The Pain You’ll Experience If You Don’t Build Your Websites

I’ve been getting a good number of emails from people who are asking a question that goes something like this:

Why do we have to build our own websites? Wouldn’t it be easier if we could just put an affiliate link in the article and direct the visitors straight to the merchant’s website?

My simplest guide to earning your first dollar with affiliate marketing teaches you how to do direct linking through articles (direct article marketing). But there’s one important reminder that I mentioned inside the guide. This kind of approach is NOT the IM business model that you want to pursue. But in my opinion, it’s the easiest way for a beginner to understand how affiliate marketing works. It’s also the strategy that I’ve used to earn my first sale.

I still remember that first time I was trying to learn the IM ropes. I was using Squidoo for my landing pages but I was having a difficult time getting indexed and ranked. I decided to promote a Clickbank product and bought a domain name so I could redirect the readers straight to the merchant’s site. The goal that I’ve set for that campaign was to write 4 articles a day with each having only 250-300 words. wasn’t that strict so I could easily get my articles published even though the articles were very short. It was that time that I was also trying to get approved for a Platinum status so I have to get 25 articles approved. I ended up with over 20 articles but I was really burnt out. I lost the energy to write something that I didn’t really enjoy. But after a few weeks I checked my Clickbank account and was excited because I’ve seen my first sale from my efforts and it was a few days after a couple of months inside Wealthy Affiliate.

But we’re here to discuss the reasons why direct article marketing is not a long term IM business model. So let’s start…

Endless Writing

When you’re using articles to drive traffic to the merchant’s site, you have to generate articles in a consistent basis. You can make money using this strategy but the moment you stop writing, your income will also decrease and eventually dry up. The not so good news today is that articles from Ezineaticles or any other good article directory (GoArticles, ArticlesBase) is not that powerful anymore in terms of search engine rankings. When was the last time you’ve seen an article from a directory that’s ranking for a keyword?

I just checked one of my articles that was previously ranking in first page for a travel related keyword. I wrote this around August 2009 and it stayed in first page for many months and up to a year and it brought a lot of sales but now it’s ranking in page 6. If you want to rank your articles today, you have to target a long tail keyword and one that has little to no competition.

My strategy right now doesn’t involve submitting to Ezinearticles anymore since my whole focus is into ranking Amazon sites. If I do submit it’s because I just want a quality backlink for my search engine rankings.

Not Building Your Assets

When you write articles that will redirect straight to the merchant, your articles become the asset of the merchant. I know that we are affiliate marketers and we are promoting products of other people but we can still build assets. And one of the best assets that you can build is your own websites. Personally I never really liked building backlinks to my Ezinearticles simply because I don’t have any control over it.

Lower Conversion Rates

I believe this factor will heavily depend on the niche that you’re promoting and the angle that you’re going for. You can make money just by doing straight redirects but you’re leaving a lot of money on the table if you’re just funneling visitors straight to the merchant. The average conversion rate is 1% and this means that for every 100 visits to the merchant, 1 will actually buy. So if you’re going to use direct article marketing, you really have to do a lot of writing and generate at least 100 clicks. Don’t complain that you’re not getting sales when you’ve just managed to write 5, 10 or 20 articles. That won’t simply cut it.

Higher conversion rates will also depend on the keyword that you’re targeting. If you’re targeting buyer keywords and have managed to get top rankings then that’s probably good news for you. But for broader information type keywords, it’s going to be more difficult to warm up a visitor. And that’s why you need to build a website because that’s the place where you’ll give more information on what they’re searching for but only enough info for them to be interested in the product that you’re promoting.

There’s a ton of things that you can do when you have your own sites… build a list, gather comments, rank on top of search engines, monetize through advertisements, build more pages, etc. Most important of all, when the pages of your site is already on top of search engine rankings, you’ll then experience passive income.

These are just some of my thoughts and I’ve learned all of this from the community over at Wealthy Affiliate. I just turned 2 years last month (July 2011) and everyday my heart is just filled with tremendous gratitude that I’ve found them at the early stages of my Internet marketing journey.

The Steps I Take to Get A New Site Indexed In Google

Getting indexed in Google and other search engines is one of the critical steps that you need to accomplish first. Take note that this is not the ranking part. Being indexed just means that your web page is already in Google’s database. But if you’ve chosen your keywords properly then there’s a big chance that your web page is already ranked on the top 10 pages or maybe in the first page of Google for your keywords after indexing.

