great deal amount of time.

It’s really frustrating when you spend the past hour looking for products and came up with nothing. By using CBEngine, it was then that I realized that Clickbank really houses over 10,000 products!

Now, I have 6 potential products that are ready to get promoted but there’s actually one product that I’m going to focus on and I just found it yesterday. One more stat that I like to know is the refund rate which you cannot access in the regular CB marketplace. Additionally, there are other stats like the momentum and change which are going to really help in your decision making.

CBEngine Review – My Verdict

My 15 day trial for CBEngine expired a few days ago but I didn’t think twice on renewing my subscription. I was actually getting into promoting physical products in Amazon because I was really having a hard time in looking for a CB product.

Now this is a perfect opportunity to add some sales to my current CB campaigns as I’m really excited to seeing those green and gray bars stretch out! My enthusiasm for promoting info products got reignited thanks to CBEngine. And in my opinion that feeling alone is one good reason why it’s all worth it.

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