PHP Pagination Script

As a developer there will come a time when we need to fetch huge amount of records to display on a single page. An example is when you’re trying to develop an e-commerce site and you need to output lets say 500 book titles. Another example would be in a member management type of system wherein you need to list all of the registered members of the site. What you need to do is not list all of the records in a single page but rather split the results into pages because users are too lazy to scroll down. This is where pagination comes into play.

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Google Page Rank Reporting

I have a client who asked me to write a script where it will display the page ranks for each of the backlinks in a particular domain. He gave me some scripts (actually there is only one script) and sites where I can find one. There were a lot of scripts around but none of them really worked as far as copying and pasting the code is concerned. Even if I tried editing the script, it can be quite a headache making it to work.

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