What I’d like to share in this post are the steps that I take to get a brand new WordPress website indexed in Google. I decided to share this because I’m having some consistency in getting a brand new homepage indexed in less than a week and sometimes I can even get indexed in 2-3 days. But I think the reason I’m getting this kind of quick results is because of the low competition for the keywords that I’m targeting. It also helps that the domain I registered contains my main keywords.

There are a lot of ways that you can do this and one of the popular ways is to use some social bookmarking to get indexed quickly. But like I’ve said in my previous posts, I’m not really a fan of using social bookmarking. If you’re interested to learn more indexing techniques then you can just do a simple Google search for “how to get website indexed in google” or whatever term you like.

Let’s Get Indexed!

First thing that I do is go to Settings -> Permalinks and change the permalink option so the URL would be more search engine friendly.

Next, I go to Settings -> Writing then scroll down to the Update Services text box and input a list of pinging services. Here’s the list that I use:

After that I then write the first content as post and include the keyword in the first sentence. The keyword will link back to my domain using the main keyword as anchor text.

Now I’m not really sure if this has any effect whatsoever on how Google crawls and indexes your homepage but so far it’s been working out for me. This is some kind of internal linking inside your site and don’t be too concerned if you’re not getting this.

Now after publishing the first content I then install and activate the Google XML Sitemap plugin. After activation, you go to the options and build the sitemap manually.

For the last step, I will install the All In One SEO Pack plugin. Actually you can do this before the sitemap part but I believe you can do this in any order.

And that’s about it. These are the steps that I religiously follow whenever I want a brand new website to be indexed quickly. Don’t sweat it if you can’t get your homepage indexed in a couple of days because you can always do some article marketing to build links.

I hope that you’ve found some valuable tips in this post and if you have any questions then feel free to use the comment form below.

I’m Building Niche Websites Like Crazy!

Whew! Weekend is here again and it’s been a fun week because I’ve been putting up one niche website after another. I don’t really know what I ate to get me up and running like this but it’s awesome if I could feel like this every single day. But honestly right now my head is going in circles because I don’t know what to prioritize. Ha!

That’s why I’ve written this blog post and share with you some of the things that I’ve been working on. Writing this blog post will definitely start my productivity and hopefully things will follow through. Obviously I’m not going to reveal the niches that I’ve been working on but I wanted to let you know how I think.

First niche website that I setup was to promote a business training course. I like promoting entrepreneurial stuff because it’s easier for me to write. Even though it’s not related to making money online, it’s still similar in the sense that you’re helping people setup their own profitable business. One thing that I’ve learned from Robert Kiyosaki is that a job gives you security but having a business gives you the real security and most importantly… FREEDOM!

I actually had a $10 mistake when I setup this campaign because I was impulsive in buying a domain name. hahaha. I first purchased but after I got some sleep I realized that I’m better off with a longer tailed keyword and still keeping the dot com version of it. So the lesson here is do not buy anything when you’re about to sleep especially if it’s 2am in the morning. Hahaha

One major factor that motivated me into promoting this product is the competition. I did the usual keyword research and noticed that there were many competitors selling a similar product. Back then I was afraid of competition but I learned from Wealthy Affiliate that it’s actually a good sign because it means that they’re making very good money from that niche.

Here’s a screenshot of the top 10 results in Google:

Like I’ve said, I’m not going to reveal the niche so I’ve blurred some parts out. But if you can guess it, I will send you $10 to your Paypal account! I’m serious but I’m only accepting one winner. hahaha. Now I’m worried! LOL!

Analysis of my Competition

I first learned how to do keyword competition analysis by putting the search term in quotes. This is a good basic method to learn but now I only look at the first 10 pages and check out their average page rank (learned this trick from Josh Spaulding). So far this technique has served me well because 90% of the time, I’ve been able to get top first page rankings for any keyword that I want.

Basically when the average page rank is below 3 then I have a winning keyword. But when the average PR is above 3 then I would stay away from that keyword. You also want to see lots of inside pages in the results because it’s going to be challenging if there are many homepages.

There are 4 homepages ranking for my keywords but as you can see they only have a few hundred backlinks so I’m feeling confident that I can outrank them because I have a more targeted keyword rich domain name.

You also don’t want to see some authority sites like Wikipedia, About, Entrepreneur, etc. In my niche’s case, I have Entrepreneur and eHow ranking in the first page but I’m still going for it.

This is how I analyze my competition and please don’t just blindly follow what I’ve laid out here. There are lots of other factors that I look out for but most of the time I’ve developed this system because I took action. You have to take action because you need to see some results and gauge your performance so you can adjust and refine your techniques accordingly.

