CSS Layout Version of W3Schools.com

Its been my practice every time I stumble on a website to check if the design especially the layout is in CSS. One morning around 1am I was looking for some tutorials when I landed at W3Schools. Although CSS controls much of the presentation, it still uses tables for laying out their columns. Not concerned what time it was I decided to strip those table tags and overhaul it with CSS. Here’s the W3Schools CSS Version in case you’re eager to check out the final result.

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Scenery CSS Tweak

I want to share this to everyone who’s using the “Scenery” theme so you won’t be kicking yourself in the end.

It all began in my homepage. I’m a little OC so I started noticing that my entry paragraphs didn’t look like normal paragraphs. I wanted my entries to have a top and bottom margin. So I checked my WP editor and for countless times modified my article, put line break and paragraph tags in the code view and eventually re-installed everything! After all of the work the line breaks still wasn’t showing.

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