I would like to discuss some of the other things that I’m working on and give some status updates with some of my campaigns. But I’m going to save that for later and hopefully free up some time to write about it.

I enjoyed writing this post and I really hope that you’ve learned something of value here. If you have any questions please feel free to use the comment form below and I’ll get back to you asap.

Take a Piece of the $40 Billion Per Year Industry

One of the many things that many newbies are having issues with when doing Internet marketing is looking for a profitable niche to promote to. Obviously I also had problems with niche hunting but what I’ve learned from Wealthy Affiliate is that the niches are all around us.

By the way, there are actually two sides to this. Some people will prefer looking for a profitable niche first before looking for a product that they will promote. The second group of people will find a product first then followed by focusing on the niche that will be interested in buying their chosen product.

There’s a good statement that choosing the niche first is beneficial because ultimately it’s the people who are going to buy. Without the customers then you don’t have any business. In my opinion, it’s your choice on where do you want to start but I believe you can’t go wrong with either of the approaches.

I Want You to Steal My Campaign

What I really wanted to share with you is how I found a niche while I was away from my computer. Eventually I would like you to build a campaign out of this niche because I don’t really have enough time to crank out this one.

We were watching a TV program and it featured how people are really involved into taking care of their dogs. The pet industry is also one of those profitable niches that you can get into. It’s a 40 billion dollar per year industry so this is a very good sign that people are spending money to take care of their pets.

Anyway, one of the things that they featured on the show was dental scaling for dogs. Right off the bat I know have a keyword… “dental scaling”.

I don’t really use any keyword tools but I’ve bought some of them in the past but eventually returned them all. Right now I’m just using the most powerful keyword tool… which is the BRAIN!

So I plugged in the keyword ‘dental scaling’ in the Google search bar to get some ideas. One term that really caught my attention was ‘dental scaling tool for dogs’. I was so excited with this term that I was eager to start a campaign even if it’s already 1am in the morning.

Why Did I Get Excited?

One of the best ways to make money online and get some traffic is by targeting long tail keywords. The keyword ‘dental scaling’ is too broad and the competition is going to be tough to crack. Besides you won’t even know what specific thing the reader is looking for with that term.

But if the keyword ‘dental scaling tool for dogs’ is not specific enough then I don’t really know what is. You also have to take note that this term came out from Google Suggestions which means that people are indeed searching for this term.

For this one we’re going to use Amazon for the affiliate program. One thing that I don’t like with Amazon is their low commissions but there’s a potential that a visitor will also check out some related or unrelated stuff. Maybe they want to get some of the plaque remover for their dogs or buy some of those dog collars. The possibilities are just endless and it all boils down to how you think.

So Here’s The Action Plan

  1. Register the domain name If you like you can just create a Squidoo lens or a Hubpage.
  2. Write a quality content about dental scaling tool for dogs and make sure that it’s around 500 words so you’ll have better chances of ranking in search engines.
  3. Also remember to put in your affiliate links inside your article so you can earn some commissions (duh!).
  4. Build some backlinks to your money page by writing articles and use your main keyword as your anchor text. If you don’t want to write articles for backlinks then I guess you can social bookmark it or something. There are many ways to get backlinks but writing articles is one of the most effective ways to do it.

That’s basically it folks. I believe this is going to be a profitable campaign because there are even more ways that you can monetize it. You can slap some Adsense on it or maybe flip the site for a nice lump sum when you’re receiving some consistent traffic from it.

I think I’m gonna be sharing more of my ideas because I don’t like to see them wasted. As you can see, the niches are all around us if you just take a closer look. I sure hope that you’ve learned something of value in this post and if ever you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

My First Year Journey as an Internet Marketer

Can’t believe that it’s been exactly a year since I started to get serious with Internet marketing. Just like they said, time really flies when you’re having so much fun. Why July 20th? It’s because this is the day when I finally bit the bullet and joined the Wealthy Affiliate University.

I actually started on June 2009 but that doesn’t count because I quit after not having any sales! hahaha! Looking back at it, I actually came close to living a life that I did not want. The life where you slave yourself for someone else and not being able to do what you really love to do.

My biggest accomplishment so far is being able to start my own Internet marketing business. My average monthly income for the past 12 months are not yet earth shattering but I’m really happy with how things are progressing. Remember that this is a business and not a job where you have a set monthly income.

You can definitely earn any amount of monthly income in this business and this is one of the biggest reasons why I don’t need to go to the Middle East or to U.S. or Canada. What’s even exciting about having an Internet marketing business is that you can generate passive income. Basically, passive income is an income you earn on a regular basis with little effort required to maintain it.

But the most satisfying feeling about having an online business is not even about the money… it’s about the lifestyle! It’s about being in total control of your time. It’s about being your own boss. It’s about getting a good night sleep every single time. It’s the feeling that you’re really creating a bright future. It’s about finally leaving the rat race. It’s about helping people solve their problems and feed their desires, and so on and so forth.

Now before I get carried away let me share with you some important tips that can help you get started:

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The Mistakes I Have Made In Affiliate Marketing

Making mistakes and failures are some of the things that most people are afraid of especially when it comes to making money online. But you shouldn’t let them swallow you alive and totally hinder you from taking the plunge and starting your Internet marketing business.

I’m just going to share the mistakes that I’ve made in the past and unfortunately some mistakes that I’m still making. I hope that these post would help my fellow Internet marketers in the right path.


Yup. I actually quit when I started affiliate marketing back in June 2009. I followed a marketing blueprint from another marketer but I quit after a few weeks without any sales. I even played it safe by looking for another day job. Now I realized how stupid that mistake was. Good thing my brain told me that I’m just tired of working for someone else so I decided to try affiliate marketing again and joined Wealthy Affiliate back in July 2009.

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Creating Multiple Pen Names Under Different Niches

I always do some initial research on what kind of articles are written for a specific niche whenever I start out a new campaign. The one common thing that I typically see is that there are authors who are writing about several different niches all under in one author name.

Of course there’s nothing really wrong with having multiple topics. The thing is if I want to lose weight or if I’m looking for some help to fix my relationship, I wouldn’t really trust someone who wrote several different topics most especially if I see that they are Internet marketers in their author descriptions.

So I would advice you to create multiple pen names in different niches instead of writing everything in one same author account that screams that you’re an Internet marketer.

Reactions? Comments? Ideas? Share it in the comments below.

Wealthy Affiliate Is Not The Silver Bullet

This post is just going to be a reality check to those of you who are thinking of joining Wealthy Affiliate or just thinking about trying Internet marketing. This is a bit of a rant I guess because I’ve seen many members inside WA who want to cancel their memberships. There are different motivations and reasons behind each decision (some are valid and some are totally unrealistic). And the one thing that surprises me is that these folks have been a member for only a few weeks and sometimes even for a few days!

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I was also one of the tire kickers when I decided to try affiliate marketing back in July 2009. I thought that being knowledgeable about websites would make things easier for me but I was dead wrong. After failing miserably (worked on it for only a few weeks!) I decided to quit affiliate marketing and went back to looking for online web developer jobs in freelance sites.

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Buy Beating Adwords? You Can Easily Get It For Free!

Looking to buy Beating Adwords? First, let me tell you that you are making the right decision by wanting to purchase Beating Adwords, which is a very good guide on how to make money using pay-per-click marketing (PPC).

You can targeted traffic very quickly by paying for it but over 97% of beginners will blow their account in a short amount of time. Sure, it may seem that setting up advertisements is a very easy way to make quick money online but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re not going to make a single sale.

That’s where Beating Adwords will help you out.

Don’t Buy Beating Adwords – Get It For Free

Beating Adwords is one of the most popular guides on how to use Google Adwords available and was written and is continuously updated by the creators of the Wealthy Affiliate University.

I’ll give you a better deal because you can get Beating Adwords for free if you join Wealthy Affiliate for a month which only costs $39. Beating Adwords is going to be the bonus material when you do sign up.

I hope that you can see how Wealthy Affiliate can help you but in case you don’t want to stay as a member, you can just cancel your membership and still keep Beating Adwords and other worthwhile information inside.

If you were to buy Beating Adwords alone, it would cost you $67, however like I’ve stated above, you can get it for free if you join Wealthy Affiliate.

Top 6 Internet Marketers That I Look Up To

When I started to get serious in playing drums, I searched for drummers that would inspire me. I listened to them and copied their drum licks so I could somehow emulate and learn from them.

Now that I’m an Internet marketer, I also want to look for someone that I could look up to. Someone who’s not only talking that talk but someone who’s also walking the walk.

In this post, I’m going to share a special breed of Internet marketers. They all started with little or no financial investment to build their successful and profitable online businesses. The only investment they made was their time and effort.

Let’s take a look at 5 of my favorite Internet marketers:

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